Friday, August 6, 2010

Wish me luck peepo!

Hari Kokurikulum tomorrow! going to take part in papan tanda competition! *nervous + a little bit of excitement* =D  btw, my club do have jualan again tomorrow, going to sell spaghetti in Tomato / Cabonara Sauce, fishball and crab meat, and also watermelon cooler! Watermelon Cooler is a must must TRY! We invented the drink, superb nice, if u're a watermelon lover! :)

Btw, am going to support Sarnjeev and Shan Hoe tomorrow for Malurian Idol. They are going to perform Home. Best of luck! =D  Will get out from bilik seni as soon as i finished the drawing thingy.

Party tomorrow! Going to Wendy's party tomorrow, in De Pastry Chef. The theme is SUMMER. And the dress code is FLORAL! i think i'll wear some simple top and bottom there. *lazy* and me, lyn and catherine had prepared a present for her. Hope she likes it :)

Have fun peepo!
Miss, miss, miss YOU! 

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