Monday, August 23, 2010

Me = Terbalik the 'M' = We

Exam started today. The first three killing subjects were Malay, Chemistry and Math. Malay, eem, tatabahasa okay, peribahasa blanked some of it. Well, Chemistry, did a lot of silly mistakes. Then, Math, no comment :)  Tomorrow, another three deadly subjects. Biology, Physic and Chinese. Owh gosh, Biology and Physic together. This is so so so xxxxx. lol. I did revision the whole day, and still i can't remember the important notes. iish! :(  Went lingsze house just now to get history notes. I haven't touch my History yet! and tomorrow i got two tuition some more. How am i going to study my History and Add Math tomorrow? Fully booked for tuition :(  Most probably not going to blog tomorrow, will be busy the whole day i guess. 

Well, talk about the other day. I was too tired to blog. On that day (Sunday), I had tuition in the morning with lingsze as usual. Had some 'spot questions' for physic and chemistry. After that, Lingsze asked me to accompany her to EK Planet, so I called my dad that i would be back before dinner time. U must be curious what is EK Planet right? EK Planet was actually Lingsze's dad office/factory? In Shah Alam. Quite far from here. Reached there, then i go jalan jalan cari makan =D  The office/factory quite huge, actually, got one big meeting room there too. Did revision there but most of the time i'm not concentrating in my studies. Took some pictures with LingSze too. 

Was too into my studies?
Didn't realized that she took this picture. 

So retard! xP
Btw, I'm a MAN UNITED SUPPORTER! see my shirt!

I was behind the glass actually :)
look so illusion =D
love this!

Xx   Finger-crossed   xX