Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last post before heading S'pore!

Hey world!
I just came back from the freaking scary blood test!
OMG! So pain! This blood test was SO DIFFERENT!
The nurse took one big bottle of blood from me. >.<
Last time, all the blood test was like simple, just one small bottle of blood.
This really freaks me out. =(
The cost is so expensive. I haven't been to a so costly medical centre.
Have to start saving money alrdy, for health.
Right now my hand was like so numb, and no energy. Can still feel the pain. Eeek! *sob*
I'm using one hand to type all these stuffs. LOL! so weird.

Btw, I just called Steph deary. Helped her to register for the ntv7 run.
Going with my sister as well. The run is around July if i'm not mistaken.
Hopefully can finished the run. =P

Alright, will update my blog after my trip to S'pore.
Bye bloggiee, tweetiee, churpiee and tumbliee! =)

In love with this song now!
J-Lo feat PitBull  - On the Floor.
*singing this non-stop with sister!*  =P

Pray for her, would you?


A few hours ago, I went to UMSC with my uncle. My granny is kinda sick now, so we have to bring her to see doctor, and if possible, admit her in the hospital too. At first, she refused to go to hospital. But, for her own health, we kinda 'forced' her to go. Sigh. *sorry!*

Reached there around 8pm. Registered and waited for our turn. She had to go to a room where oxygen is available for her. She had to use a tube to connect the oxygen source to her nose. She had to sit there, like for an hour, to wait for her turn. Looking at her, sitting alone there, doing nothing, really makes me feel hurt. I took a chair and sit together with her. I tried to chat with her so she won't feel bored and simply think of something else.

She needs oxygen most of the time. My house got 3 oxygen tank i guess, and every 2 or 3 days, some guy will come to our house to change the tank. Last time, the tank changed after one or two week, but now, 2 to 3 days? Its really getting serious huh? =(

Prof Liam, her doctor examined her. He said she lacks of oxygen. Now most probably she have to use concentrator, some oxygen source from electric thingy.That machine cost at least 5k! It may cost us around 10k if she is getting more serious in future.

I wish, she will stay healthy FOREVER, but i know it won't. She knows when will be her time to go. She used to tell me that. Thats hurt me a lot. I don't want her to go. I don't want. She's the one who take care of me since I was a baby. She walked with me to kindergarden last time, bought a lot of stuffs for me, listened to my grumble and unhappiness, defensed me when my parents scolded me and lots of lots of stuffs. I think, I'm the one closest to her among all the grandchildren. I love her with all my heart, and she loves me too.

I'm not asking for much. I didn't ask for her to recover totally. I just want her, to be at least, getting better a little? Please? I would do anything, anything, for that. I sacrificed my sleep to write this post, because I really want to express this out. I don't want to keep this to myself. Its, suffocating. There's lot more that I didn't post it out here. I guess I shall put a full stop here.

Pray for her, would you? 
I love you, popo. Stay healthy, always. 

Hello Singapore!

Whoops! =D

I'm going to Singapore 'later'! A few hours more. =P
Well, this time, its some run-away trip!
*only ME & my sis going!*  =)
Hopefully everything goes well during the trip.

Btw, before heading to the bus station, I have to go to NWC first.
Sigh, blood test comes first. =X
I'm so scared of blood test. It freaks me out!
I still remember last time how the nurse took my blood.
The blood flow from my hand to my leg! OMG!  =(

The blood test is around 8.30 am. 
After the blood test, then have to rush to bus station.
My bus will depart around 11.30 am. *will be going by First Coach bus*
Please, don't miss the bus! >.<

Pray hard for my popo.
*will post another post about her*
sigh. =(

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Flu attack!

*not dare to put it in big size, shy*  =P

Had a dull day today.
Morning - Stayed at home watching American Idol marathon.
*watched for hours!*  =O
J-Lo is way too awesome + sexy! My gosh! She can sing and dance too!
Love her latest - Hit on the floor feat with Pitbull.  =)

Afternoon - Had a quick lunch and watched dvd with sister. 
Watched a movie called "Uninvited". Some horror movie. =X

Night - Went to pasar malam with sister and cousin. Long time didn't visit night market. Eeek!
Bought a lot of snacks and drinks too. LOL!
I guess all these food lead to my FLU attack eh?  =P

Will be going to college tmr.
Going there to do some revision. 
Lonely? Hmm.

Btw, my granny fall sick again. I'm so worried for her.
Sigh. I don't know what to do to make her feel better.
She went to Sentosa Medical Centre today, but she couldn't be admitted to the hospital because she don't have any medical record there. All her record are still in UMSC and UH.
So she have to admit to UMSC or UH. Hopefully by tomorrow she will be better.
If not, she will have to be admitted to hospital. =(
I am really worried now. Its hurt, to see her like that. Sigh.
Pray hard for you, popo. Love you.

I Like Nippon Paint because it bring colours to my life!

I like Nippon Paint because, it PAINTS my life into colourful colours!

Nippon paint , is my love for like, how many years! =P  Everytime, I used to paint my house using Nippon Paint.  Well, this time, I am joining this contest before I want to give my parents a BIG SURPRISE! Their wedding anniversary is around the corner, so I decided to do something. =)

Make a card?
Prepare a nice dinner for them?
Buy presents for them?
*noo nooo noooo!* =P

Still thinking....
Give me some ideas please? =)

Here's come the magic wand!  =P
Ta da!

Nippon Paint Contest!
I planned to get the room make-over for them if I get to win this contest! =)

Here's the pics of my parents' room.
My parents' room!

I like the room so much! *say cheese!*  =D

Hmm, using Nippon Paint actually gives us a lot of benefits. DEFINITELY NO HARM! =)  As far as I concerned, Nippon Paint is environmental friendly to us! Recently, they came out with a new idea, which is, there's a series of paints which is environmental friendly. The series of paints are known as the GREEN CHOICE SERIES! Well, these green choice series paints do not consists of any harmful chemicals that will lead to air pollution and also health problems too. Isn't this good for us? =)

The Green Choice Series!  =P

Besides, Nippon Paint also provide us with the colour scheme service! Last time I used to use this service to check out on their latest paint colour. It is easy and convenient. =) All we need is just the 3 STEPS to get those beautiful walls! Their experts will recommend the BEST colour schemes for us! 

1st step : Upload the pics of the room.
2nd step : Subscribe online to get the benefits unlocked.
3rd step : Get the recommended colour choice deliver to the house!
*super duper easy right?*  =P

Plus, Nippon Paint have Colour Trends too! This is so unique as I always get to know what's the latest trend of paint that are widely used by everyone. *I won't be outdated since I always get to know the latest updates!* =P The latest trends are Urban Treasures, New Luxury, Back to Basics, Sky's The Limit, Individuality & Optimistic and finally, Homage to Culture! =) 

And not to forget, Nippon Paint have their own 'angels' too! Their 'angels' are known as Blobbies. =)  These Blobbies have their own 'super power'! There are FOUR blobbies all together.

The first one would be,

Odour-less Blobby!
He is in charged of refreshing the air, and act as protection too! *anti-bacterial!*  =)

Weatherbond Solar Effect Blobby!
He helps to reduce the surface temperature by 5 degree celcius! OMG! =P
*one way to cool the house eh?* 

Weatherbond Advance blobby!
He provides excellence resistance to dirt and protect the house from damaging effect of harsh weather! 
*Its around 8 years protection, cool right?*  =)

Spotless Blobby!
He can keeps the walls spotlessly CLEAN! No stains! =P

How I wish I will have these blobbies a.k.a angels too!
Heeeee! =P

Want to know more about the latest updates on Nippon Paint?
Check this out at the link below : 

Cross fingers that I would be one of the winner! =P

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Food Tasting Event @ Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel

Recently, I was given a chance to attend my very first food tasting event. Thanks to Nana Eddy, a blogger friend of mine, invited me to Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel for this food tasting event. The other bloggers, like my sister, Orange, Stephanie, Jayren, Yeeing, Jia Yeen, Carmen, Nikel and Elvin attended this food tasting event too. On that day, my sister and I went to Stephanie's house first. Took some photos there too.

From left :
Upper part : Stephanie, My sister-Orange.
Bottom part : Orange, Stephanie with Orange's camera necklace.

Upper : My heels.
Bottom : Steph's wedges.

Me in the pics. *loveee!* =)

This shot is awesome too! 
From left : Me, Orange, Stephanie.
*Took this at Steph's window!*  =P

Once we reached there, the people in-charged who is Anthony Edwin came and greet us. We were a bit late that time because Jayren was overslept and he forgot to fetch me, my sister, Stephanie and the other bloggers too. LOL! Luckily Steph's mom managed to fetch us there. Phew! =)

We met some other bloggers too, from somewhere. They came for the food tasting event too. We were lead to a cafe, known as Aroma Cafe. Well, Aroma Cafe came with a choice :

Chicken Rice Promotion featuring Hainannese style chicken rice with a choice PIANO LOUNGE               
Mixed of Steamed / Roasted Chicken inclusive of soup of the day, salad bar and selection of dessert

 RM48++ per person (Monday to Friday) from 12:00noon to 3:00pm

 Dorsett English Afternoon Tea (Daily except Public Holiday)
RM38++ per person, from 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Goreng-Goreng Makan Petang (Monday – Friday)
RM38++ per person, from 3:15pm – 5:15pm

We had our tea-time there. I shall let the pictures do the talking. =)

Meet the chef!

Greedy me! * 2 tarts at one time!*  =P

From left :
The tray consists of 3 layers of food. *Tuna sandwiches, tuna pancakes, different types of puffs, cakes and tarts* 
A small plate of white whipped cream + strawberry jam. *yums!* 

From left :
Upper part : Tuna sandwiches + Tuna pancakes, chocolate cakes and strawberry tarts.
Bottom part : Some kuih in rainbow colours + the tray of food. 

From left :
Upper part : Hailam Bread + different types of jam, tarts and cakes again.
Bottom part : Puffs and keropok like lekor, banana, potato, jackfruit.

Btw, time to introduce some of the bloggers!
From left :
Upper part : Meet Eggie Jia Yeen and Yeeing!
Bottom part : spot the only guy in the pic which is Jayren, and the other ladies - JiaYeen, Yeeing, Carmen, Stephanie, Orange and me.

After we had our tea time, the person in-charged brought us for a hotel tour. The hotel was huge and pretty. Especially the SPA place and the Premier Lounge, those places are so elegant-looking! =) 

Meet the person-in charge. *forgot his name!*  =P


Then, all of us were lead to Tanjung Wellness Spa for the first stop of the hotel tour. I love their SPA entrance, its sooo pretty! =)

From left :
Upper part : SPA entrance, the corridor of the SPA center.
Bottom part : a bed at one of the resting place, and the Jacuzzi! *a heart-shaped one!* =)

Next stop would be the Premier Lounge. Its specially for those customers who pay more for their visits. They can check in at their floor and had their breakfast, lunch or any meal there at that floor so that it would be less crowded compared to the normal restaurants or cafe in ground floor.

We were served by some food and wine too.
From left :
Upper part : cakes + desserts, some tempura too.
Bottom part : Different type of dessert, drinks and wine stuffed under ice.

Me and Steph drinking white wine! *cheers!*

We even get to visit the rooms in Premier Lounge too. That floor was so classy. The room was so modern, that the bathroom was transparent! OMG! Means, the outsiders in the room can look inside the bathroom. =P
From left :
Upper part : Room 1663 (room that we entered), the bed.
Bottom part : Stephanie 'taking shower' in the transparent bathroom, Orange posing with the shower thingy. LOL!

The elegant corridor at Premier Lounge.  =)

Me and Steph, together with the pretty staff there!  =P

After visiting the Premier Lounge, we went to the their restaurants for a tour. These restaurants that we visited were the one where we had our dinner there. We can choose among Chinese food, Japanese Food or Buffet Dinner.

From left :
Upper part : The Emperor - For Chinese Cuisine, the pic of chef!
Bottom part : The bridge (decorative item in the restaurant), the pond (decorative item too)

Live Crab Promotion
 Select your preference cooking method and let our award winning Chef present to you!
RM 16++ per 100 gram (Available during Lunch & Dinner)
Dumpling Rice Festival
 25th May – 06th June 2011
Starting from RM 10++ (Available during Lunch & Dinner)

Then we went to the Japanese restaurant, which is known as Miyako. Miyako Japanese Restaurant is a cottage-based restaurant. It looks comfortable and warm inside. =) 

Current promotion :
Hannaho Set Menu (Oba Flower Set Menu)
Comprised of appetizer/soup/main course/dessert
RM78++ per person (Available during Lunch & Dinner)

From left :
Upper part : Outlook of the restaurant.
Bottom part : Japanese food.

Meet the chef in the second photo @  upper part.
& the menu on the bottom part.

And finally, we went to our last stop, which is the place we have our buffet dinner. The place is known as Terraza Brasserie. The place was kinda nice too. Have a lot of nice decorative items + nice food + comfortable environment! 

Nyonya Food Promotion (Buffet Dinner only)
Weekday         - RM88++           Weekend         - RM 98++ inclusive of BBQ spread
 6:30pm to 10:30pm
Grand High-Tea (Weekend & Public Holiday)
 RM 60++, from 12:00noon to 4:00pm

3 signature dishes of the restaurant! =)

Lets us see the variety of food there! 

Boing-boing jelly!


Upper part : raw, fresh fishes. (salmon)
Bottom part : Sushi! & Wasabi! *nice nice nice deco!*

Me, taking photo with the candle *their deco item!*

Group photo!
From left : Jayren, Yeeing, Jia Yeen.
From right : Orange, me and Steph!  =)

This event is so awesome, where I can enjoy nice food + nice environment and meet a lot of bloggers too! It was indeed a nice experience and I wish I could attend more other blogger events like this! 

Cheers! =)

Friday, May 27, 2011

One week holiday!

Yay! I'm done with my MPW exams! *happy happy happy!*
Although the both M'sia Studies + Moral Education papers were really hard, 
but don't care laaa, its officially END! =D  Don't have to attend anymore MPW classes.
I have the ONLY and ONLY one request.
Please let me PASS my MPW exams! I don't want to re-take and re-sit the papers! >.<

My M'sia Studies paper was a DOOM for me.
First question, WRONG again! 
I have no idea why I always have the first question of every papers wrong. LOL!
Iish! UMNO is Jaafar's property la, not Rahman's also. Silly me! =(
Moral was okay, a lil tricky. But still managed to finish the both papers. Phew!

My one week holiday starts today.
Its called "HOLIDAY",
but for me its still a normal college day.
I have so many work to do in this one week time.

3 test paper for Math-S.
1 test paper for Biology.
1 test paper for Chemistry.
1 exercise for Chemistry Tutorial.
English Tutorial - Listening + Reading Text.

Normally one Math-S paper I need around 1 day to finish it.
Now got 3 papers. So I wondered how long I need to finish it eh?  =P

Sigh. Hopefully can finish my work in these few days.
Please?  =)

Stay tuned for updates on Food Tasting Event! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011



Stayed back in college until 7pm+ ! 
Was dead tired when I reached home. *although college is just walking distance to my uncle's house, but it took HOUR to reach there!* LOL! =(

My MPW exam is on this Friday. Will have one week holiday after that! =D
But, I haven't start any reading yet! Crap!
All I aim for this exam, is to PASS! NO FAILED PLEASE!
I don't want to re-take anymore! >.<
Must pray, pray, pray very hard that I won't failed.

Vomited just now. Owh gosh!
Please don't fall sick at this time. =(

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hand-made B'day card!

Happy Birthday to my beloved uncle! =)
Thank you for everything,
especially offering me a place to stay during my college life,
giving me advice on education and health,
and others stuffs too! 

Before that, I bought a Olive Shower Gel from The Body Shop for his b'day present.
I don't know what to buy actually, since he had almost everything in his life. LOL!
So, my cousin, Sweet Yee and I decided to make a b'day card.
Its a lil rushing in fact. We used around 1 hour to do the card.
So the card wasn't very nice, but my uncle likes it very much! =)

Simple outlook of the card!


Just a simple one.
Since we have no 'ingredients','apparatus' and 'materials'  =P

Had a nice dinner in some restaurant in Paramount Garden.
Delicious fish head! =)
Went home after that, and did my Math-S homework.

Btw, my chemistry test was, not good i guess?
I did quite some silly mistakes. sigh. =(
carbonate should produce carbon dioxide + water!
And I forgot about carbon dioxide! OMG! =(
Hopefully won't failed my test.