Sunday, May 8, 2011

Savadikap - Part 2

Well, going to part 2 of my Bangkok trip! =)  In the previous post, I mentioned about the Baiyoke Boutique Hotel. I managed to capture one interior photo there.

Looks a lil of artistic right? =)

Bangkok busy street!

Night street!

Owh yeah, guess what we did there? We decided to watch the Bangkok's famous show! Its what they called 'aqua show'. Aqua, means a man but he acts like a woman, and he got every single characteristics like a woman. They have 'front' and 'back'! =P

The show - Calypso Cabaret! =)

Well, this was my very first time to watch 'aqua' actually. I wondered, how would they look like. And in fact, those 'aqua' are so pretty! Much much more prettier than those beauty peagent! =P

at the entrance.


Mom & I!

Mom & Dad.

Those 'aqua's photos.

Waiting for the show time! Love the lightings there! =)

Inside the hall.



Dad & Sis. =)

The first 'aqua'
'She' looks so pretty in wedding dress! =)

Dancers, who are 'aquas' too.

Sexy right?  =P

'Aquas' singing and dancing the song, NOBODY!
And this was really awesome.
They can sing, can dance weii! =)

'Aqua' in Japanese costume.

In red cheongsam too!

Alright, stay tuned for Part 3!


  1. Woots those ah kuas really look pretty :P

  2. Wahaha, thanks for sharing the pics of the ah kuas! XD