Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Please cure?

Had MPW class early in the morning.
Luckily I didn't fall asleep! =) Thanks to Mr Oo who keep asking us questions.
Had Bio class after MPW. Not sleepy at all! Bravo! =P
I am a all time BIO LOVER! *can't wait to do more experiments in future!* Hee! =)

Went out with college mates for lunch during activity hour.
We went to Nando's! Their chicken is so delicious.
I curi-curi bought some Cheesy wedges from KFC. Haha! I miss Cheesy wedges too much!
Had fun with college mates. Talking non-stop. LOL! *gossiping + complaining* =P

Was raining half way we walking back to college.
LOL! All of us ran like chicken. Luckily was not really heavy rain that time.
I skipped the other classes after lunch.
Had appointment with another doctor at Soho'KL in Solaris.
This doctor was introduced by my aunt. She is a Malay doctor, that find out the cause of the sickness and cure it. She doesn't give any medicine to suppress the pain. So the main aim for me to visit her is, TO CURE MY SICKNESS! 
She talked to me, for like one hour plus! She told me a lot of stuffs, and makes me feel scary actually. Sigh.
A few blood test will be carried out next week. Hopefully can find out the cause of my sickness. >.<
*really scared of blood test, its really PAIN!* =(

She gave me some supplements aka vitamins to eat. Hopefully can make my body stronger.
But, so many tablets weii! I was choked while I tried to swallow all the tablets just now. Eeek! =(

The cost was so EXPENSIVE! *even without any test!* OMG! I can't imagine what's the cost if I have to undergo more test in future.

Now everyday, I need to wake up early and blend fruit juice. *pineapple + papaya + lemon + olive oil*
MUST cure this time please!

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