Monday, July 30, 2012

Eat & Shop!

Wello wello! Had an awesome yet tiring day, shopping with my beloved uncle and aunt at One Utama today! They treated my bro, sis and I like their own children. Am so happy to have such a great uncle and aunt here.  =)

We had dessert at Häagen-Dazs for tea time. We ordered a chocolate fondue. Really delicious especially when we dipped the ice-cream into the hot hot creamy chocolate.

Delicious fondue, but a bit costly.
Price : RM 70 +

Then we went around shopping for shoes, specifically. Aunt wanted to buy us some Crocs shoes, but we don't really like the pattern. In the end, aunt bought me and my sister a pair of shoes each from Papillio Birkenstocks. To be honest, the shoes are kind of expensive, freaking RM 300 for each pair! But these shoes are really good in quality, and they can correct our legs problems. Since I have those problems, these shoes are best to 'repair' my legs. =P

My most expensive shoes in my life time! LOL! =P
Thank you uncle and aunt! Mwah mwah! :)

Had dinner at Ben's General Food Store (BGFS) at Bangsar Village Mall after shopping. And again, the food is real delicious, yet a bit costly. Will definitely visit the restaurant again because I couldn't resist the yummy cheese and their soft tender meat! Heeeee! =P

My uncle and aunt really treat us very good right? Will always appreciate what they did for us, and will pay back in future. This is our promise! :)

Going to Malacca with uni mates tomorrow! First ever uni trip with them! Stay tuned for more updates readers! Good nitez!  =)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

MTV World Stage 2012

Aloha! Another LATE update here! =P

Thanks to Kelvin Tan, Carmen and I had a chance to watch MTV World Stage 2012 for FREE! We were so excited because it was our FIRST OUTDOOR CONCERT we ever attended in our life! =]  I shall let the photos do the talking! 

MTV World Stage tickets!

Carmen and I! 

Crowd of people! Almost couldn't breathe inside the crowd. LOL!

Here comes Bieber! 

Everyone was superb high while Bieber is performing his top songs like Baby, Never Say Never and Boyfriend!

Touching performance where he played guitar while singing his new album's songs.

Carmen, Kelvin and I!

KARA were the next performers!

Owh mai! They are so pretty and sexy! Especially Goo Hara! :)

They performed songs like Step, Jumping, Honey, Mr and others!
I like Step, Honey and Mr the most! =)

They were a few red huge balls threw to the crowds too.

Then was Mizz Nina's turn!

She is one of the top Malaysian singers that I know so far.

Her top songs like Take Over and What You Waiting For are really awesome!
The huge crowd were singing together with her too! Indeed HIGH! =D

And the last performer of the day : Jay Park! :)

He is so hot! Almost his whole body is covered with tattoo! =P

Haha, looks a bit like Lee Chong Wei eh? =P

One last photo before we left the concert! 

It was indeed an AWESOME experience after all! Had so much fun listening the songs, dancing with the tempo and screaming like a boss! =P  How I wish I could attend the next World Stage as well! =)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sem break starts now!

Bo beep bo beep! Finished my final exam yesterday and currently having my sem break now! Am so happy happy happy now, till I couldn't describe my happiness! Guess that I'm really had a busy life for my first sem, and seriously craving for a long break eh? :)

So what's my plans after finals? Actually I have a long to-do-list for my sem break activities! haha! AM I TOO GREEDY? =P

1. Holidays! Most probably going to Malacca with my coursemates, and if possible going to Singapore with my relatives as well.

2. Sleep! I feel like dreaming of something? Maybe something about food or some sweet dream. As long as its not nightmare will do.

3. Gain weight! Need to achieve at least 52 kg according to doctor's advices. Have to really, really, really eat a lot this holidays.  =)

4. Work! Shall get some part time job, or helping my mom with her work. Need to more money for shopping purposes! Hehe! =P

5. Watch! I have tones of movies/dramas/variety shows to watch. Like HK dramas, Korean dramas and variety shows and awesome movies to watch.

Running Man! *my all time fav!*

Witness Insecurity  *Currently watching*

Back to 3 Kingdoms! Quite funny though! :)

Any other interesting plans? *shall think harder for that* hehe! Happy Holidays people! :)  Upcoming post : MTV World Stage 2012! :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Exam mode ON!

Having finals right now.
Darn tension and stressed up!
Hopefully I can do well.  

Freedom after 3 days! *can't wait*  :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

RICOH & Dark Knight Rises!

Awesome news world !!! 

RICOH MALAYSIA has just launched its FIRST Black & White Compact Laser Printers - Aficio™ SP 100 e Series Printers! 

What makes it more awesome is, RICOH MALAYSIA ties up with THE DARK KNIGHT RISES™ movie, in conjunction with its release on July 19 2012Sounds cool right? 

Have you heard of RICOHRICOH is one of the world's leading suppliers of office automation equipment, including copiers, facsimile machines, data processing systems, and related supplies. Also, it is renowned for its state-of-the-art electronic devices and photographic equipment too.

Well, there are a total of three models under this series, which are SP 100 e, SP 100SU e & SP 100SF e.

A4 mono laser printer - Model SP 100 e
Price : RM 299 
IDEAL for personal use! 

Features of SP 100 e.

Model SP 100SF e
Price : RM 669

Features of  SP 100SF e.

Multi Function Printers - Model SP 100SU e
Price : RM 499
Definitely, providing you an option of keeping overheads low!

Features of SP 100SU e.

All these 3 models are stylish, compact and portable. At the same time, model SP 100 e & SP 100SU e can print speeds up to 13ppm A4 with 16MB memory while 32MB memory for model SP 100SF e. Besides, all 3 models can print up to 1,200 x 600 dpi resolution. Uniquely, they are easy to use and reliable where first, it is easy to change cartridges; second, easy paper jam removal and third, fast USB connectivity. Not to mention, they are eco-friendly too! 

Right now, RICOH offers EXCLUSIVE REWARDS upon any purchase of the 3 models above! They have INSTANT REWARDS upon printer purchase, WEEKLY & MONTHLY REWARDS upon registering printer online.

Awesome isn't it? 

Next, there are also DAILY GIVEAWAYS too! You will stand a chance to win movie premiums and RICOH Aficio™ SP 100 e Series Printers by taking part in this giveaway! All it takes is just TWO MINUTES of your time! How?

1) Go to
2) Click “Daily Giveaways”
3) Follow the 3 Steps, which are
b) Share the campaign site
c) Complete the participation form 

P.S   List of winners will be posted on the campaign site as well as RICOH fan page every evening.

Owh yeah, there will be FREE PRINTING for students at selected campus! Its FREE OF CHARGE

All you need to do is :

2) Leave your details.
3) And PRINT! *up to 50 PAGES per student* 

For more details, visit RICOH fan page for the updated campus tour schedule today! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Clinique Summer Beach Party

I was delightful to be invited by Clinique to cover the Summer Beach Party which was held at Sunway Lagoon Wave Pool on 14 July 2012. It was my pleasure to be part of this event and had a chance to explore Clinique's hot stuffs and also met other bloggers too.

From left :
Nicole Sim, Yours truly, Carmen!
I get to know Nicole recently, and she is real friendly! We had a nice time there! =)

The reception counter.

With the person in charged, lovin' her orange tee! :)

Received my media pass. 

Booths introducing Clinique's Sun Range Products!
Definitely a must for SUMMER! =)

Make-up artists applying make up for the girls!

Personal make-up session.
My make up artist - Ainis! She is so pretty and friendly. She talked to me all the time so I won't feel bored during the whole make up process.
*I look really awkward with make up, that's why I rarely apply make up on my face*  =X

Had my photoshoot session too!
They taught me how to pose, and seriously, it looked FUNNY AND AWKWARD! 
Ask Nicole and Carmen if you don't believe! =P

There's a booth introducing all the Clinique's products too!

I'm a Clinique fan too!
Using this range of product.  =)

JJ & Ean hosting the event! First time seeing them at such a close distance! :)

Performances started, where the crowd immersing in the wave pool.

Performance by ECX Dance Crew!

Clinique's spokeperson.

Mini games session!

Besides that, there were booths that providing free services like hair wraps and air spray tattoo!

 The air brush tattoo looking good eh?? =)

And, the winners for Cosmopolitan Cover Girl Search 2012 and CLEO Cover Girl Search 2012 are
*drums roll*

Winner for Cosmopolitan Cover Girl Search 2012!

And winner for CLEO Cover Girl Search 2012!
Both the girls deserve the title! So pretty and fabulous! =)

I was so tempted to go in the SPLASH of water, but I couldn't. So sad! =(

All I can do was stepped on the water, feeling the coldness of water. LOL!
But nevermind, I really had so much fun that day, enjoying awesome performances by ECX Dance Crew, Shawn Lee and other artistes like Dayang!

Also, I had a chance to meet other bloggers like Laura, Chuen, Carina and Isabelle!
And I can't believe Isabelle is my coursemate!! OMG!! So shocked to meet her there! It was amaze-zing to know that she is a blogger too! =P

Goodies bag specially for media!
Thank you Clinique!! :)

Product after the photoshoot session.
*I know I look awkward there, DON'T LAUGH!*  =P