Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A new alien?

Had my hair cut recently.
I don't know why, its like a rush of adrenaline 'pushing' me, to have something new in my life.
Which is, a new hair style for me.
*ahemmm, start of something eh?*  =)

Medium long hair.
Kinda used to this hair style, lovin' it too.

Can tie my hair up.

But after the hair cut, here it is.
The brand new ME.  =)

Shortyyy! :)

I always worried that I will look like an aunty when I have my hair short.
But now, I feel YOUNG and EASY! LOL! :)
Even my family and friends lovin' my new hair style. Hee!
Luckily that I made a right decision. Phew! 

All thanks to Patrick, the Director Hair Stylist from Trendz.
Although the hair cut is really expensive, but its worth it. 
First time paying so much just for a hair cut, but like what my bro said, no regrets. :)
At least my short hair is a success rite?  =P

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dubu Dubu!

Had lunch @ Dubu Dubu at Mid Valley few days ago. It was my first time visiting this Korean shop, because it's still new, just launched its opening recently. Well, the Korean food was delicious and reasonable in price. Try it out yo! :)

Dubu Dubu! 

Aloe Vera Punch. 
A very refreshing drink! :)

Roasted Barley. 
Available in hot/cold. FREE REFILL TOO! :)

I tried this one. Can't really remember the name of it.
But, this one is so delicious! especially the soup! 
Guess what's the toppings? Its CHEESE!!! =)
The soup is available in either spicy (Kim Chi) or non spicy (chicken soup).

Spicy Kim Chi!!
Although I can't eat spicy due to my health concern, I can't resist myself from trying it.
I tried a few sips, and if I'm given permission to eat spicy, I would definitely order this!
So yummy! :)

And, this set was not bad too. 
The chicken was grilled in some specially made sauce + Kim Chi.
It comes with side dishes + soup too. Price is RM14.90 ONLY! Cheap sia! :)

Definitely will visit Dubu Dubu again!!!
*making me drooling when I looked at these pics again* xD

Saturday, November 26, 2011

What to study for degree eh?

These few days, I was thinking really hard, what should I study for degree. Actually, I was kinda confused, whether I should go for Science or Arts. Aiyorrr, kepala sakit betulll! =(

Did some research recently, and I kinda make my choices, 'more limited'. =P  So, if its Science courses, I would choose either pharmacy or physiology. Heee! :)  Why pharmacy? I don't know why, but I feel like working as pharmacists. I just like giving medicine to other people. Its like, be part of the people who help those who in needs. And why physiology? Aku sudah tolong orang, especially orang tua. xD I love talking to them, making them happy. And If i have a chance to be a pharmacist or physiologist, definitely I would choose to work in government hospital.

So if its Art courses, I would choose either media communication or architecture. Why media communication? I like almost everything in media communication, especially journalism, event planning and advertising. I love communicating with people. And why architecture? I kinda like arts actually. I love to draw, especially drawing buildings and furniture. At 1st i'm thinking of becoming a designer, but I don't think designer is my type. From Steph, I know a lot about what she studied for designing course. It needs lots of creative juice + determination. Of course, money needs a lot too. So much money is used to buy those materials for the projects. =(  Plus, my parents don't really like me to study designing course. *tak ada future secure, mereka cakap* And it would be very stressful too, not really suitable for me due to my health concern. So I think architecture and designing both 'tak boleh jalan' la.  =X

God, how how how? I need to think wisely before i made any decision. Its my future. I don't wanna waste my time and money to study something that I don't like. So, please give me more brain juices, then I can make decision. Pray hard.  :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Life after exam!

Whoops!!! I finished my finals last week! =D
So sorry to neglect my bloggie and tumbliee for quite some time.
But no worries, ALIEN is back in action! Hee! =P

Had my last paper, Biology last Thursday.
The paper was superb tough, it was one of my hardest paper that I ever attempted throughout my course.
Blanked quite some questions. Sigh, had tried my best. Just be good to me, UNSW! #prayhard

Went to Pangkor Island with my college mates on that day itself.
Had an AWESOME, MEMORABLE time there! My skin had became darker after the trip. *kena sunburnt*
But i have no regrets. One of my best trip ever! =)

Cried when we waved goodbye to each other. 
So sad, to say goodbye to them.They were like, part of my life you know.
Especially Yun, Trishna, Peggie, Joyce, Justin and Ashton.
They cared for me, always. 
I guess, I'll really miss them calling me BLURR, BLURR SOTONG. Aww! =(

Will update for the trip when the photos are up.
Stay tuned! :)

*crap! Right now, I've to think what to study for my degree. Science or Arts?*
gimme more brain juice pls? xD

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Moving on.

*wink* xD

Yipeee! 2 more subjects, then I'm FREE from exam!! *can't wait to END it!* =D

Will be going to Pulau Pangkor with college mates right after finals.
*our last trip together before we going to degree, since most of them will be going to overseas or other states* =(
But its monsoon period now. Kinda worried actually.
Hopefully everything will be fine. =)

Sigh, suddenly feeling very sad, when it comes to graduation, although its just undergraduate.
We had put in so much effort throughout this year. We study 99 before, had lunch while having lecture in class since we had no lunch time, went to college in the weekend just to do revision and lots of lots of memories together. Sigh, i guess i'll miss them, although I know them like for 1 year only. Hopefully we will meet again in future. =)

Owh yeah, I received my Sunway passes from Nestle last week.
Thanks to Kah Mon for letting me know about the contest. 
So happy to win the free passes. ALL PARK WEYY! =D

The letter from Nestle.  :)

Free passes!!!!! =D

More updates after my finals!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

You are the apple of my eye.

You are the apple of my eye.
Rating : 4.5/5
*if the main actor and actress get married at last, i would rate it 5/5!* xD

I watched this movie with my lovelies yesterday night @ Jusco Metro Prima.
Was CRAVING to watch this movie since there's a lot of nice review for this movie.
And indeed, this movie is really, really, really YOUNG, SWEET, ROMANTIC! *but kinda sexual too, LOL!* =P
Cried in the end of the movie. So touching laaa. 

Because my sis and Steph were under 18, so we were kinda worried that they couldn't enter the cinema hall.
Luckily I just passed my b'day 2 days ago, I'm finally in the CLUB 18! 
So I gave my sister my IC in case they check her age. LOL! Steph used her driving license. SMART! =D
Awesome time watching that movie, laughed from the start to the end + a lil bit of tears? =P
Spent some time in Viss since Steph need to buy her prom heels. She was so happy to get a pair of cheap + elegant heels. 
And I applied my Starbucks card too! Heee!! 

Here's my Starbucks card!! 
Snowman as background eh! xD

Awesome bonding time with my lovely sisters! Miss Lyn, Carmen and Steph! Thank god we get to meet up. Hee!
Will hang out with them again, really soon.  =)

Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11, its my BIRTHDAY!!!

Wello!! I'm officially, 18!!! *I've been waiting to join the CLUB 18 for long time ago!* LOL! =D

Well, didn't celebrate much for my birthday this year, although this year, is the special one. 11.11.11.
Guess that I wasn't in the b'day mood? Hmm. My finals ruins it! =X

Anyway, had my Computing paper this morning. And guess what? 
I finished the paper half an hour earlier! means I have another half an hour to check the paper!
this is SO SURPRISING! Normally I don't have extra time for all my UNSW papers. This is the first time I have time to check my paper. All the time, I used to hand in the papers without checking. 
Maybe its my b'day eh? Heee! =D

My college mates sang me B'day song in class after our Computing paper.
It means so much for me. *my face red like TOMATO, LOL!* Thank you guys! :)
Took photos with some lecturers today, since we will finish our course REAL SOON! Which means, I'm going to DEGREE! From Pre-U to degree, hmm... Time flies.

My dad bought me a birthday cake, a Tiramisu cake this year. =)
This cake is much better than last year ones. Not so sweet :)
Too bad I can't eat much because I just discharged from hospital. Sigh. 

Ta da!!

Closer look :)  Looking yummy there :)

Posing with the cake. xD

My beloved sis and I.

Sis putting candles on the cake.


Of course, not to forget to make a wish on 11.11.11 !!! =D
What's in my wish eh? *secret* =P

Blowing all the candles! *Ignore my silly face!* =P

Cutting the cake.

Some of the presents I received from my family and friends! 

Blue maxi skirt from sister!
Lovin' it so much! :)

Pink Vintage bag from my bro and his gf, Hui Li. =)

Floral tube dress from Stephanie babe! :)

I'm so happy that finally, I've turn 18, officially.
I can watch any movies in cinema now! Heee! xD


Thanks for the birthday wishes from my family, friends and strangers from text messages, emails, Twitter and Facebook! *REALLY APPRECIATE IT, it means so much for me*  =)

Its 11.59pm now. So i'll end my birthday with this post and a photo of me where I took this morning! :)

Looking forward to my life, after finals! Here we go again! 
*la la la la la la, sing a happy song!* =P

Tote bag!

First, I would like to thank Carina Yeoh for organising her give-away in her blog! Do check out her blog yeah! =)

And this is the 'product' ! =D

Tote bag!!

Posing with the tote bag!! :)

Supposing-ly to get the parcel last week. But I wasn't at home that time, so I have to go to the post office to collect on my own, which I only managed to get it today because I was busy with my finals preparation. =X

So, T.G.I.F - Thank God its Friday!
Finally can collect it! Hee!! =D
Lovin' this bag!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Estarei de volta!

Finals start tomorrow!! Duhh! I'm really nervous now,
and hopefully, I won't faint tomorrow!!! =O

First subject - Math S. The toughest subject among all.
For once, let me do this right? 
I think,  I CAN DO THIS! Believe in myself huh? *just trying to be positive* =)

Blog on hiatus, till... Whenever I feel like updating? =P
I'll be back soon peepo! 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Admitted to hospital!

Sigh, my shopping trip had become a hospital trip! =(  

At first I planned to go Times Square with my lovelies to shop, to relax before my finals, as well as to celebrate my birthday in advance since I'm having finals on my birthday this year. But, it doesn't seems good at all.

I was admitted to hospital, AGAIN, yesterday midnight i guess. I had serious stomachache problem last night. It happened all at a sudden, and it was really really PAINNNNNNN! No one will know how the pain is like unless you have the same problem like I'm having now. I couldn't even walk at all, until I almost 'crawled' to my parents room to ask them for help. They quickly sent me to Tawakal Hospital, and I wasn't conscious that time. Maybe its too pain, till I'm feeling numb, feelingless.

Hate this! =(

I still remember last night,
I was lying on the bed, feeling so cold and shivering.
Parents and brother standing beside me,
looking at me.
I know they are worried for me, and I feel bad to wake them up so late at night.
Why I have so many sickness eh? Is this a challenge for me? =(

I woke up a few times due to the continuously pain. The nurses gave me 3 injections to stop the pain temporarily. All I remember is I lost a lot of blood because the nurses took my blood for 3 times. =(  Had two scanning and X-ray this morning too. Totally, no appetite to eat anything. Feel so sick. My blood pressure was really low that time too. Around 60+ only!

All I hope right now, is to get well soon before my finals on Tuesday. I don't want to be sick again. Please? *finger-crossed*

Looking pale there.
Pray hard. Be safe.

Yours truly.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Ready for my finals or my birthday eh?

Hoola! Time for an update after so long! I really miss blogging SO MUCH! =(

Was really really busy this week. Its my so-called study leave, but its not LEAVE at all. I had classes, PACKED, from 9am to 5pm continuously. Basically, I can't leave my books. Its like, I'm going for a war. LOL! =P

My finals will start on Tuesday, and my very first subject is so 'killing' me! Math-S, toughest among all, and hard to score an A. How I wish I'm back to Form 5 learning simple Add Math instead of learning Actuarial Science punya Math-S. Spend my whole day doing it, but couldn't even complete the paper. =(

Time is crucial for my course. Not sure whether I can finish all the papers in time, but I have faith in myself that I can do it. I have put in so much effort, and I will do it right!


Going to hang out with my lovelies tomorrow. Last break before finals. Gonna go shopping!
*SHOPAHOLIC back in action!* =P
Beh tahan, feel like shopping NOW! Heeeee!

Owh yeah, I'm busy, yet I still remember when is my BIRTHDAY eh! =P
so sad that I'm having exam and extra class on that day! *OWH NOOOOO* =(

Here's my wish : 
I wish I would get married on my birthday this year actually.
Get married on 11 November 2011, 11 o'clock 11 minutes 11 seconds. AWW!! Lovely isn't it? :)