Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A new alien?

Had my hair cut recently.
I don't know why, its like a rush of adrenaline 'pushing' me, to have something new in my life.
Which is, a new hair style for me.
*ahemmm, start of something eh?*  =)

Medium long hair.
Kinda used to this hair style, lovin' it too.

Can tie my hair up.

But after the hair cut, here it is.
The brand new ME.  =)

Shortyyy! :)

I always worried that I will look like an aunty when I have my hair short.
But now, I feel YOUNG and EASY! LOL! :)
Even my family and friends lovin' my new hair style. Hee!
Luckily that I made a right decision. Phew! 

All thanks to Patrick, the Director Hair Stylist from Trendz.
Although the hair cut is really expensive, but its worth it. 
First time paying so much just for a hair cut, but like what my bro said, no regrets. :)
At least my short hair is a success rite?  =P


  1. New look for a brand new year? (: No worries, you will always look young!

  2. yeahh! thanks for the compliment deary :)

  3. shorter hair makes u look young but i prefer long hair girls! :D