Sunday, April 28, 2013

I ask you. You ask me. We are happy family?

Yolo world! I feel so contented today as I had one of my most productive day before May ends. Since I broke my left leg 3 toes on my left leg, I practically have no life as I hardly can move around, attend events or gatherings etc. Sometimes, I do feel like my life is nothing, seriously in despair mode that time but fortunately, I have tonnes of support from my friends and families. Without them, I am nothing. Just like a SNOWMAN without SNOW. =P

Now I'm slowly getting my life back. No more wearing robot shoes and using crutches. But I walked worse than AH MA. I'm too used with the robot shoes and after I start wearing my normal shoes, I have a strange feeling, like something poke my leg. Feeling very uncomfy. So I walked like 'ca-pet ca-pet', super duper ugly I tell you! If you are a Taylorian and you spot someone walking like an AH MA, that's me. LOL!

Anyway, I have a group assignment recently on PR Principles. My group members and I have to interview a PR Practitioner from outside and write a 2000 words article about it. Thanks to Blogger, I have a wide circle of friends, and one of them is Suresh. He introduced me to Carmen, who is currently a PR Practitioner in Brandthink. Well, I actually know Carmen from blogosphere and we have met before last time, but I have no idea she is working as a PR Practitioner. I contacted her and she said YES! We agreed to meet today in the afternoon at Delicious Cafe.

Triangle galaxy top x Black plaited skirt.
Anyway, it's my first galaxy top. And it's purple in colour! *my all time fav*
Yay or nay? :)

Our prepared interview questions.
In fact, we are kinda nervous while waiting for her arrival. 
It's our first time conducting an interview, rather than attending an interview.

Indeed, Carmen is such a pretty, lively, adorable lady! She has such a charm, such a unique personality, so charismatic that made me look up on her. Initially I was nervous like mad, but after a few questions, I started to relax and back to OFFICIAL QUESTIONING MODE. Since it's a Sunday, and it's in Delicious Cafe, we had our interview session in a semi formal way. Yet she answered every questions professionally, confidently. And after the interview, I really understand what PR is and what PR does. Before that I was kinda confused with PR, events and marketing, and my lecturer failed to let me understand it. But right now I'm meeting up with a professional PR practitioner, and she brings me to understand PR more in-depth, and all at a sudden, I have a strong urge to venture into PR field. It's so challenging, so TEMPTING! I shall really think about this, hmmm.

Group photo after the interview session.
From left : Win, yours truly, Jessie, Lekiyo and Yieng. And the middle one is of course, our main cast of the day - Carmen! :)

Yours truly and Carmen.
I'm really glad to have her as my interviewee for my assignment.
Indeed, a memorable one, a beneficial one, a productive one.
Thank you Carmen, for spending the day with us. We truly appreciate it. 

Photo credits to Yieng and Win for being the photographer.
No posing. Just, being natural.

Owh yeah, to Uniqlo lovers out there. 
Uniqlo is having sales now - RM49.90 for selected leggings!

Neon yellow leggings!
I got one for myself so I can wear it to uni.
So comfy, and hopefully can withstand the 'freeziness' and coldness in class.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

One of the best nasi lemak in town!

I always heard from my friends that there is one restaurant in Damansara Uptown which sells the best nasi lemak in town. I am so tempted to try it out but I never have a chance to do so. What a shame right? I visit Uptown quite frequently but I don't even know there's a place selling nice nasi lemak. Aduiii!

So yesterday, my friends and I decided to go there for lunch since we have 4 hours break before the next class. The restaurant is known as Village Park Restaurant. I guess most of us have heard of this restaurant right? And indeed, the nasi lemak is so delicious and I can't wait to share this place with my readers, just in case there is any nasi lemak lovers out there may had missed out this restaurant.

Village Park Restaurant 
5, Jalan SS21/37,
Damansara Utama (Uptown),
 47400 Petaling Jaya,

Tel: +6 03 77107860
Business Hours: 
Opens daily from 7am till 8pm.
On Sunday/Public Holiday opens from 7am to 6pm. 

Signature nasi lemak (with deep fried chicken) - RM 8.30
Tambah nasi / add on rice - RM 0.80
The chicken is so crispy and their sambal is the best one that I tried so far. Ngam ngam, not too mild or too spicy. And I'm gonna give them an extra thumbs up for the rice! Smell so good and I can feel the texture of rice while I'm chewing it. A must must try peepo! 
And those who are not fried chicken lovers can opt for rendang chicken too! :)

P.S  Try not to visit this place during peak hours as you can't find any place to seat. It is so packed with people during peak hours every single day. You will need to queue for a long time to order, to pay and to eat. LOL!

Owh yeah, just in case you are not aware of it.
To Starbucks lovers out there, Starbucks Happy Hours is back in action!
And this time, it is all about the Frappuccino!

50% off baby! :)
All you need to do is to present your Starbucks Card when you purchase your Frappuccino.
Promo starts today till 31 May 2013, only on every Tuesday and Friday, 5-7pm.

Now I can enjoy my Java chips every week since it's 50% off! Whoops! :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dang ~ dang ~ dang dang!

Whoops! Smell the atmosphere of wedding? It's my eldest cousin, John's wedding today, and all of us feel so happy for him. Alright, I don't have any intentions to promote him, but he indeed is an awesome guy that any girls can rely on him! Too bad he is no more available now! =P We didn't even know he pak toh, and suddenly he came to us and told us he's going to get married with the girl he secretly pak toh with! So surprising! Anyway, his wife, Sue is such a sweetie pie - tall and pleasant looking. And both of them look so good together.

John & Sue! 
Congratz to both of them! :)

Car prep up! 

I love their wedding album!
A combination of conservative + slightly modernish!

I love her wedding dress! :D

Meet John's sister a.k.a my daddy's god daughter a.k.a my god sister a.k.a my cousin, XinYee!
She is gorgeous isn't it?

My cousin bro, JunHao!

3,1,2 - Gyiyomi poser! :)

The 'giant' beside me is my cousin bro from Singapore, Yi Xue! 
It's so hard to convince him to pose with us. He look so serious when he is not acting cute. Hahaha!

With our daddy! :)

This little guy in the centre - Yong Han is such a shy shy boy.
Took such a long time to make him start talking and playing with us. 
He is so adorable when he uses his camera and snap photos of us. Love him to bits! :)

Finally my brother decided to take photo with us!
Can you guess which one of him is my brother eh? =P
He rarely take initiative to take photos with us and I don't know why.
Today is extremely, WEIRD! Hahaha! Maybe he is going to overseas soon eh? =P

Dinner at 7pm later, and I shall start to doll up for tonight's event!
And I think my cousins and I have to prepare our own performance on stage later. SCARY!!!
Please don't call me go up the stage and sing! My singing is horrible! >.<

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Arhh, I have no idea on how to spend my book vouchers weyyy! Yes, Ah Jib Gor you are soooooo good to give us RM 250 book vouchers, but Y YOU SET SO MANY RULES to use the book vouchers? 

I went to Popular bookshop the other day and planned to use half of my book vouchers to get some novels and stationary. In the end, I only used RM 50 book voucher + paying extra money to get my stuffs (2 novels + 2 highlighters + pen with colourful ink). 

According to them, if I were to use RM 50 book voucher, I need to buy books with a minimum price of RM 40 and the left over are for the stationary. If I want to use RM 100 book voucher, I must purchase books with RM 80! Well to be honest, I don't have much books to buy for my uni life since everything can be found from library. I wanted to buy stationary like highlighter, pen and files. Yes, I can use the vouchers to buy my favourite novels, but I am not so silly to spend all my RM 80 to buy all those novels just to purchase my stationary. Owh gosh, someone just tell me how to use my book vouchers wisely before it expires!!!!! 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Uni life!

Yes, I have started my Year 2 Semester 3 last week, and fortunately, everything went well! I'm glad to meet my uni mates after my 3 months holidays, and thank gosh they still remember me! hahaha! =P

Day 1 OOTD
My denim, my crutches, and my Transformer shoe.

I'm so thankful, especially to my uni mates, because the concern, care and love that they gave me is priceless. They really take EXTRA care of me when I am in the campus. When I wanted to use stairs instead of lift to travel upstairs, they insisted to get me into the lift so I don't have to climb 6 or 7 floors to my classroom. When I reached the classroom late, they will keep a place for me so I don't have to trouble myself to get extra chair from other classes. When I was left behind as I walked like ah po speed, they will wait for me and walked with me instead. Thank you my dearies, especially to Chien Min, Elaine, Jessie, Mei Xuan, Ju-Ann, Linda and Peh Wen! :)

Since I'm back to uni, it's a must to try out the food in the restaurants located at Syopz Mall to check out the price whether has increased or whether the food still taste as good as last time. So I went to Ecoba and Backofen last week and had my lunch there.

LG2-6 Syopz, Taylor's Lakeside Campus, Subang Jaya.
photo credits to

Cabonara Spaghetti - RM 14
Big portion, with extremely creamy sauce. 
Not too bad, but doesn't deserve to win any awards.
It would be better if the price could be reduced to suit the students' life there. 

LG 2-4, Syopz, Taylor's Lakeside Campus, Subang Jaya.
photo credits to

Hawaiian Chicken Pizza - RM 15
Moderate portion, enough for 2 person sharing *small eaters* 
Extremely thin crust, juicy pineapples and cheesy toppings.
Will definitely have this again next time! :)

This semester will be a hectic one, with more research and writing work to be done. But bloggie, I won't abandon you! It might be not often, but stay tuned for further updates! :)