Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Finally got the new car, Toyota Vios, will upload the picture soon. now lazy. Just got back from the Curve and Ikano, bought something from Daiso, bro bought a Nike bag from Nike.

I love this.
Using my phone to edit this.
Nice gadget :)

Harsh - Hurt.

Samsung Corby Chat

this is it! =D

white with pink :)

ta ta!

took picture with it :)
edited with my phone. 

Monday, August 30, 2010

The trust, in our heart.

I skipped school today! And guess what, latest news, 17 of us absent today! wow! Break record again! woo hoo! previous record was 14, now 17! what a great record! =D  They got back add math results today, but i still don't know my marks yet. Please, *pray pray pray*, good marks please? :)

Woke up quite late this morning, since i slept very last night. Was burning midnight oil to study Biology, got a small test tomorrow. iish! Biology, is NEVER be my love! Why Biology so complicated? arteries, veins, blood capillaries...How it goes from the heart to the lungs, and from the lungs to other part of bodies. So many veins and arteries to be remember :( How am i going to score my Biology huh? :(

Slowly 'adapting' to my new phone, Corby Chat. Lol, touch screen phone so sensitive huh? not really used to it. Btw, I'm excited! Because new car is coming tomorrow! Parents bought a new car, which is Toyota Vios, latest edition ones :) G spec if i'm not mistaken :) Its in Mica Grey colour, and the car plate is WUH 2908, which is my brother's birth date! Can't wait to see my new car!

The new car will be looking like this, but different colour.
Its a bit dark grey + a lil brownish.

inside will be looking like this.

there will be some sort of  'controller' here too.
to adjust the radio ones :)

Bear with it.
And stay with it.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chat Chat!

Went to Low Yat Plaza today, and finally, i got my new phone, which is Samsung Corby Chat. At first, we were just going Low Yat Plaza to repair the Wii Fit, because the board cannot sensor the weight alrdy :(  maybe some problems with the sensor thing la. Then, my dad said wanna get me the phone today since we were in Low Yat Plaza now, if we can get the phone i want. 

But, its kinda unlucky day today. Don't know why so heavy traffic today, and we were stucked in the jam for almost one hour. Then, the road all closed down in the city. A lot of police there too. Maybe its Merdeka day? lol. Then, we can't find parking :(  At last, we made it there at one something in the afternoon. We went to repair the Wii Fit first, and we headed for our lunch. I had Claypot Chicken Rice with Salted Fish! Awesome! =D After that just go jalan-jalan cari makan.

Went to department where all kinds of handphones and gadgets sold. Saw a few phones that were quite attracting.

LG  Lollipop

LG  Cookie Plus

Nokia 5230

Samsung Monte

Finally, I choose one of the handphone in Corby Series, which is the new release Samsung Corby Chat. Its a touch screen + slide phone. It has everything, including Wifi. =D  Btw, still learning how to use it. Still not very used to it, but will try to :)

This is it. But mine is White with Pink ! =D

Couple handphones?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Emily's Sweet 17th!

This is gonna be a very long post. :)

Yay, finally the plan works, although got some problems throughout the whole process, but anyway, everyone had fun! The plan is, TO GIVE EMILY LIEW AKA WHITE AFRICAN A BIRTHDAY SURPRISE PARTY AT HER HOUSE RIGHT AFTER SCHOOL BEFORE SHE CAME BACK TO HER HOUSE! We had actually talk with emily's parents before that we will have a surprise party for her so that they can become the spy for us! =D

So first, I called HIM to come to school right after school, he was the one who bought the cake from De Pastry and the birthday card too! =D  thank you very much my love. Then, he fetched me, Lingsze, Kalye and Shan Hoe to Emily's house. We were actually rushing time, since we really very very lack of time to prepare the surprise party. 

We reached there around 10 minutes time. Chris, Joel, Teik Man, Carmen, Lk and Chian Yiing alrdy reached there and they were actually started the preparations, which is, the balloons! we try to blow it as fast as possible, but the problem is no one know how to tie the balloon. lol. Suddenly, her mom told us that she has to come back now since she is all wet because her classmates splashed water on her. So, everything is in the mess. Start panicking, excited! hehe!

Finally, she reached home! and we quickly hide in her parents' room. And actually, we left some bags and bottles in her room, so guess that the plan 'leaked out'? gee! We hid in her parents' room, and joel, the wise guy, locked the door. and guess what happened? The door's lock spoilt! And all of us were lock inside! We tried to find a way to get out from the room, by trying to unlock the door, but we can't. Uncle even climbed up to the roof weey! Finally, joel managed to unlock the door by using Lingsze's pin. Then we slowly, walked to emily's room again, everyone grabbed a hat/cap inside her room and a balloon too, and waited for her to come upstairs. She opened the door, and everyone poke the balloon and wished her happy birthday! She was shocked and happy too. Glad that she was happy after all the hard work we had done. cheers! =D

Lingsze actually video the whole process, but she haven't upload it yet. So I'll just upload the photos here first. Enjoy!

Emily aka White African!

in the process...

trying to tie the balloons...

see the funny expression!


the birthday cards!

Joel, the wise man!
locked up!

figuring what to do?

trying to ask uncle for help.

all the food! Yummy! =D

putting up the candles.

the candle cannot stand ehh?

group photo!

lunch time!

Emily's Mom on the left.


Playing with Elvy!

Ta da!

I'm the Durian Queen! =D

the girls!

From left, Carmen, me and Emily!

me in the hat!

I got four hats on my head!

too big, i can't see! :(

Shan hoe pushed me, almost fall down :(

sleeping again, red eye :(

the room is in the mess!

Group photo again. =D

Had so much fun today! Glad that Emily is happy. The first ever surprise party for her! Gee! =D =D

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ah Chooo!

I woke up very early this morning, since I have to attend a chinese seminar in SJKC Sentul. Reached school at about 6.45 in the morning, and the bus alrdy waiting for us. Lol. Still late, even I woke up at 5 something. iish. Trying to sleep in the bus, but there's a girl, named Ling Sze keep making noise beside me xP  I can't concentrate in my napping eh. :(  So, we reached there before 8. And we saw a lot of students, from different schools in Wilayah Persekutuan. Met some of my primary friends too. :)  The seminar started at 8.30 in the morning, with some opening ceremony, with fireworks some more! lol. first time attended a seminar with fireworks there. The seminar was long, dull and bored. But, there's still some part very funny la, like the way the teacher talked. We even had the 'habit' again, which is camwhore. =D took quite some pictures there. The seminar ended at 4 something. Slept in the bus, really very sleepy by that time.

Here's the pictures!

the big, superb cold hall! we were upstairs, in the auditorium room because lack of spaces.

was sleeping alrdy, half way in the seminar. xP
see my hair, they said like a chicken 'tail'?

me, in the grey uniform!
the blue one is Michelle, the center one is Zi Ying and beside Zi Ying is Ling Sze.

from left, me, Zi Ying, Ling Sze and Michelle

the two retards! =D

again, the behind one was actually me and Zi Ying!

too hyper!

inside the auditorium hall!

sleeping again, in the bus :(

Overall, the seminar was not bad, learnt a lot of things. Btw, no one told us to bring the sweater and I was actually freezing inside the hall. So cold wey! Kept Ah Choo Ah Choo-iinng , non stop! :(  

Going to sit for the last two papers tomorrow. Retake the test tomorrow since we skipped the test the today. Wish me luck peeps! 

U promised me, something..
But u break the promise..
U break it...