Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ah Chooo!

I woke up very early this morning, since I have to attend a chinese seminar in SJKC Sentul. Reached school at about 6.45 in the morning, and the bus alrdy waiting for us. Lol. Still late, even I woke up at 5 something. iish. Trying to sleep in the bus, but there's a girl, named Ling Sze keep making noise beside me xP  I can't concentrate in my napping eh. :(  So, we reached there before 8. And we saw a lot of students, from different schools in Wilayah Persekutuan. Met some of my primary friends too. :)  The seminar started at 8.30 in the morning, with some opening ceremony, with fireworks some more! lol. first time attended a seminar with fireworks there. The seminar was long, dull and bored. But, there's still some part very funny la, like the way the teacher talked. We even had the 'habit' again, which is camwhore. =D took quite some pictures there. The seminar ended at 4 something. Slept in the bus, really very sleepy by that time.

Here's the pictures!

the big, superb cold hall! we were upstairs, in the auditorium room because lack of spaces.

was sleeping alrdy, half way in the seminar. xP
see my hair, they said like a chicken 'tail'?

me, in the grey uniform!
the blue one is Michelle, the center one is Zi Ying and beside Zi Ying is Ling Sze.

from left, me, Zi Ying, Ling Sze and Michelle

the two retards! =D

again, the behind one was actually me and Zi Ying!

too hyper!

inside the auditorium hall!

sleeping again, in the bus :(

Overall, the seminar was not bad, learnt a lot of things. Btw, no one told us to bring the sweater and I was actually freezing inside the hall. So cold wey! Kept Ah Choo Ah Choo-iinng , non stop! :(  

Going to sit for the last two papers tomorrow. Retake the test tomorrow since we skipped the test the today. Wish me luck peeps! 

U promised me, something..
But u break the promise..
U break it...


  1. LOL you sleep a lot! hahahahhaaha

    Study hard yay :D don't like me didn't study hard now have to become mechanic :D


  2. .... slept in seminar... aiyor....~~

  3. @netster okay i will! =D wish me luck eh!

    @steven hehe, shhhh! i love to sleep :)

  4. Fuahh, there are 4 types of uniform. It is so multi-colors! =)

  5. thanks ronnie =D

    haha, 1 Malaysia ma! =)