Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I love this picture!
its with my PRS uniform again. =D

my day was as usual, bored.
doing something VERY VERY IMPORTANT now.  xP
i guess, this particular thing will takes months? lol.

btw, our school principal changed again. lol
its not Miss/Madam Kun/Pun anymore.
Now, they said is from methodist girl school. lol. =X
due to religion problem, according to Mr Yap.
thats why the principal changed again. lol.
Christian and Buddhist?

it has been, 8 months, our school without principal.
i wondered, whether till the time i graduated from the school,
will our beloved principal be there? =)

urghh! two tuition today!
I hate Tuesday!!!! :(((


  1. seems that you are forced to go ..... wakaka !!
    anyway..happy studying !!

  2. haha, yeap! FORCE! xP thanks ronnie :)

  3. yeap.. nice pic..
    enjoy school =)

  4. I lost track.. what's PRS?
    Eh.. librarians?

    Likey the photo!! LoL

  5. PRS sounds familiar i've left school for almost 7 years , my brain is getting rusty haha

    cute school uniform

    enjoy your school days while u can ! trust me its a lot more fun then working world

  6. @ AL PRS means Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya, totally different from prefects and librarians. Our job is to counsel people =D thanks for ur compliments yea :)

    @ vampire haha,i will enjoy my school life. gonna graduate from high school. *nervous*

  7. Oh.. now i remember what's PRS now. LoL!!!
    Gah... SPAM!!!!!! I meant... SPM!!!!!!