Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chat Chat!

Went to Low Yat Plaza today, and finally, i got my new phone, which is Samsung Corby Chat. At first, we were just going Low Yat Plaza to repair the Wii Fit, because the board cannot sensor the weight alrdy :(  maybe some problems with the sensor thing la. Then, my dad said wanna get me the phone today since we were in Low Yat Plaza now, if we can get the phone i want. 

But, its kinda unlucky day today. Don't know why so heavy traffic today, and we were stucked in the jam for almost one hour. Then, the road all closed down in the city. A lot of police there too. Maybe its Merdeka day? lol. Then, we can't find parking :(  At last, we made it there at one something in the afternoon. We went to repair the Wii Fit first, and we headed for our lunch. I had Claypot Chicken Rice with Salted Fish! Awesome! =D After that just go jalan-jalan cari makan.

Went to department where all kinds of handphones and gadgets sold. Saw a few phones that were quite attracting.

LG  Lollipop

LG  Cookie Plus

Nokia 5230

Samsung Monte

Finally, I choose one of the handphone in Corby Series, which is the new release Samsung Corby Chat. Its a touch screen + slide phone. It has everything, including Wifi. =D  Btw, still learning how to use it. Still not very used to it, but will try to :)

This is it. But mine is White with Pink ! =D

Couple handphones?


  1. I like Samsung phones too !
    I used a few brands before, from Philip, Motorola, Siemens, Samnsung, Sony, Ericcson, Sony Ericsson but never Nokia !

  2. @Steven hehe, go buy one la! =D

    @ron Hmm, why not Nokia d? I thought Nokia is the best?

  3. i like the LG lollipop..can i have one?

  4. I don't like to have something like everyone is using.. like Nokia.
    and for cars... i don't like Myvi too... sekali pandang here and there...

  5. @doris hehe, go buy la. now got promotion!

    @ron i see. I don't like myvi too! ugly butt! i prefer viva wor :)