Monday, August 9, 2010


Well, this post is about my lunch with my relatives in New Choi Wah Lou Restaurant, which located at Manjalara, just opposite Tesco Village Mall. We booked a room, where it equipped with karaoke system, so that we can do whatever we want, sing whatever we want too xP  We ordered two tables, and one table alrdy cost us RM 800+ ! means two tables cost us about RM1800, including all the taxes. Luckily the food very nice =D  especially the steamed fish and desert! *yummy*

well, here are some of the pictures i took that day.

the awesome light, that keep changing colour! lol.

I sang like mad, with my cousins  =D

the pics a lil blurr..
everyone was busy eating..

the one standing up is my mum. and guess what she was doing that time?
she was grabbing the mic to sing her song! lol.
first time get to see my mum get so crazy with karaoke!

the dishes.

ugly pork head! eww!

the most terrible food in my life!
although everyone loves this, but definitely not me!

this one is awesome!
inside is filled with cream and also durian peepo!

this one wasn't that bad too. =D

One of my baby cousin was there too.
His name is Yung Han.
He looks adorable! heart him!

aww! u looks like so blurrr!  

He was superb cute when he walks. =DD

the ring, from HIM.

Nice outing with my family.
especially with all my cousins there, and also babies there.
I love babies, cute babies!

Well, upcoming post : Wendy Sweet 17th aka Summer Party!


  1. ugly pork head.. but the hardened skin yummy! =P

  2. A lifeless pig with a pink ribbon !
    Think we better call it..
    Hello Piggy...or maybe... Hello Porky !

  3. err.. wrong person to comment. but I read and nanged :)

  4. haha i like hello porky!
    oops, sorry Nana, didn't mean it tho :(

  5. eating with family is priceless... so how expensive the foods are... it's worth it. Love and happiness can't buy it from money...