Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Say hello to Bangkok!

*Orange-iee nails!*

Going to Bangkok tomorrow!
*kinda excited now!* =P
Gonna wake up superb early tomorrow, so I'm not sure whether I'm sleeping tonight. LOL.
Packed all my stuffs just now. 
And I'm going to shop until I broke there! =P
Already made a 'to-buy-list'  Haaa! =D

This morning, Ling Sze & Pearly came to my house.
Ling Sze even helped me to polish my nails too. *big love to Ling Sze!* =)

Nail polish bought from The Face Shop yesterday.

Thanks Ling Sze! *love the nails!*

Btw, I finished my e-forum & MS slides.
But, I'm still kinda blurr in my slides though. =(

Will update my blog as soon as I come back from Bangkok!
Stay tuned! =)
*miss you!*

Set it free!

Finished my e-forum!
And now finally got time for my new header. =)
Presentation preparation tmr. Hmm.

My new blogger header!

Credits to Meitu Xiu Xiu & Photoscape!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I do, i do, i do do do do do!

Red Riding Hood The Movie.

Watched this movie with LingSze and Pearly in GSC I Utama.
*tickets are cheaper since I'm using student card* =P

Well, back to ex-school in the morning. LingSze finally signed her documents. =)
Headed to 1 Utama after that. Had lunch @ Penang Flavours. *my fav asam laksa!*
Watched the movie after that. Bumped into Kalye and one more guy eh! =P
The movie was quite nice actually. Loveee the handsome guy in the movie!
Went to The Face Shop and bought some nail polish. Hee! =)
Had tea-time @ ZanMai Sushi & Auntie Annes too. *yummy pretzels!* 

Headed to KDU after that. I went for my SUKDU meeting while Pearly & LingSze asked for their courses. They even used my ID card to online while waiting for me to end my meeting too. LOL! =)

2 more days to Bangkok trip! *excited!*

Monday, April 25, 2011

Yes, I am excited!

Guess what?
I'm going to Bangkok by Air Asia this thursday! =)
A short trip with family and relatives. Heee!
Finally we have some time to travel now. Hmm...

Btw, going back to ex-school tomorrow.
Accompany LingSze to do settle her stuffs there.
Have to attend SUKDU meeting at 6pm in KDU.
So, what we gonna do tomorrow eh? =P

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lovely outing with the ladies + one little guy!

Wow! I guess I am really busy this weekend eh? =P I had been 'stuffed' with lots of programs during my one week semester break. Thurs - Times Square outing with college friends. Fri - Hang out with LingSze, Pearly & Kit Teng + Karaoke session. Sat - Hari Anugerah Cemerlang + Lunch at Kay's Garden + Photoshoots in Ling Sze's house + Swimming session with the ladies. Sun - Accompanied sister to re-do her IC in Maju Junction + Buffet Lunch at Quality Hotel + Praying session in temple somewhere in Sentul.

Photo of the day : Purple baju kurung in Hari Anugerah Cemerlang.

Well I gonna post up quite a number of pics here about the outing with the ladies last night! =) Being together with old friends a.k.a sweet hearts, really a memorable outing! Enjoyed that day although it was a tiring day. Enjoy the photos! =)

Outfit of the day!

The ladies!
From left : Stephanie, LingSze, Carmen, Pearly and Me.

Epic! *look at Steph's face!* =P

Sister with DSLR + one piece of orange in her mouth! 

Me, learning how to use dslr! =)

From left: Sis, Carmen, Pearly.

Another epic! *look at her sour face!* =P
Photo taken by me! Heee!

Me heart Steph! =D

Love this shot! =)

Me & 'Me'!  *childhood me i mean!*  =P

Me, wearing swimming suit inside! =)

The ladies in Nadia, DPC.
*preparing to swim!*

Me and Steph in the swimming pool. *spotted LingSze* =P

Me & my sis  =)

Steph, LingSze and me! *another heart shot!*  =P

Me heart LingSze. *after taking shower* =)

Stephanie, the dutchlady girl! =P

I looked like fish eh? =P

Relaxing. Hmmm. =)

Me, Steph's bro and steph.  =D

Pity him for helping us to carry all the bags! =P

This ladies outing was incredibly awesome!
*first time swimming with friends eh?*
*first time seeing Pearly wearing singlet* =P
Hopefully the next outing with them would be fun!
Will miss them lotsss! =)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lovely outing with the ladies!

Gahh! Am so exhausted today!
Woke up very early this morning. *around 6am* =(
Went to ex-school for Hari Anugerah Cemerlang.
Got a cert, a 'plate' and some money. =)
*pics soon, too tired now.*  

Had lunch with the ladies in Kay's Garden, DPC.
*Me, Ling Sze, Catherine, Carmen, Steph, Pearly and my sister*
Busy chit-chatting about our life. LOL!
Planned to have photoshoot in DPC, but heavy rain today.
So changed plan! =P
Swimming in Nadia, DPC + photoshoot in LingSze house / swimming / DPC  =D
Steph taught me some 'katak' skills, but I have no talent in swimming =(
Will learn more, gambateh! Heee!

I gonna said this is the best outing in this year so far!
Miss all my lovely friends there. =)
Will post more pics about the day next time! =D

Btw, going out tmr, again.
Going to accompany sis to re-do her IC and picked my mom from Quality Hotel.
Gonna go pray after that.

Friday, April 22, 2011

A no title!

My new twitter profile pic. =)

Had a nice day today.
Went out with mom the whole afternoon.
Went to lots of banks. Had spicy pan mee too! Yums! =D

Went to Ling Sze house in the evening.
Had karaoke session too. =)
Sang a lot of songs. *bye bye throat!*  =P

Went to De Pastry and Secret Recipe with Ling Sze just now.
Bought two cakes from there. *around RM 150* 
A surprise for the teachers tmr! Heee!
Going back to school tmr for Hari Anugerah Cemerlang.
Gonna wear baju kurung tmr. *all my skirts too short eh* LOL! =)

Nice weather tmr yeah? =)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

First outing with college friends!

Well first, my very first semester of college life ended today! =D
*so happy!*
Having one week+ break now.
Lotsa plans during this one week holidays. Heee! =)
The time flies so fast, and now its alrdy end of April, going to May!
And now I'm senior alrdy. LOL! Got more juniors in April intake. Heee! =)

I finished my last paper, which is Chemistry this morning.
The paper wasn't that hard, but I not sure with my answers.
Had some plans with college mates after that.
We decided to go Times Square Theme Park.

We went there by Putra & Star LRT.
Reached there around lunch time.
Had lunch at Papa John. Food was delicious. =)
Love the butter ginger thingy.

After lunch, we went to the theme park.
It ended up only ME, YUN and TRISHNA went to the theme park.
The guys were too 'sick' to go to the theme park. LOL.

Had a lot of fun there.
All the rides made us dizzy.
We went there, and we screamed our life out! =P
*one way to de-stress!*

We even went to the Haunted House there.
For them, its not scary, 
My god! I screamed like mad inside the haunted house.
And the 'ghost' kept chasing me behind. Freaking scaring! ><

Top : ROMP
Bottom : Google

Entrance ticket.

Roller coaster track. =)

The coaches.

Dizziest thing ever!

Yun and me! *best college mates ever!*

Crazy me!

Another terrified ride.
I was hanging up 'in the sky'! 
Scaryyyyy! ><

Haunted house entrance.

Broken 'hand' 

Group photos.
From left : Me, Trishna & Yun

College life is fun! =D
Love you two!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Had Biology and Math-S today.
And I think I screwed my Math-S! =(
Don't even have enough time to finish all the questions. ><
*so sad!*

Luckily, I still have one more paper to go!
Chemistry tomorrow.
Hopefully can score tomorrow! =)
And I'm off after that!

Off for one week+ after tomorrow! =DD
*can't wait!*

Monday, April 18, 2011

Live. Dream. Love.

Back from college! =)

Stay back in college after my first exam of the day.
Academic English was really tough.
My explanatory essay! ><
Plus the reading text, those American accent too strong.
Can't really know what they were talking actually.

Tomorrow Computing Studies!
Another weak subject of mine. 
Please, get a pass yeah? =)

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Exam tomorrow! Gahhh!
*I am really nervous now!*
LOL! Now I only can feel the butterflies in my tummy.  =(

My first subject tomorrow is Academic English.
3 hours!!! Don't know what's coming out for that.
Gonna stay back in TLC after my exam to study kao kao.

Wish me luck.
For studies, and health too. =)

Saturday, April 16, 2011


random me! =)
*see the ladybird on my ear?* =P

Urgh! My first term college exam starts next week!
*kinda nervous actually*
Hopefully can make it through la! =)
Gotta online lesser now.
Study study study! 

Went to UMSC this morning.
Appointment with Prof KJ Goh.
No medications this time.
Longer observation is needed. LOL!
Next appointment is in May. Phew! =)

There's someone, who really irritates me now.
*PS : am not talking about YOU*

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Time for a change!

Decided to change my blog layout, again.
I guess I was in mood, to HAVE A CHANGE eh?
How's my new layout? =)

Facebook profile picture, CHANGED.
Now blogger template CHANGED.
Soon, would be the blogger header change,
twitter profile picture change,
and more and more to gooooo!

My first term exam will be starting next week.
A lil nervous right now.
Wondered how would be my first college exam eh?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spice up!

first attempt.

Second attempt.
And this is it!
My new fb profile picture!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

JPA interview.

Woke up 5am in the morning!
Was very sleepy, that I actually dragged myself to the washroom. LOL! =P
Had 'siew pao' for breakfast and waited for my dad to fetch me to UiTM for JPA interview.

Reached UiTM around 7 in the morning.
Registered myself in some pondok there.
Waited there for quite some time for my session.

My letter. =)

The pondok where all of us have to register there.

Daddy was with me all the time. =)

I changed my outfit actually.
*from formal clothes to baju kurung*
My formal clothes = skirt + blouse + blazer
But all of the girls wore baju kurung.
I felt awkward, and I changed to baju kurung after that.

Outfit of the day!

Purple! =D


Well, I was really nervous.
I was in a group of 4. 2 Malay and 2 Chinese.
Before that, we had to prepare all the certs and gave to the person in-charge.

My mind was blank when I was in the interview room.
There's 3 panel, looking very strict, and they sat in front of us.
They started to ask lots of questions, in Malay and English.
Which means, we have to answer in Malay and English too.
* my malay cacat arldy  =P *
The questions, were kinda tricky actually.
We even had discussion too.
Had to give our point of view.

My interview session was around 45 minutes.
Rushed back to college after that.