Thursday, August 19, 2010

We were meant together.

Another quick update again.

Cooked spaghetti this morning. woke up kinda early to cook. And actually i first planned to cook spaghetti in cabonara sauce, but at last i have to cook spaghetti in tomato sauce :(  i realized that my cabonara sauce is out of stock, and my topping, i mean mushroom, is out of stock too. so i have to put other topping instead of mushroom :(  was rushing to cook this morning that i was actually, forgot how to cook spaghetti alrdy. It had been so long, i think 3 months?lol. almost forgot all the steps. Luckily managed to cook before school time :)  Hmm, overall not bad, too salty i guess.

Went home after chinese class, slept right away, too sleepy :(  and i woke up at 6! Didn't get to finish my school work and tuition work. Sigh. Now just got back from tuition and back to blogging again. Feel like dying without blogging now. lol  =D 

Countdown. if u know whats next :)

I believe, even if its a long-distance relationship.