Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This is my so called surprise!

I woke up yesterday, about 3 something in the evening. Got to rush to Miss Lee there for tuition. And guess, who called me right after i woke up? =) 

(Its from HELP college) 
Mr ? : Hello, may i speak to miss tan xue (zoo) ren? he pronounced my name as zoo, instead of xue. iish. 
Me : Speaking. U are? 
Mr ? : I'm from HELP college. Congratulations that you are one of our finalist in HELP Psychology Challenge 2010! 
Me : (was speechless) i was like, haar? me? 
Mr ? : Yea, u are the one. Please give me your email add so that i can sent u all the details about the competition to you as soon as possible. 

(After i gave all the details.. )
Mr ? : The competition is on this saturday, 14 August 2010, in HELP college. Please wear formal attire too. 
Me : owh okay. (totally, out of mind!) my gossh! 

This was so unexpecting! I was so shocked, that i thought i was dreaming. lol. whats happening? O.o
Should i be happy, or not? seriously, i have no idea whats going on right now! xP

HELP College!
not sure whether going there this Saturday a not? *nervous*
any clue?


  1. Zoo Ren ... sounds like u are the owner !!
    anyway..good luck in the Challenge !

  2. Not 'Zoo Ren' suppose to be Xue Ren :) haha, thanks for yr support yea! =D

  3. Go for it!!! Gain the experience~!
    There must have something to learn there!
    enjoy the experience of learning~~