Friday, August 6, 2010


I received a mail from my friend today. and I was a little shocked when i first read that. Well, the story is...

It is very disturbing to know how the young & innocence fall into the trap of man's disguise under pretext of kindness. Don't be naive, be careful and to know how evil and wicked man can be. God help us. Beware!

The most important thing is don't drink the mineral water and don't apply the sun block cream given by the boatman. Please Forward The Story To Everyone You Know:
I stayed in Pulau Redang and Pulau Perhentian in Terengganu for 2 weeks due to my research. I observed a lot of things done by the local youngsters to the ladies visiting there. The VICTIMS were those who came alone or with groups of girls only; most of them came with one female friend.

The youths acted as drivers of the boats for the resorts but they select the lone or girls victims mostly the dumb Chinese girls and western ladies. But if the girls were accompanied by guys, they will not dare to touch them. When they reached the snorkeling area, they will 'HELP' the
ladies by holding their hands to snorkel here and there. Most of the Chinese ladies wear exposed and sexy swimwear and they will peep at their nipples and underwear from behind.

The worst part was they bring along their local friends to join the club, to get one or two victims everyday. They gathered on the jetty looking at their prey. Then, they will guide the girls to plastic containers with fresh water to wash up, sometimes trying to 'help' them by touching their body parts. They girls thought they were friendly and helpful but they have other intentions.

After the girls had finished cleaning up, the locals will hand them mineral water (with something inside), for the girls to drink. It happened everyday and I am watching it everyday. Then the girls will allow these boys to hold their hands and walk to the boats and finally end up in the rooms with the other local 'friends' following behind 'TO JOIN THE PARTY'.

Sometimes they will ask the ladies if they would like to have some sun block cream. Then they will apply some on their skin. Once, to my surprise a lady exposed her breasts and let them fondle her.

Then I knew what they applied was actually the 'Minyak Dagu or Corpse Oil', a type of 'Jampi or Curse Oil' that will make girls lose inhibitions and fall into a trance-like state. They kissed her and she was brought to the room. Please remember that in Terengganu state, black magic is strong over there. Remember, I observed them for 2 weeks but could not stop them. They had many friends around and if I questioned them, I would be in trouble...over there. I hope every lady takes precautions regarding this matter and warn everyone.

Don’t be too friendly with the drivers and their friends and be careful not to be taken advantage off. I was so frustrated because the girls were so dumb to trust them. I asked one of the victims and she said she didn't remember anything but she said she had a DREAM in
which she had sex with the locals. My story is true. Beware when you're going out snorkeling especially ladies & girls. Boatmen would drug the mineral water when you are busy snorkeling. Later, when you get back on the boat and pass out after drinking the water you will be molested or raped.

There is insufficient evidence to prosecute them because they cleverly do their job including dressing up the victim nicely & don't leave any traces as they even ejaculate externally. When the victims awakened they were told they had a short nap. Salt water further makes it difficult for them to discover semen traces, sexually-transmitted diseases or HIV virus until perhaps much later.

This happened in Pulau Tioman and other places. Victims include Italian, American, Japanese, Chinese, Arabian & even Malays.

Please pass this message on to all the world!

Well, i don't know whether the mail is true a not, but better be careful. Luckily i went there before, and Pulau Redang is definitely a very very nice place to visit. I had a very nice memories there and i would want to go there again, if i have a chance again. =D 


  1. Thanks for your info... its good that they don't go for guys...!!