Thursday, August 29, 2013

Of the fishes and water.

Well, I'm not really a big fan of fishes. To be specific, I like the colour of water in the underwater world.

During Hari Raya holidays, I went to Singapore for a short getaway, just to relax my mind before I start my new semester. The main 'aim' of this trip is to enter the world largest underwater world - the S.E.A Aquarium! 

And seriously, the whole Sentosa island was so packed with people. You can hardly move in there as you need to queue for everything, including trains, food, rides and waiting to enter Universal Studios and the SEA Aquarium. 

See how long was the queue for trains eh? All these queue were to wait for the trains to enter Sentosa Island.

With my godmother! <3 p="">
 Guess what? We waited for freaking 4 hours to enter SEA Aquarium, although we were all holding priority passes! How I wish there are so many tourists in Malaysia underwater world too, but I know its kinda impossible LOL! =P


 Seriously in love with the colour of water!

Yay! Under the sea, under the sea! :)

 There were also 'marine people' 'patrolling' in the water to feed the fishes. They were so friendly and kept on waving HI to us! :)

We were even stepping ON the water too! 
Nahhh, there were a long pathway covered with glasses, where we can look through and explore the fishes under our feet! It seems like we are actually floating on water. So freaking awesome!

Spot the large crowd surrounding the superb huge tube of colourful fishes!
I swear this is one of the prettiest aquarium that I ever seen in my life! 
This tube actually go through every floors in this whole SEA Aquarium. In other words, you can see this tube when you enter any floors.

 This is known as deep sea section. 
This is the place where you can see every single sea creatures that you can find in deep sea. 

Panaroma view of the deep sea section.

*All these photos were taken using Samsung Galaxy Note II.*

Thursday, August 22, 2013


July and August, both are not my favourite months because of the so-called 'Ghost Month'

Well, it would be a terrible lies if I said I'm not afraid of ghosts OR I do not believe in the existence of ghosts. To be honest, I do not even dare to watch ghost or any horror movies. Normally I was 'being forced' to watch ghost movies in cinema with my friends, and all the time I was covering my eyes and ears. The scenes and horror sounds are just too horrible for me to cope with. So basically I was wasting my 12 bucks inside the cinema, sitting in the so-called comfy cushion chair, covering my eyes and ears, and 'sendiri takutkan sendiri' LOL!

And this morning, I jolt awake with a scary nightmare lingered in my mind. Usually, I hardly remember any dreams after I wake up, but this time, the nightmare is so vivid, so clear inside my mind. Sigh, I guess this is the after effect of The Conjuring ehh? I was 'being forced' by my sister to watch the movie together, because she was so scared to watch it alone, and so I accompanied her to 壮胆! 

And here goes the nightmare...

My brother, sister and I were in some random place, searching for treasures. The place was like some random dungeon, with a lot of weird stuffs inside, just like the room shown in The Conjuring, with different objects that were possessed. We sensed something was wrong in the dungeon as we felt a cool, strong wind around us that signify other 'presence' in the room. So we left the dungeon and went home after that. Surprisingly, we saw our grandma at home *well she passed away last year, but maybe we miss her so much, we welcomed her home* She was washing dishes in the kitchen, then I went to the washroom which was located beside the kitchen to wash up myself. All at a sudden, I don't know why I was staring at the mirror, and I felt a strong wind behind me, and the 'wind' just pushed me to the mirror. It was so fast, I couldn't move myself, and the mirror started to crack. I was screaming for help, crying...... Then I woke up. I couldn't sleep back after that.

After I woke up, the first thing I did is to check my back. LOL! I know its a dream, but I just couldn't stop myself to check myself whether am I injured from that dream. I tried to search a palm shadow behind my back *which I suspect the palm shadow that pushed me to the mirror*, but thank god the palm shadow was not there, which means its a DREAM! Phewww! Hopefully tonight I won't have the same dream again! :(

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Here we go again, Semester 4.

New semester, new look, new life, and a start of something NEW. 

Hola! One month holiday ended up so soon eh? Thinking of this, I've come to Semester 4 so far. From Foundation in Science, ended up in mass communication degree. From Semester 1, struggling to familiar with Taylor's environment, settling myself in a new study environment with different 'patterns' punya friends and coursemates, until now...Semester 4, my final semester in Year 2. I can't believe that I've come this far, and of course, I've been through a lot of obstacles, sadness and betrayal but all these things make me stand up even stronger. I appreciate that, and I believe I can cope with all these issues better in future study life and working life.

And the funny thing is, I still haven't received my Semester 3 results ehh, and I'm starting my Semester 4 next week. Results tak ada, timetable pun tak ada? 'Fortunately', Taylor's efficiently sent me a fees invoice of approximately 13k ONCE I STARTED MY SEM BREAK. Now you can see how efficient is Taylor's ehh? When it comes to money, Taylor's is the FIRST to open their eyes, hands and a very big smile on their face. Once they received our money, OOPS! Good bye then, I shall never see you again until a new semester start. Seriously, Taylor's management, I salute you! 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A taste will make u :)

Errr, I shall said a few months ago, my high school buddies and I decided to have a dessert hunt, for fun *although we all knew we are really fat right now, with fats building up around our tummies and cheeks eeeek!* But girls, we tend to eat something sweet, to satisfy our what-so-ever cravings which came up all at a sudden. When that 'thing' (sweet cravings) comes, you have to please that 'thing'. LOL! Sounds wrong right? =P

So anyway, this time we 'ransacked' the whole Bangsar and found our final destination - Dip'n Dip! We love chocolate madly, truly, deeply. And when we thought of chocolate, Dip'n Dip just came to our mind instantly. 

That's me, doing the typical Malaysian stuffs - waiting for the others to snap photo of the food before start eating it. Well, it was a torture while waiting, because what I was thinking that time is, I WANT TO PUT THE MARSHMALLOW INTO MY MOUTH AND LET IT MELT RIGHT AWAY! =P

dip ‘n dip is the heaven for all chocolate, sweets and coffee lovers from all ages, as dip ‘n dip is sort of a coffee shop that is specialized in chocolate sweets, chocolate dipped fruits and sweets, chocolate based hot and cold drinks in addition to top of the line coffee drinks and a variety of cold drinks.

A taste will make u :)

We were the first customer of the day, and the 'ang mo' staffs gave us a warm welcome. We were seated in comfy red seats with not-too-loud music + strong aroma of chocolate accompanied us. We were given a menu each, then we started exploring the menu and decide what to order. Obviously, we did not know what to order, because everything just looked so tempting and delicious. I ALMOST DROOL-ED BY LOOKING AT THOSE PHOTOS IN THE MENU! =P

*Make sure you are not hungry before you scroll down.*

Dip Crispies
"A cup filled with cereal and chocolate, topped with mini marshmallows."

Tonnes of crispy cereal filled with chocolate. Love it! :)

Brownies crepe
"Folded crepe, filled with brownies, and topped with 3 kinds of chocolate - milk & dark & white."
Definitely one of the MUST TRY item in Dip'n Dip. 

"Chocolate rich fondant baked fresh, topped with Belgian chocolate, served with ice cream."

Aww man! Spot the chocolate lava! 
Warm brownies x cold ice cream = perfect match! :)

Overall the dessert are pretty good, nice environment, but one thing is, parking is way too hard to find. We basically spent 40 minutes finding a parking spot. And one more thing, the price are kinda 'atas'. Most of the desserts are priced above RM 15. So make sure you visit the place with banyak-banyak money! =P

Locate Dip 'n Dip at:

Dip N Dip
Chocolate Sweets & Coffee House
Jalan Telawi 3, 59100
Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur.

Phone: 603-22015052 
Opening hours: 
Sat-Thu 11:00am - 1:00am, 
Fri 2:30pm - 12:00am 


Sunday, August 4, 2013

SPARKS your OOTD today!

Check out my previous blog post about Sparksboutique here.

Aloha, good news for online shoppers! Sparksboutique is back in action with a whole new batch of clothings! ATTENTION : Batch closes on 17 August, so hurry up before you miss all these fashionable clothings! :)
Long sleeves crop top for RM 42
*cotton material + not see through*
Well, this crop top could be a perfect match with a high waisted shorts or with a skater skirt.

Any fans of galaxy here? 
I bet most of you have seen a galaxy tee, blouse, pants, shorts, skirts or even leggings. 
But hardly you've seen a galaxy backpack isn't it? :)
Now you can get this from Sparksboutique!
Galaxy backpack for RM 55 *exclude postage*

Side studded sling bag for RM 35.
And you know what, it could even fit a 21 cm purse!

Well, I'm a typical K-pop addict, and I always envy all those pretty clothings that the artists wear in music videos, live performances, concerts or photoshoots. So darn chio and stylish, but I guess the price must be expensive eh? 

Fear not, Sparksboutique is now selling some of the fashionable clothings inspired by top K-pop artists  these days such as 4 Minute and F(x).
Floral crop top for RM 39.
Krystal from F(x) have wore this before in her latest Rum Pum Pum Pum music video!

Even Amber from F(x) is a fan of Simpsons too! She also wore this Simpsons denim before in Korea broadcast performances.
Simpsons denim top for RM 59 (ready stock)
Denim material x good quality guarantee

Boyfriend oversize stripes top for RM 34.

Floral tee for RM 32

What now?! Grab them before the batch closes. Girls, its time to pamper your wardrobe and embrace your OOTD today! :)

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