Friday, June 14, 2013

He. She

Yay! Our video is out finally! *drum rolls*  :)  My friends and I managed to produce a video (PSA) for our assignment as well as to participate in Youth Creative Short Film competition.

And this time, our PSA short film is about Internet Relationship. We are doing it in a comedy way, and if you want to know how 'comedy' is it, watch it! =P

He. She

I would like to thank my friends for making this PSA film a success. We are still in a beginner level, and we still have a lot for improvements. So hopefully the outcome is good! Feel free to watch it and comments are much appreciated too. Thank you!

P.S  My finals is around the corner. The date is brought forward to the 2nd week of July! Mamamia! Have to start hardcore-ing after my assignment month. Wish me luck! :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Owh Henry! :)

Arhhhhh, I have meet my new love, Henry! He is so cute, so ke ai, and so good in singing & dancing! I rarely 'fall' to solo K-pop singers because solo singers hardly give me the OHMMM impact like how the other famous K-pop groups such as SNSD, Big Bang and Super Junior. But now, Henry - one of the Super Junior M member, debuted solo recently and came out with a few awe-inspiring songs. One of it is Trap, feat Taemin from Shinee and Khuhyun from Super Junior.

I like how he combines piano with dance. 
So so nice!

And he can sings English song too. Well, not a bad attempt but his angel-feel voice melt me instantly when I hear it. I guess fan girl will always compliment her boy no matter good or bad right? 

I would - Henry
I like the lyrics, somehow it applies to me. Hmmm.

How I wish he could serenade this song to me! =P

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sparksboutique embraces your OOTD!

Well, I'm hardly a big fan of online shopping because I rarely trust the quality of the online shops I found in Internet. My philosophy : Never touch, never buy! LOL! I believe most of us have this kind of mind set right?

Fear not, I came across this awesome online boutique called Sparksboutique that sells good quality clothings in reasonable price. I recently had a chance of trying out their clothes, and it successfully embrace my OOTD!

Simpsons top, either match it with leggings or plaited skirt.
And the quality is quite good as the materials are thick and comfy.

Have a sneak peak at their latest batch of clothings and apparels below! 

Eclipse tank top for RM 45

One of my favorite! :)
Chiffon baseball top for only RM 40 (pre order)

And on top of my wishlist!
Vivi inspired ice cream colours transparent flatform for only RM 60 (which include postage + preorder)
How I wish I can own this pair of flatform, really love it like so so much!

A fan of denim here?
Maybe you can try out the Simpsons denim jacket.
RM 59 (ready stock)

Pastel pink ripped shorts - RM 35 (ready stock)

And the recent in trend plaited skirts!
RM 40 (pre order)

Want to look chic and stylish?
Check out the Stylenanda boots here! 
RM 80 (pre order)

Guns and rose - RM 40 (ready stock)

For those who love bright colours clothings, you can opt for this!
Pastel colour skater skirts - RM 45 (pre order)

Transparent heels for only RM 75 (including postage)

Chiffon skirt - RM 40 (pre order)

There are more to go, but for now, go check out more clothings and apparels from Sparksboutique! Grab them before the batch closes. Girls, its time to pamper your wardrobe and embrace your OOTD today! :)

Instagram : @Sparksboutique
Line ID : sparksboutique
Whatsapp / Viber / We Chat : 0108973753

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Denim is love!

I am so in love with denim these days - SO EASY TO MIX & MATCH, EITHER WITH A SHORT, A PANTS, A SKIRT and NOTHING! Nothing here means you are wearing denim as a dress! =P  

I wear it as a jacket, and I like the way how denim gives me the casual feeling! :)

Match it with a plaited skirt is one of my favourite choice too! :)

I usually wear this when I have semi-formal presentation coz it gives me a slight feeling of formal, but not too formal. Yes, that's the feeling of 'looking presentable'.

What about you'all? 
Which type of clothings you all prefer to wear?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 Malaysia Presents the Happily Ever After Home Campaign!

Hmm hmm hmm, HAPPILY EVER AFTER. I believe this is the dream where everyone in this world is craving for, isn't it? At once, I think about my future, I wish I will own a house and live happily ever after with my future husband and kids. Fear not, Malaysia can help to grant our tiny wish here, which is to stand a chance and win RM 10 000 to fund our dream house! Isn't this freaking awesome?

Ever read a story that featured a lavish home and wished you lived in it? Be it an extravagant castle brimming with priceless antiques or a cosy cottage nestled at the edge of a lush forest, we have all sighed dreamily as we fantasised about living in our favourite fairy tale house.
However, as we grew up, we were made to realise how difficult it was to obtain our own home, much less something matching those of our childhood daydreams, and were forced to leave them behind.
In recognition of all those long-forgotten desires, Malaysia has launched the Happily Ever After Home campaign, where interested individuals are invited to submit their details via Facebook and answer a simple question.
To increase their chances of winning, participants can spin their own versions of four selected fairy tales that entertained them as children. These fairy tales, which Malaysia has added a modern twist to, are Hensem & Gatal, Rafunzel, Red Riding in The Hood and Jack & the Kacang Panjang.
The one to emerge triumphant in the end will ride off into the sunset with RM10,000 to fund their own happily ever after home. A total of 10 Apple TVs are also available as prizes; after all, nothing says ‘luxury’ quite like a nifty gadget that allows you to easily get your favourite shows and movies from the Internet.
The Happily Ever After Home campaign is open to all Malaysians above the age of 18. Entries must be submitted no later than 12am on 21st June 2013 and winners will be shortlisted based on the number of likes. A total of 20 contestants with the most likes will then be selected before the winning entries are chosen, which will be based on the creativity of the story they create.
For those who are interested, check the contest page on the Malaysia website here for more details. KEEP CALM AND SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY TODAY!

Monday, June 3, 2013

A day in Sepang Gold Coast.

My friends and I went to Sepang Gold Coast recently for a one day trip, not to swim, but just to relax our mind, sit there blow blow wind and think of nothing. We seriously need a getaway from all these stressful uni life and 'dramas'. Indeed, it was one of my favourite trip after all although this trip was not productive, luxury compared to other trips that I had before with my family and friends. I'm just glad to be there and switched on RELAX MODE without any doubts.

Hmm, Sepang Gold Coast wasn't as good as I imagined. It was my first time there, and I thought that the beach would be cleaner as compared to Port Dickson, since its name itself "Gold Coast" sound so high class. LOL! However, it did dissappoint me a little because the beach was quite dirty. One good thing about the beach is, the sand is really soft and I like the texture of it. Anyway, I enjoyed myself there, and managed to take nice photos too. So I shall stop all my crappings now and post up the photos! :)

Spot the tree branches and rubbish around the beach.

And the 'brownish' sea water.

If I have a chance to sit there for a whole day, I would definitely say YES!
So windy! 

Shades on peepo! :)

Oops, the GIANT leg is killing us! =P

Woahh, my karate so geng! 

Ballet style jumping??

Arhh, this one look so much better!

Yours truly is floating! 轻功水上漂!