Monday, June 3, 2013

A day in Sepang Gold Coast.

My friends and I went to Sepang Gold Coast recently for a one day trip, not to swim, but just to relax our mind, sit there blow blow wind and think of nothing. We seriously need a getaway from all these stressful uni life and 'dramas'. Indeed, it was one of my favourite trip after all although this trip was not productive, luxury compared to other trips that I had before with my family and friends. I'm just glad to be there and switched on RELAX MODE without any doubts.

Hmm, Sepang Gold Coast wasn't as good as I imagined. It was my first time there, and I thought that the beach would be cleaner as compared to Port Dickson, since its name itself "Gold Coast" sound so high class. LOL! However, it did dissappoint me a little because the beach was quite dirty. One good thing about the beach is, the sand is really soft and I like the texture of it. Anyway, I enjoyed myself there, and managed to take nice photos too. So I shall stop all my crappings now and post up the photos! :)

Spot the tree branches and rubbish around the beach.

And the 'brownish' sea water.

If I have a chance to sit there for a whole day, I would definitely say YES!
So windy! 

Shades on peepo! :)

Oops, the GIANT leg is killing us! =P

Woahh, my karate so geng! 

Ballet style jumping??

Arhh, this one look so much better!

Yours truly is floating! 轻功水上漂!

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