Sunday, December 30, 2012

Performing Arts, no regrets.

Hola! My Semester TWO will be officially ended after I finish my marketing paper next week. Everyone else finished their semester already, the PR Marketing students are the 'left-overs' now! LOL! =P Anyway, I've been procrastinating so much lately, that I don't even want to touch my marketing stuffs. Guess that the holiday mood strikes me, and all I want to do is anything other than studying. 

Anyway, one thing that I never regret is, to take Performing Arts (PA) subject in my Semester TWO. I used to take part in performances since I was in kindergarten, but I NEVER take performing arts seriously, until I take this subject in my uni life. At first I thought PA is an easy A, but it isn't! It requires sacrifices of time and energy. Whenever there are assignments, we have to spend time practicing our parts, regardless of acting, singing or dancing. I still remember, I have to stay back in uni until 10pm at night to practice my part. 

Although it was extremely tiring, due to pack schedule, but after our performance, everything is worth it. The compliments or criticisms from lecturer, kept us moving forward. "From a KAYU, become FLEXIBLE" I wasn't able to stretch myself, because I'm quite stiff, especially my shoulder part. Because I'm a seductive dancer for my final showcase, I have to be extra flexible, to sway my hands and hips. After days of non-stop practicing, and thanks to my group mates, they managed to transform me into a BETTER THAN KAYU dancer! =P I am so happy because all my pain, my bruises, my tiredness are worth it. 

The final showcase was a huge BOOM! It was a SUCCESS indeed. The stage was huge, lightning was cool, costumes, make up and props are perfect! Everyone of us have a role, and we successfully rock the stage! The cheer and claps from the audience, I'll never forget it in my life.

Check out the photos here! :)

Photos took during our dance practice.
One good thing about our long skirt is, it can made us into flowers, like the photo above! :)

Yes, we have fun too other than practicing our dance steps! :)

Photo taken on the day of our final showcase!
Our outfits! :)
The red in the middle is our queen, Circe!

Another outfits for Calypso dance!
Blue cheongsam! :)

The one in dark blue outfit with a fan is our queen, Calypso!

Managed to take photos backstage that day while waiting for our scenes.

Seductive enough? =P
Love the pink veil!

Say hello to my superb thick make up! 
It was my first stage make up by the way, thick thick thick! 
Even the fake eye lashes was so heavy, and I was complaining all the time. LOL! 
Never ever wear fake eye lashes again. NO LIKE! =P

And who is the awesome make up artist for the day?
Her make up skills is really good, and she is so good to help me for the make up even though she wasn't in the performing arts final showcase. Thank you darling! :)

Took this photo at the end of the showcase.
Note the huge smile on our face! =]

The end of the final showcase marked the end of our Performing Arts subject. I realized how much I miss PA, and how much I learnt during this 3 months time. I never regret of taking PA as one of my subject in semester two. It might be different than other writing or reading subjects, but this makes me different than others. I will never forget what I learnt in this 3 months time, and the friendship I gained is so much valuable than anything in my life. 

Thank you, Performing Arts! :)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Meet up with BFFs!

I spent my last Friday night of the year with my BFFs yesterday, and we had a truly great time together. Since all my BFFs were having holidays yesterday, we decided to meet up to have some catch up session together. It has been a long time since we last gossip and share our secrets among ourselves. Owh yeah, thank you my darling LingSze for being our driver of the night! She drove us around with her little Volkswagen Beetle! Superb cute, small and warm! :)

We had our dinner at Little Break Cafe, which is located around Kepong Baru area. The environment of the cafe is pretty good, warm lightning, and the most important thing is, the food is delicious and filing! 

Watermelon juice & Orange juice
RM 5.90 each.

Cheesy baked chicken - RM 12.90
Thumbs up for cheese lover, because it's superb cheesy! :)

Grilled chicken with black pepper sauce - RM 11.90

Grilled chicken with mushroom sauce - RM 11.90

Grilled chicken with Itallian sauce - RM 11.90

Overall, the food is pretty good, fair portion and reasonable price. Definitely, a place to re-visit in future! :)  Check out the photos we took there!

Meet my BFF, Carmen! :)

My BFF, LingSze! :)

My BFF on the right, Eelyn! :)

Trying to camwhore, but ended burst out laughing! =P

Our first polaroid together! :)

Say hello to my polaroid! Pinkilicious! =]

Glad to have them in my life! :)

After dinner, we went to DPC, our usual hang-out spot. The usual place for us to chit-chat, share our secrets, and take photos! The first thing we saw when we reached there was, couples! Couples are everywhere weyyy! I guess DPC is the hot spot for dating eh? 

Night view in DPC! :)

Tapao 'xiu gai yek' there!
It was my first time eating this type of fried chicken wings actually. LOL!
Sort of embarrassing right?  >.<
And oops! Whose hand is that? Naughty betul! =P

I guess Lyn was amazed by how I ate the chicken wing eh? =P

What a nice place to chill!
With pretty girls, beautiful night view, romantic atmosphere. What else I can ask for? :)

My best and the best BFFs! 

A photo together after so long! 
From left : Carmen, yours truly, Lyn, Pearly and LingSze.

And guess what? 
Since we got nothing else to chat, we talked about muscles.
In the end, we were comparing each other muscles. Haha!
Carmen has the 'BEST' muscles among all! =P

I am so glad to spend my night with them. Even though it wasn't long enough, due to curfew, but still, we managed to catch up with each other, laughing and gossiping around. Catch up session with them is definitely most valuable one, and am looking forward for the future ones! :)

Last photo to end my post.
The jumping shot! :)
Lyn was a bit, slow? 
When we all jump, she stays. When we stays, she jump. LOL!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry, Merry Christmas!

Merry, merry christmas! Lonely, lonely christmas, ta da da....
Oops! Not lonely anymore, heeeee! =P

I had my one of my BEST christmas this year, although is not perfect, but I am satisfy with it. 
Nothing is perfect because it will be better as year goes on right? 
By the way, I have so many things to blog about, but I'm just procrastinating right now, thinking of how to spend my awesome 3 months break 'wisely'! Blog reviews, events and happenings are piling up, and I'm still trying to find that 'push' to motivate me to blog. I shall now demand you to give me motivation! Hahaha! =]

Anyway, I'm just gonna simply rant here rant there in this post. I'm way too excited to get back into blogging life now. So this month was a really productive month for me. Indeed, a fruitful ones. Had my most interesting semester this year, where I got to learn business skills, leadership skills, Japanese language and Performing Arts! Now I can dance like a rock star! *allow me to self-praise a bit* =P  

Then, my uni buddies and I had a class trip to Cameron Highland right after exam. Shall blog about this trip soon. It was awesome, because this time, it was a real close & warm trip where we talked our lungs out, shared our happiness and sadness together. Friends, is like that eh? It was my first time receiving so many X'mas presents in my life! 

Presents from my friends! 
They are awesome, never failed to cheer up my life! :)

Although I faced huge 'challenge' recently, and I fell really badly. It hurts so much. But I learnt how to accept it and manage it. The pain is almost unbearable, but tomorrow will be a better day. Still praying hard for the best to come. =]

Monday, December 17, 2012

**** ***

Allow me to be superb emotional today.

The moment right now, I just feel like killing people, chopping people into pieces! This means that I'm really furious, really in anger, really feeling exhausted now. My day just ruined off, like nobody business. I feel like screwing people around, scolding anyone that just passed by me, or anything that can make me feel better right now. But, it seems like I can't. I'm not the type of person that can talk vulgar words. What I am doing now is writing it out, to make myself feel better. I'm really really really sad, that I can't do anything now. Why are you treating me like this? Today is supposed to be a good good day, but it turns out to be superb unlucky! Every single thing that happened to me is way too cruel! I don't know whether I can cope with all these stuffs a not. Right now, I just pray hard for a better day. Please, I hope for nothing, but this. Please.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Yo yo yo! Give me some sparks to revive my blog! It had been so dead for weeks, and I'm craving to update my blog so so so badly!

Seriously I had been so busy these days. Typical students = typical uni life = typical assignments pek-cek-ness! So I'm not gonna brag my busyness here. Heee! :)

So what I did in this few weeks time eh? Gonna blog about a few interesting stuffs that I did recently.

Performing Arts practice
We have to dance in our MOST seducing way, to seduce the main actor, The Odysseus. So right now, we are trying really hard to train our sexiness  To be truth, the dance is pretty hard for me, because I'm not really flexible to shake my bom bom etc. But so far I have improvements, and hopefully I can perform my best that day. Please, let me score well in my finals! :)

Preparing for our final SHOWCASE in mid-December!
The showcase is about The Odysseus,
and our roles are as Circe & Calypso dancers.

With Wei Hua the pole dancer, Elaine the hilarious woman in my life and Jessie the one-eye woman!

My fav pose! :)

Media Writing Presentation on Syria War
We have to come out with a formal presentation on Syria War for our final media writing assignment. We had come out with an idea to present the presentation in a unique way, which is like a live telecast news report + some live scenes from Syria war. It was really fun and awesome experience working with this team! :)

The BBC BMC News group! :)
Try to spot my lecturer! *she is so young, like a student!* =P
And our group managed to score the highest mark among all. 
18/20 ! *HAPPY MAX*

A Day of Wonders
The Mystic Minds successfully organized a NLP workshop under LEAD Leadership Program for the students in Taylor's. It's a full house event baby! Am so proud to be part of the Mystic Minds team! :)

The Mystic Mind team! 
And this marks the end of the LEAD Leadership Program!
Gonna attend the certificate prizing ceremony this Friday. Can't wait! :)

Adobe Flash Assignment
I was given an assignment on Adobe Flash for my last Innovative Media subject. Seriously, Adobe Flash is like so darn hard to make it. Now I know those animations like Finding the Nemo and Shrek are so hard to do it. Never try never know rite? I spent so many sleepless night to complete my Flash assignment, even overnight at Louis's house. LOL!

Elaine and I cooked this for dinner in Louis's house.
All POTATOES! So healthy rite? =P

The only photo for my Flash assignment!
Am so proud to complete this assignment on time although it might not be as good as others. At least this is my hard work after so long! Can't wait to get my marks revealed! :)

Relax session with my uni buddies @ Loudspeaker!
I had an awesome karaoke session last night with my uni buddies @ Loudspeaker! It was my first time to sing in Loudspeaker, and I shall declared Loudspeaker is the best place to sing k now! Free flow + Dinner + Sing K for only RM 29 nett! And all the songs are so latest! Thumbs up! :)

With Louis, Justin, Alex and Jessie!
Indeed an awesome night! Relax and sang our lungs out! :)
Am glad to have them in my life. 

I'm having my study break now, finals in 2 weeks time. My last paper is in January weyy!! So sad! Others finish before Christmas, but my business subject will be in January. Teruk betul! :(  Supposingly have no classes during study week, but I have to go for Performing Arts practice every single day. Hardcore practice to make it perfect! Hopefully I can tahan all the pain, because right now my legs are coloured with dark bruises. Pray hard for the best! :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The brand new To-Do-List!

 Nawwwwh! My another to-do-list dah reborn! =P

1. Media Writing Assignment - Syria case study 
Due date : First week of December

2. Innovative Media Assignment - Create a flash animation
Due date : First week of December

3. Personal Development - e-Portfolio presentation
Due date : First week of December

4. Japanese - sketch/dialogues presentation in Japanese
Due date : Mid of December

5. Principles of Marketing - Marketing Plan & Nissan Case Study Presentation
Due date : End of November & First week of December

6. Performing Arts - Final showcase on The Odyssey
Due Date : Unknown *Practice every week!*

7. Final examinations!
Due date : Mid of December

Friday, November 23, 2012


Lo lo lo!!! Just some recent updates on my uni life. My first year of degree life will be ending soon, and I can't wait for my LONG break! Freaking 3 MONTHS BREAK! Woo-hoooooo!

Anyway, I just received my finals timetable 2 days ago. My finals would be in around mid of December, right before Christmas. I'm taking 6 SUBJECTS this semester, but fortunately only 3 subjects have written exam. The other 3 subjects are all based on assignments, coursework and live performance. Kinda freaked out for my Performing Arts subject. Am not really good in performing. Y I GOT NO TALENT?! :(

Had my blood test today, again. Another 3 bottles of blood gone! :(  I guess I'm getting used to NEEDLES eh? FEELING-LESS eh? I guess its a good thing then. LOL! I can see some improvements now, and I pray hard for more. 

Everything will be fine, I believe.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

William ♥ Sue Ann !

Was supposed to update my blog last week, but due to my heavy work load and assignments pilling up, I have no choice to neglect my dearest bloggie.

Anyway, I'm back to my blogosphere and time to update about my cousin's wedding which was on TEN ELEVEN & TWELVE! *10/11/12*  Sue Ann isn't my closest cousin after all, due to a huge age gap, but somehow, we both chit-chat quite a lot when we meet up for family gatherings. I always jealous of her having such an awesome bf/husband. Quite handsome looking, and mature! Now I wish my future bf or husband has one of this criteria! Haha! =P



'Ji mui' setting up the props!

iPad to connect the live session so that Sue Ann can see how the 'ji mui' played the groom and brothers!
So technology advanced arrr! =P

Lovely ukulele, in reddish pink!

Lovely bride! :)

Feel so happy for Sue Ann! :)

With the bride! :)

Meet my little baby cousins!

And this 'emo' boy to open the car door!

All the 'ji mui' getting ready!

Brothers waiting outside to face 'challenges'! =P

All the brothers are wearing.... UNDERWEARS! =P

What are they going to do eh? 

Those underwears are special!
With words and symbols behind! *spot the love* =P

They had to perform Oppa Gangnam Style!

William was so daring! He even did this funny part! =P

After Oppa Gangnam Style, all the brothers are blindfolded and William have to ask them to move to designated place until they form the words : Will  Sue Ann

After that, they have to dance Oppa Gangnam Style again, but this time blindfolded!
All of us laughed so hard! Indeed, they did a great job! :)

The happy bride and groom!

Sue Zhen, Sue Ann's sister! :)
Pretty rite? 

After that, we all proceed to Ecoba @ Damansara Perdana. They had a simple vow exchange ceremony there since William is not a Christian. Anyway, I love the environment there. Garden-theme wedding! =]

My OOTM! :)

The wedding cake! Superb cute right?
Most important is, the whole cake can be eaten! =P

Spot the 'curtain'!
Its made of origami swan! :)

My dad and the baby, who loves to eat! Superb adorable! :)

Porshe something! Not familiar with cars, but this car is darn chun! So sport-ish! =P

Origami swan curtain! :)

It was our first time being receptionist of a wedding. Kinda excited because it makes me feel like I'm really in a wedding, like in part of the wedding! 
*Note the purple board on the wall, it was sticked with wishes from the guests who attended the ceremony. And those wishes will be collected after that to be made into a blanket!*
So creative and memorable way of making your wedding day one of the kind! :)

Ceremony started with 'VIP' walking in.
So we stood outside and hold the curtain while they walked in :)

Spot the puppy, Fudgy!
He is one of the VIP of the day! :)

Sue Zhen walking in, playing ukulele and sing a wedding song!
So lovely of her!

'Ji mui' walking in.

And lastly, Uncle Sun Yau and Sue Ann!

Spot the happiness shown by the bride! :)

Seriously, I love her wedding dress!
Looks like cheongsam-feeling! :)

With Sweet Yee and Yee Kiat! My closest cousins! :)

The receptionists of the morning! :)

And, they even rent a Say-Cheese photoshoot booth there! So there everyone can take photos there, with catchy stuffs like huge ribbons, funny sheds and frames! Then, we can check out the photos from their site two weeks after the event. =]

Randomly taken with phone :)

These are photos taken from the Say-Cheese website! :)
Theme : Old School! 

Spot me! =P

My dad with fake hair! Haha! =P

Hehe! That random guy on the left! =P

Awww! :)

At night, the wedding dinner was held at The Grand Imperial @ Bangsar Shopping Mall. Sweet Yee, my sister and I went there earlier because we were the receptionists of the night. It was quite messy in the end because the name lists weren't in order, and the guests came in so fast. We had no time to take the attendance and at the same time, to collect the angpows. It was my first time keeping two big bags of angpows in my life! LOL! =P

Swan in the middle! 

Wedding cake!

The bride and groom! :)
The bride is in her pink cheongsam, passed down from generation to generation! So cool right? 


The receptionists! :)

Blurr photo taken before the dinner started.

The usual stuffs couples normally will do - DRINK!


The cousins! :)

With William and Sue Ann! :)

Last photo with Sue Zhen!
Next time I shall hunt for a purple dress like this! Love purple! :)

This wedding was the best one that I attended so far!
Had so much fun that day! :)