Sunday, December 9, 2012


Yo yo yo! Give me some sparks to revive my blog! It had been so dead for weeks, and I'm craving to update my blog so so so badly!

Seriously I had been so busy these days. Typical students = typical uni life = typical assignments pek-cek-ness! So I'm not gonna brag my busyness here. Heee! :)

So what I did in this few weeks time eh? Gonna blog about a few interesting stuffs that I did recently.

Performing Arts practice
We have to dance in our MOST seducing way, to seduce the main actor, The Odysseus. So right now, we are trying really hard to train our sexiness  To be truth, the dance is pretty hard for me, because I'm not really flexible to shake my bom bom etc. But so far I have improvements, and hopefully I can perform my best that day. Please, let me score well in my finals! :)

Preparing for our final SHOWCASE in mid-December!
The showcase is about The Odysseus,
and our roles are as Circe & Calypso dancers.

With Wei Hua the pole dancer, Elaine the hilarious woman in my life and Jessie the one-eye woman!

My fav pose! :)

Media Writing Presentation on Syria War
We have to come out with a formal presentation on Syria War for our final media writing assignment. We had come out with an idea to present the presentation in a unique way, which is like a live telecast news report + some live scenes from Syria war. It was really fun and awesome experience working with this team! :)

The BBC BMC News group! :)
Try to spot my lecturer! *she is so young, like a student!* =P
And our group managed to score the highest mark among all. 
18/20 ! *HAPPY MAX*

A Day of Wonders
The Mystic Minds successfully organized a NLP workshop under LEAD Leadership Program for the students in Taylor's. It's a full house event baby! Am so proud to be part of the Mystic Minds team! :)

The Mystic Mind team! 
And this marks the end of the LEAD Leadership Program!
Gonna attend the certificate prizing ceremony this Friday. Can't wait! :)

Adobe Flash Assignment
I was given an assignment on Adobe Flash for my last Innovative Media subject. Seriously, Adobe Flash is like so darn hard to make it. Now I know those animations like Finding the Nemo and Shrek are so hard to do it. Never try never know rite? I spent so many sleepless night to complete my Flash assignment, even overnight at Louis's house. LOL!

Elaine and I cooked this for dinner in Louis's house.
All POTATOES! So healthy rite? =P

The only photo for my Flash assignment!
Am so proud to complete this assignment on time although it might not be as good as others. At least this is my hard work after so long! Can't wait to get my marks revealed! :)

Relax session with my uni buddies @ Loudspeaker!
I had an awesome karaoke session last night with my uni buddies @ Loudspeaker! It was my first time to sing in Loudspeaker, and I shall declared Loudspeaker is the best place to sing k now! Free flow + Dinner + Sing K for only RM 29 nett! And all the songs are so latest! Thumbs up! :)

With Louis, Justin, Alex and Jessie!
Indeed an awesome night! Relax and sang our lungs out! :)
Am glad to have them in my life. 

I'm having my study break now, finals in 2 weeks time. My last paper is in January weyy!! So sad! Others finish before Christmas, but my business subject will be in January. Teruk betul! :(  Supposingly have no classes during study week, but I have to go for Performing Arts practice every single day. Hardcore practice to make it perfect! Hopefully I can tahan all the pain, because right now my legs are coloured with dark bruises. Pray hard for the best! :)