Monday, December 17, 2012

**** ***

Allow me to be superb emotional today.

The moment right now, I just feel like killing people, chopping people into pieces! This means that I'm really furious, really in anger, really feeling exhausted now. My day just ruined off, like nobody business. I feel like screwing people around, scolding anyone that just passed by me, or anything that can make me feel better right now. But, it seems like I can't. I'm not the type of person that can talk vulgar words. What I am doing now is writing it out, to make myself feel better. I'm really really really sad, that I can't do anything now. Why are you treating me like this? Today is supposed to be a good good day, but it turns out to be superb unlucky! Every single thing that happened to me is way too cruel! I don't know whether I can cope with all these stuffs a not. Right now, I just pray hard for a better day. Please, I hope for nothing, but this. Please.