Saturday, December 29, 2012

Meet up with BFFs!

I spent my last Friday night of the year with my BFFs yesterday, and we had a truly great time together. Since all my BFFs were having holidays yesterday, we decided to meet up to have some catch up session together. It has been a long time since we last gossip and share our secrets among ourselves. Owh yeah, thank you my darling LingSze for being our driver of the night! She drove us around with her little Volkswagen Beetle! Superb cute, small and warm! :)

We had our dinner at Little Break Cafe, which is located around Kepong Baru area. The environment of the cafe is pretty good, warm lightning, and the most important thing is, the food is delicious and filing! 

Watermelon juice & Orange juice
RM 5.90 each.

Cheesy baked chicken - RM 12.90
Thumbs up for cheese lover, because it's superb cheesy! :)

Grilled chicken with black pepper sauce - RM 11.90

Grilled chicken with mushroom sauce - RM 11.90

Grilled chicken with Itallian sauce - RM 11.90

Overall, the food is pretty good, fair portion and reasonable price. Definitely, a place to re-visit in future! :)  Check out the photos we took there!

Meet my BFF, Carmen! :)

My BFF, LingSze! :)

My BFF on the right, Eelyn! :)

Trying to camwhore, but ended burst out laughing! =P

Our first polaroid together! :)

Say hello to my polaroid! Pinkilicious! =]

Glad to have them in my life! :)

After dinner, we went to DPC, our usual hang-out spot. The usual place for us to chit-chat, share our secrets, and take photos! The first thing we saw when we reached there was, couples! Couples are everywhere weyyy! I guess DPC is the hot spot for dating eh? 

Night view in DPC! :)

Tapao 'xiu gai yek' there!
It was my first time eating this type of fried chicken wings actually. LOL!
Sort of embarrassing right?  >.<
And oops! Whose hand is that? Naughty betul! =P

I guess Lyn was amazed by how I ate the chicken wing eh? =P

What a nice place to chill!
With pretty girls, beautiful night view, romantic atmosphere. What else I can ask for? :)

My best and the best BFFs! 

A photo together after so long! 
From left : Carmen, yours truly, Lyn, Pearly and LingSze.

And guess what? 
Since we got nothing else to chat, we talked about muscles.
In the end, we were comparing each other muscles. Haha!
Carmen has the 'BEST' muscles among all! =P

I am so glad to spend my night with them. Even though it wasn't long enough, due to curfew, but still, we managed to catch up with each other, laughing and gossiping around. Catch up session with them is definitely most valuable one, and am looking forward for the future ones! :)

Last photo to end my post.
The jumping shot! :)
Lyn was a bit, slow? 
When we all jump, she stays. When we stays, she jump. LOL!


  1. I miss my old Polaroid camera. The demand for them is almost nothing in the age of digital cameras.

    1. yeahh, last time polaroid was not really famous, but now it's back in action again! glad to have a polaroid camera with me now :)

  2. You bought new polaroid camera ehh? :D Now I feel like eating siu gai yek too HAHA

    1. haha! yeah, secretly bought it! =P hehe, siu gai yek very yummy weyy! love it so much! :D

  3. Looks like a fun outing! BTW I gonna check that place out soon hehe

    1. yesh, it is! u should check this place out, no no, u must! bring ur bf there too! :D

  4. Yummy food! I'm sure you had a great time! I miss December holidays and Christmas!! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013! : )

    1. hehe! i really had a great time that day. Happy 2013 to u too! :D