Monday, February 28, 2011


What happened to my leg eh?


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Music is so 'enchanted' !

Maria Aragon - Born This Way.

Taylor Swift - Speak Now.

Pink - Fucking Perfect.

Taylor Swift - Back to December.

Kesha - We are who we are.

Pink - Raise Your Glass.

Don't you wanna stay - Jason Aldean feat Kelly Clarkson.

And lots moreee...
Was so addicted to music these days. LOL.
And seriously, I feel 'better' when I listen to all these music.
Some 'soothing' effect eh? =)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Being 17?

Being 17?
* its 17++ *  =P
I wondered huh?

Was busy with my homeworks these few days.
Presentation still in progress. Maybe next week is my turn to present  =(
Hopefully don't panic that day.

Owh yea, I am searching for PRESENTATION outfit.
Alrdy bought a black skirt from AMOUR.
Now searching for, maybe high heels in black? Hmm.  =)

Next week gonna be a hectic week for me.
Biology replacement class for the whole week, including Saturday!
*from 9am to 12pm, then from 2pm to 5pm!*  =(
Somemore I got SU and MCS activities.
Hmm, hopefully I can cope with it.

Changed my new nail colour!
Bought PINKY nail polish from Elianto on Wednesday.


Some special effect eh?

Boom! =)

An outing with my sweet hearts tomorrow!
*Lyn, LingSze and Carmen!*
Miss them  =D

17 monthsss...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Start of something new?

Glitter Pink! Loveee! on Twitpic
New nail polish!
So-called Glitter Pink? Hmm.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NOT random! =P

Ciaoz to college!
Pray for Practical today! =D

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid Rocks!

Recently, I took part in one of the Nuff Nang contest. And the contest is about Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid. I wrote a comment for it and I was elected as one of the winner of the contest! =)  So I won a Tune Talk simcard with RM 100 preloaded in it.

Tune Talk simcard
RM 100 preloaded. 

When I got my new simcard, I was lazy to change my current number to the new one. It was troublesome. So i decided to put the Tune Talk simcard to my another old phone. However, I still using my current number to make calls and text my friends. But soon, I found out its too expensive. =(  *This proves that I am TALKATIVE* LOL. 

SMS to same telco was okay.
But to other telco, uh-huh...
its way too EXPENSIVE. =(


Hmm, where to get cheap calls and sms huh?

Tune Talk is here for RESCUE ! =P

Once i activated my simcard, I got my new number, which is 010-XXXXXX *private* =P  After I started using this new number, I realized that Tune Talk, is actually a very good service compared to other Telco services in Malaysia. I can call ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, in a very CHEAP cost, although I send messages to different telco other than Tune Talk. 
For my very first minute, it only cost 16 cents! While SMS to ANY telco is only 5 cents! Even if I connect my handphone to internet, its just 5 cents for 1024 KB. Compared to other telco, its like double the cost of Tune Talk! 


Comparing Tune Talk to other Telco.

This is what we called CHEAP! =P

Besides cheap, I can still get a lot of BENEFITS! =)  I can change my Tune Talk number anytime I want. If I get bored with my number one day, I can still change my number anytime, anywhere. Then I don't have to worry people stalking my handphone number. =P  The most important point is, I can still earn a FREE RM 100 000 Personal Accidental Insurance Coverage underwritten by Etiqa! I don't have to worry about my safety since I got Insurance coverage. So good right? =)

Thumbs up for Tune Talk  =)

Plus, I can earn Tune Talk points for Air Asia Flights for every top up! For example, if i top up RM 10, I will get 20 points. If I top up RM 30, i will get 70 points! And all the points will accumulated until I got enough points to redeem free air tickets. POINTS NEVER EXPIRED! Cool right? =D  

Free Air Asia Flights with Tune Talk! =)

Sounds good right? Still got what benefits eh? I can get SUPER LOW flat rates NATIONWIDE to any number, anytime! =)  I can call my relatives or friends in overseas with super low rates. I don't have to worry that I will get bankrupt because of lacking money to top up =P

SUPER LOW rates! =P

So far, I really like Tune Talk because I got more benefits and less problems. Even if I top up for RM 50, it won't get expired so fast compared to my previous telco. And I can get my top up anywhere. It is available in the most common one 7-11, Speedmart, Banks, Hypermarkets and so on. 

So, why not we choose Tune Talk? =)

Tune Talk rocks the world!  =)

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Woke up kinda early this morning.
Had breakfast in Kanna Curry house.
After that, I drove to DPC to have my EXTENDED 'driving lesson' =)
And my beloved instructor is my dad. LOL.

Tried to learn parking. My parking skill is BAD to the max! =(
I tried to park my car in the right parking lot.
But, it was not in the right place. I tried so many times. 
Decided not to learn parking first.
Drove to Starplus to drop my sister there. Then drove to home too.
So happy when my dad said my driving skills improved a lot. =)

Went to Jusco this evening.
Bought my mom's birthday present. Her birthday is on next Tuesday.
I can't celebrate with her. =(  Will be in my uncle's house that time.
Daddy bought a new arrival, white gold necklace from MY DIAMOND.

White gold necklace.  =)

closer look. 

My sister and I bought a perfume from The Body Shop for my mom.
Hope she likes it.

Sakura scented =)

Don't you wanna stay?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Bloggers Gathering @ Cmen's house.

Hey world! =)
Finally, i got some free time to blog about this bloggers gathering.
I was excited and happy, as this is my first time to attend bloggers gathering.
It was really fun. =D
Cmen's house was really awesome! Kinda huge and got a lot of nice decorations too.

photo courtesy : tikkos
Cmen's house huge garden.

Feeling a lil awkward actually.
Since I didn't meet any bloggers before. Hmm.
But after that, everyone was so friendly. All of us just busy chit-chatting.
Met most of the bloggers there.
Tikkos, Jayren, Tony, Sherry, Melissa, Vincent, Li Chuen,
Henry, Dusty, Amelia, Hilda, Kenneth, Kian Fai, Joey and Jfook.

We had dinner there.
Pizza, Roasted Chicken, Hotdog with cheese, Coconut jelly, and cakes too.
Played cards after that. UNO and Poker. =)
Hilda was so 'ONG' that night. Won a lot of money.

Some of the pics here. Enjoy. 

Cmen and I  =)

Dusty, Vincent, Tikkos, Jayren and Henry. =)

Amelia and Cmen on the side =)

Chuen and I

Sherry, Melissa and I.
Sherry's voice is so cuteee! =)

Jayren and I.
The driver of the day!
Thanks to Jayren yea! =D

Hilda and Kenneth, her bf  =)
The perfect ones! 

Kian Fai and Henry. =)

UNO gang! =)

 Poker gang. =)

See tikkos reaction!
*must be losing money to Hilda!*  =P

Before that, I was mis-recognized tikkos as dusty.
Anyway, I had fun that night.
Nice meeting with the bloggers. =)
Thanks to Cmen, for having gathering at her house.

Busy life.



Just hand in 3 post for my e-forum thingy.
*Assignments for Moral and Malaysian Studies*

I am really worried that I can't cope with my work.
I am worried for my presentation.
And I don't really know how to do my Chemistry.

Seriously, need to get some sleep now.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My first lab practical!

Hey world!
I feel good today. Hmm. =)

Last night was my first ever bloggers outing @ Cmen's house.
It was awkward at first. *first time meeting each other very pai seh eh?*
But after that, all of use like having so much fun together.
Another memorable day for me. =)
Will update about it soon.

Well today, I had my first ever lab practical in my college life.
And this time is a lil different.
I need to put my lab coat on.
I need to handle the whole experiment on my own.
Heee! *excited!*  =D

The first experiment was just a simple and easy one.
Had to do some cuttings on magazines.
Put it on a slide and observe it.
The tricky part was the air bubble was 'sticking' with my slide.
Used quite a long time to remove the air bubbles.

Me, in lab coat.
Pro right? xD

some of the apparatus.

the microscope, with prepared slide on it.

Focus on the slide. =)

Lab report.
*ignore my writing*  =P

I enjoyed my first lab practical.
Hope to do more practical in future! =D

You, make me smile.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Woke up early this morning.
Had breakfast with Sweet Yee and Tai Yun first.
After breakfast, we walked to Damansara Uptown to shop.
It was a long distance, and  my legs were so tiring.
Went to a lot of boutique nearby there. Love Amour the most.
The clothes are really cheap. But the quality not that good.
Anyway, bought a skirt from there. Kinda formal looking.

Another assignment to go.
Power-point Presentation this time.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Be my Valentine?

Its Valentine Day world!
I guess everyone *mostly couples* enjoying the day huh? 
Hmmm.  =)

My Valentine Day is just like any other normal day. LOL. Woke up late this morning, and I had to grab instant noodles and rushed to college. Day wasn't that bad. Managed to hand in my first ever assignment today. Yipee! =)  Class ended at 4pm, but it was raining so heavily. So i stayed back in college and did some of my homework because i got no umbrella to get back home. LOL. =(

Had dinner with my aunt and cousin. Roasted chicken with mushrooms and mash potato! =D  It was really finger licking good! Yums! =)  After dinner, I did my homework again. And now i ended up online, updating my bloggie. Too tired to touch my homework. 

And finally I received an email from Nuff Nang regarding to my Tune Talk review. So happy! Will blog about it soon! Planning to go for celebrations with other bloggers after I got my rewards! =D  

Going Uptown with cousin tomorrow! =D
*Hunting for presentation clothes*

Sunday, February 13, 2011

GLEE rocks!

GLEE cast!

GLEE - Marry You.

GLEE - Don't go breaking my heart.

I am so addicted to GLEE songs now!
Officially, a GLEEK!  =P

Friday, February 11, 2011


Its Friday night peeps! 
But this Friday night is not for me to relax,
its for me to finish up my hw. LOL. 

Profile picture? Hmm.

Last night was Hokkien's CNY.
Firecrackers all over the night.
As usual, Ling Sze invited me to her house for CNY celebration again.
Jia Xin came to fetch me and my cousin in my uncle's house.
Then we had dinner in Old Town.
Went back to her house after that.
Played Wii games and also card games too.
Had fun, i guess? =(
something happened...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

CNY is loveee!

Bibu Bibu! =)
College starting tomorrow.
But CNY is not over yet.  =P

How's CNY so far?

Day 1.
Had reunion dinner at night in Selayang Palace. Food was not bad. Had fun spending time with family. I miss all my uncle, aunt, and cousins too. I can only meet them like, thrice in a year? =(  Had my nail polish done on that too!

my family.

my family. <3

my maid and I.

my sister =)

dad and I with cousins.

cousins and brother =)

Take 1.

With cross process effect.

Day 2.
As usual, home-visiting is a must on the first day. Went to my uncle's house in Segambut. Got a lot of angpows that day. Met my baby cousins there too. They were so cute, wearing those new princess outfits. =) Had lunch there too.

Outfit of the day.

In the car.

My gold ring.
Bought this in Curve. =)

Crystal!  =)

Day 3.
Went The Curve with family. Got to watch two movies that day. One is Homecoming and another one is Shaolin. Had dinner in Dragon-i too. The Siew Long Pau is delicious! =D

Day 4.
Had home-visiting again. Went to my uncle's house in DPC. Had fun 'playing' with my cousins. My luck wasn't there. *kept losing*  =(

Outfit of the day.

Day 5.
Went to Klang to visit my relatives. Had lunch there too. Ate a lot of food that day. Cookies, crackers, home-made pau and so on. Definitely grew a lot of fats now. =(  

Outfit of the day.


Might not be going back home this weekend.
Will be staying at uncle's house i guess.
Got a lot of assignment to do.
Need a lot of 'brain juice' =P

sigh. =(