Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My first lab practical!

Hey world!
I feel good today. Hmm. =)

Last night was my first ever bloggers outing @ Cmen's house.
It was awkward at first. *first time meeting each other very pai seh eh?*
But after that, all of use like having so much fun together.
Another memorable day for me. =)
Will update about it soon.

Well today, I had my first ever lab practical in my college life.
And this time is a lil different.
I need to put my lab coat on.
I need to handle the whole experiment on my own.
Heee! *excited!*  =D

The first experiment was just a simple and easy one.
Had to do some cuttings on magazines.
Put it on a slide and observe it.
The tricky part was the air bubble was 'sticking' with my slide.
Used quite a long time to remove the air bubbles.

Me, in lab coat.
Pro right? xD

some of the apparatus.

the microscope, with prepared slide on it.

Focus on the slide. =)

Lab report.
*ignore my writing*  =P

I enjoyed my first lab practical.
Hope to do more practical in future! =D

You, make me smile.