Saturday, February 26, 2011

Being 17?

Being 17?
* its 17++ *  =P
I wondered huh?

Was busy with my homeworks these few days.
Presentation still in progress. Maybe next week is my turn to present  =(
Hopefully don't panic that day.

Owh yea, I am searching for PRESENTATION outfit.
Alrdy bought a black skirt from AMOUR.
Now searching for, maybe high heels in black? Hmm.  =)

Next week gonna be a hectic week for me.
Biology replacement class for the whole week, including Saturday!
*from 9am to 12pm, then from 2pm to 5pm!*  =(
Somemore I got SU and MCS activities.
Hmm, hopefully I can cope with it.

Changed my new nail colour!
Bought PINKY nail polish from Elianto on Wednesday.


Some special effect eh?

Boom! =)

An outing with my sweet hearts tomorrow!
*Lyn, LingSze and Carmen!*
Miss them  =D

17 monthsss...


  1. All the best. =D Sweet 17 wakakaka

  2. Wow, you're into nail polish ah nowadays? :D It's sweet and nice.

  3. @jfook haha! thanks! =D

    @hilda hmm, kinda i guess? =P thanks! =D

  4. I miss being 17. =( And why do you need a new outfit for a presentation?? Hahah. Girls always make up all sorts of excused to get a cute outfit. Anyway, good luck! And ENJOY BEING 17.

    You start feeling old once you're 18. Trust me.

  5. You must be confident in your presentation ok... stay youthful always :)

  6. All the best in ur presentation and sweet 17!!!

  7. @RS haha! coz i don't have any formal outfit for presentation =( haha! time to shop! =D

    @your humble servant thanks! i will! =)

    @Camy hihi! thanks babe!