Saturday, February 19, 2011


Woke up kinda early this morning.
Had breakfast in Kanna Curry house.
After that, I drove to DPC to have my EXTENDED 'driving lesson' =)
And my beloved instructor is my dad. LOL.

Tried to learn parking. My parking skill is BAD to the max! =(
I tried to park my car in the right parking lot.
But, it was not in the right place. I tried so many times. 
Decided not to learn parking first.
Drove to Starplus to drop my sister there. Then drove to home too.
So happy when my dad said my driving skills improved a lot. =)

Went to Jusco this evening.
Bought my mom's birthday present. Her birthday is on next Tuesday.
I can't celebrate with her. =(  Will be in my uncle's house that time.
Daddy bought a new arrival, white gold necklace from MY DIAMOND.

White gold necklace.  =)

closer look. 

My sister and I bought a perfume from The Body Shop for my mom.
Hope she likes it.

Sakura scented =)

Don't you wanna stay?


  1. Same, i like the necklace, was it expensive?

  2. Aww, yr dad is so sweet! Happy birthday in advance to yr mum!

  3. @jfook thanks! =)

    @issac hmm, QUITE expensive la. =(

    @hilda haha! my dad always sweet one! =P thanks anyway! =)

  4. so nice.. anyway, happy birthday to your Mom in advance!

  5. it's ok if expensive, important thing is everyone's happy!!! Hehehehe

  6. @qiwen thanks! =)

    @isaac haha! yea yea =)