Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sushi making session!

Hola aloha boom! I had my sushi making session with my friends in my Japanese class yesterday! 

Our lecturer, Miss Wei, is so awesome that she organised a sushi making competition to make the class ALIVE! Normally Japanese class involves lots of theories and memorization rite? But this Japanese class is so interactive. And I'm slowly falling in love with Japanese language.

Initially, it was really hard to learn a new foreign language, with all those writings and pronunciations, I think you guys can imagine how hard is it rite? It's like, back to kindergarten again, where I have to start learning it step by step, writing each word in proper way, pronounce the word accurately, and the slang. And BOWING! We even learnt how to bow correctly in class too. How low you can bow represent how well-manner are you! So take note people! :)

We had our Japanese test first, then we learnt our theories part, before we started our sushi-making session. The class were divided into 4 groups, each group with 6 members. Each group prepare their own ingredients  and sushi-making utensils. Well, my group consists of Peh Wen, Quinie, Su Su, Jessica and Wen Yi. And all of us are sucks in cooking. We hardly enter kitchen punya! LOL! =P

Preparation in progress!

Gloves on to start rolling! :)

The rice superb sticky! Too much water! :(

Rolling in the deep cucumber, crab meat and 'top quality' mayonnaise! =P

This time with Tuna and cucumber! 

And the final product! *looks pretty ugly rite?* 
We named it The Chinese Style Sushi! LOL! =P
Because we stacked all the sushi up like a pyramid.

WOAH our reactions!!! =)

Sushi prepared by another group.
I can see salmon!!! :)

Another group punya.
Hot-dog is their main ingredient! :)

This one is so colourful rite? 

My fav! Because of the smiley decoration! :)

Variety of sushi! :)

All the sushi are arranged nicely on the table to be panelled by Ms Wei.

Obviously, we got the lowest mark among all groups. LOL! The rice was tasteless according to Ms Wei. =( We are officially the lousiest chefs! =P Someone please teach me how to cook!
The excuse we found to cover up our poor cooking skills : Communication students don't know how to cook one, they only know how to talk. SMART EXCUSE rite? =P

Anyway, we did enjoy our sushi making session so much. Everyone did a great job including Ms Wei. She even prepared sushi and korean tea for us too! :)

The best sushi goes to Ms Wei's one of course!
Superb yummy delicious!!!!! :)

Party after sushi making session!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make sushi in class! 
Domo Arigatougozaimasu! :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Can you resist the temptations?

My friends and I had our lunch at D'Fortune last week after we finished our video shootings. Stay tuned for the next video! Should be out soon! :)

D'Fortune Western Cuisine & Cafe

When you heard of D'Fortune, what comes to your mind eh? 

When you go to D'Fortune, you definitely will have this fortune cookie for free! 

Spot the hidden message inside the fortune cookie!

Some random message.

Carrot milk juice

Honey lemon tea

Soft & creamy mash potato

Grilled chicken chop with chips

Crunchy fish and chips

Cabonara spaghetti

Spot the creaminess of cabonara!!! :)

Food : 4/5 
Price : 3.5/5  (Slightly costly, yet worth it)

Location :

Bandar Manjalara, 
Kepong27 & 29 Jalan 3/62a, 
Taman Manjalara, 
52200 Kuala Lumpur 

Contact number :


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Buh-bye Sam!

Bye bye Ah Sam!!!

Purposely woke up at 3am yesterday to send her and my parents off.
My maid is going back to Cambodia after 2 years working in Malaysia, while my parents are going to China for vacation. Syiook rite? I wish I can go for vacation too. Need a break! :(

Owh yeah, my bro, Sweet Yee and I went around KL yesterday after I ended my class to shop + searching for iPod Touch 5. My bro wanted to get a iPod Touch after the 5th generation was released few days ago. Most of the outlets are out of stock, so we decided to go around KL to try our luck. Plus, I wanted to go H&M too! Heeeee! =P  

Anyway, SweetYee managed to buy a vintage bag from Sg Wang, but I end up with nothing. LOL! Maybe I'm sick, thats why I'm not really in the mood to shop. I promised myself that I'll go back soon and get the dress that I spot in Sg Wang! Haha! =P

In the end, we couldn't find anything in Times Square, Mid Valley, KLCC, Lot 10 and LowYat. So we went to One Utama to have our dinner at Auntie Anne's. Mana tahu One Utama Mac Store has stocks for iPod Touch 5! My bro was so happy and quickly bought it!

iPod Touch 5! 
Looks like iPhone rite? the design has changed, where the iPod Touch had become longer. LOL! the features are awesome, just like the features found in New iPad and iPhone 5. Too bad it can't make any calls. 

P.S  I like the new ear-pod! so unique! =]

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Meet my maid, Sam!

Meet my maid from Cambodia, Sam!
Her original name is Sambath Dano, but we called her Sam because Sambath sounds like '38' in chinese. LOL!

She looks even younger than us right?
Now I feel old! LOL! =P

She never been to any big shopping complex in her life, so we decided to bring her to 1 Utama, since she will be going back to Cambodia next week.

This is her first time drinking Chatime!
We treat her a cup of Chatime with PEARLS in it. She didn't know about the PEARLS because she never seen PEARLS before. And she just drank it directly without chewing. Luckily she didn't choke badly.

Actually, she really did her job as a maid well. She is just the age of 17, but she has to come so far, all the way from Cambodia and work in a foreign country. Such a young age, and she has to cope with housework. Pity her isn't it? That's why I always chat with her so she won't feel lonely. We even teach her how to read and write in English too. Now she can speak and write simple English, and even understand simple Malay and Chinese language. 

Well, I guess I will really miss her when she returns to Cambodia next week. She told us that she wanted to continue her studies using her money earned here. But recently, she told us she will come back in another 3 months time. She wanted to stay here and work with us. Feel so touched when we heard this. That means we have feelings among each other. But at the same time we wanted her to continue her studies. Education is much more important, and we do not want her to live her life as a maid. How how how? :(

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Aku Nak Buat Complaint!

Recently, I've no idea why my Internet speed is so slow! LIKE SOOOOOOOOOOOOO SLOW! You can't imagine the slowness I experienced because almost all the webpages I accessed showed this :

Arh, the feeling was so PEK-CEK weyy!
Why larh like this? I subscribed to Unifi, but the results given is this??

And my brother tried to complain to the TM fellas, but they kept on telling us, its not their problem, its under bla bla bla department to handle this, I will forward your problem to bla bla bla department! Aduiiiii! Now I can memorize what those TM fellas gonna tell me whenever I file a complaint! Eeek! :(

Thinking to switch to Maxis because of this dumb dumb slow Internet speed from Unifi, but my 2 years contract with them haven't end yet. Can't wait to turn the time faster so I can switch to Maxis! Tak boleh tahan! :(

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I need to change my luck!

Like I said previously, October is way too cruel to me! :(  It's just the starting of October, but everything seems like, not SMOOTH! Arhhh! *SCREAMMMMM!*  Really feel like, so UNLUCKY these days, like everything is just against me! Why like that? :(

I had my first Media Writing presentation today. And we were required to produce 2 ADVERTISEMENTS, using the same image, but one is to promote something, while the other is a public service announcement (PSA) advertisement. We kind of having a hard time doing it because our group members were not co-operative enough. Not all contribute to this assignment though! SIGH! Not coming for discussions, no response from FB etc. Anyway, we managed to come up with 2 advertisements (after spending hours photoshop-ing the image and edit the fonts and stuffs)

And what happened was, I was late to class in the morning, and I was late for my presentation as well. I WAS STUCK IN THE FREAKING JAM FOR 2 HOURS! An accident happened in Kelana Jaya area this morning, and caused horrible jam from LDP toll all the way to Paradigm Mall. IT TOOK ONE HOUR FOR ME TO REACH ONE UTAMA FROM LDP TOLL! Crazy jam right? I drove like F1 RACER and ran from the parking lot to my class with high heels on! My legs hurt like mad! This is sucks rite? In the end, I managed to present my part but lecturer deducted my marks for being late. SIGH! So sad right? :(

Will be having my next performance on contemporary dance tomorrow, and I will make sure I won't be late anymore. Must leave my house early tomorrow!!! Tomorrow, be good to me, will you? 

The advertisements that we came out with! :)
Left : To promote GYM membership 
Right : To sponsor children