Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sushi making session!

Hola aloha boom! I had my sushi making session with my friends in my Japanese class yesterday! 

Our lecturer, Miss Wei, is so awesome that she organised a sushi making competition to make the class ALIVE! Normally Japanese class involves lots of theories and memorization rite? But this Japanese class is so interactive. And I'm slowly falling in love with Japanese language.

Initially, it was really hard to learn a new foreign language, with all those writings and pronunciations, I think you guys can imagine how hard is it rite? It's like, back to kindergarten again, where I have to start learning it step by step, writing each word in proper way, pronounce the word accurately, and the slang. And BOWING! We even learnt how to bow correctly in class too. How low you can bow represent how well-manner are you! So take note people! :)

We had our Japanese test first, then we learnt our theories part, before we started our sushi-making session. The class were divided into 4 groups, each group with 6 members. Each group prepare their own ingredients  and sushi-making utensils. Well, my group consists of Peh Wen, Quinie, Su Su, Jessica and Wen Yi. And all of us are sucks in cooking. We hardly enter kitchen punya! LOL! =P

Preparation in progress!

Gloves on to start rolling! :)

The rice superb sticky! Too much water! :(

Rolling in the deep cucumber, crab meat and 'top quality' mayonnaise! =P

This time with Tuna and cucumber! 

And the final product! *looks pretty ugly rite?* 
We named it The Chinese Style Sushi! LOL! =P
Because we stacked all the sushi up like a pyramid.

WOAH our reactions!!! =)

Sushi prepared by another group.
I can see salmon!!! :)

Another group punya.
Hot-dog is their main ingredient! :)

This one is so colourful rite? 

My fav! Because of the smiley decoration! :)

Variety of sushi! :)

All the sushi are arranged nicely on the table to be panelled by Ms Wei.

Obviously, we got the lowest mark among all groups. LOL! The rice was tasteless according to Ms Wei. =( We are officially the lousiest chefs! =P Someone please teach me how to cook!
The excuse we found to cover up our poor cooking skills : Communication students don't know how to cook one, they only know how to talk. SMART EXCUSE rite? =P

Anyway, we did enjoy our sushi making session so much. Everyone did a great job including Ms Wei. She even prepared sushi and korean tea for us too! :)

The best sushi goes to Ms Wei's one of course!
Superb yummy delicious!!!!! :)

Party after sushi making session!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make sushi in class! 
Domo Arigatougozaimasu! :)


  1. :D. Can i haz all the sushi? PweasE?

    1. hehe!! next time bloggers should have one bloggers sushi making session! =D

  2. Replies
    1. awww!! try to get some from hypermarkets if you don't have time to visit restaurants.

  3. Wahhhh so fun! :D Btw, I like the excuse you guys gave hehehe gambateh in learning japanese (:

    1. haha, thanks babe!! comm students are pro in giving lame excuses one =P

  4. yumyum sushi!! make one for me pls!

  5. OMG SO ZEALOUS! SHIT!!!!!! how come i didnt know bout this! Shouldve sat in the class.

    1. haha, come join Japanese class next time! =DD

  6. Wahhh your class is so fun, make me missing my student time. =X

    1. hehe, only Japanese class is so fun! :D

    2. How I wish I also have a class like that before. LOL ~

    3. awww! nvm nvm, u can make sushi at home also :)

  7. cool man! U shall make me sushi, I bancuh tea :P

    1. haha, not fair not fair, make sushi need more energy leh :P