Saturday, April 28, 2012

My House = War Zone?

Yes, my house is undergoing renovation process. I wondered why it takes so long eh? It's not like a really major renovation, like want to refurnish and renovate the whole house. It's just the car porch, living room, bedrooms and bathrooms, but right now, it already takes like, around one month ++ time, and still not finishing yet.

My sister and I have been sleeping in the maid's room, together with the maid of course during the whole renovation process. Now my room is totally like a WAR ZONE, with dust and metals everywhere. My bed is no where to be seen. Poor thing! :(  My parents are both tensed up too, because they have to clean the house everyday after the workers went home. Especially after the workers did the plaster ceiling in my living room. 

Luckily right now, the plaster ceiling are done, with new lights and fan fixed up. The car porch are done too, with new paint and tiles applied. Everything is almost to perfect. Glad that the workers did a good job, although they used a long time to finish it. What is left to be done are to fix new windows in my room and bro's room and touch up the car porch and roof. So hopefully, by next month, everything would be done, and I can get back my entertainment life. I really miss my TV, Astro especially. I already miss a few episodes of The Voice 2 & American Idol. Urgh!!  =(

Random shot of the plaster ceiling.

All the sofas are covered with bed sheets. =X

Lovin' my house outlook. Modern feeling :)

All the stuffs outside my house, so the messy!

I know I looks funny in this photo.
*Ignore my superb random smile*  =P

Friday, April 27, 2012

A visit to Zen Q!

Nom nom nom! Had a simple outing with my new course mate, Xiu Lyn at Sunway Pyramid two days ago. She is such a nice and caring friend, I'm glad to know her, and to be in the same tutorial group with her too.  :)

We ended our class earlier that day, so we decided to watch We Not Naughty. We always wanted to watch this movie, but we were busy with our work loads and classes. So luckily, we still managed to get a glimpse of this movie in the cinema. Eee-heee! By the way, the movie is pretty awesome! I really like Shawn Lee weyy, so freaking handsome!! =D  The storyline was really touching, and I almost cried during some scenes in the movie.

While we waiting for the movie show time, we decided to go makan makan again. We saw Zen Q, and immediately, I thought of the Zen Q reviews which wrote by lots of food bloggers previously. So I decided to try it out myself.

Zen Q Signature Grass Jelly :)
I'm not a fan of Taro balls, but Xiu Lyn loves it very much. For me, it tastes a little bit like glutinous rice balls, but still, I feel a lil weird when I'm chewing it. Nahhh! =P
Anyway, it tastes delicious, but I prefer Snowflakes one. 

Meet my course mate, Xiu Lyn.
She's pretty right? Love her smile! :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Bend It Like Beckham!

Hola hola! I was shocked to see my blogger dashboard when I signed in just now. It was updated to a new interface. LOL! Actually I was supposed to update my previous old dashboard to the new interface, but I was kinda used to the old interface, so I decided to stick with my old interface, until today. The first feeling when I saw the updated new interface, 'WHY CHANGE?' Not really used to the updated interface now, looks a bit weird though, but hopefully I will get used to it soon.

By the way, I had Intercultural Communication (ICC) lecture class today. And today, we don't have to go through all those boring lectures, but A MOVIE to watch! Awesomely fabulous! =D  Its a movie called, 'Bend It Like Beckham'.

Bend It Like Becham Movie Poster

The main actresses,
Parminder Nagra acts as Jesminder & Keira Knightley acts as Jules.
Both of them are good friends as well as football team mates.

Of course, there's a handsome Irish guy is in this movie too! :)
Jonathan Rys Meyers acts as Joe.
Joe is a football coach for the women's football team, and fell in love for an Indian girl, Jesminder.

Movie Synopsis : Jesminder (known as Jess) is a Sikh teenager living in Hounslow, who loves to play football. Her parents disapprove, wanting her to settle down, get a job as a lawyer and marry a nice Indian boy. Meeting up with another teenage girl, Jules, while having a kick around in the park, Jess discovers there is a local girl’s football team and also that there is a chance she could play professionally. She joins the team (lying to the coach, Joe, that she has told her parents) and becomes best friends with Jules; whilst the team get a chance to go to Hamburg to play. In Germany, Jess and Jules have a falling out over Joe, and Jess’ subterfuge is discovered by her parents and she is banned from playing. A crucial cup match is planned (where an American scout will be present) on the same day as Jess’ sister’s wedding. Will Jess and Jules make up? Can Jess get to the match and the wedding?

I never know a movie for education purpose can be so entertaining! =]  It was a very funny, hilarious movie due to different culture brought up by the English, Irish and Indians. It was quite a new storyline for me as I never came accross such a movie like this. My friends and I actually enjoyed this movie and we were laughing, cheering up for the football match during the movie. Of course, we are required to do something about the movie, which we don't know yet, during our next ICC tutorial class. Hopefully I'll still remember the storyline and values of this movie. =P

Owh yeah, I have my first ever assignment in my degree life. Kinda excited for it, but also freaking out for it too. I'm still very new to all these communication stuffs, and hopefully I'll cope with it. Research & 1200 words essay, here I come!  =]  *fingerscrossed*

Will update more about my house condition soon.
It seems like the house renovation is changing my house to a war zone eh? =P

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So touched!

Thanks for everything.  =]

Had my scholarship interview at Taylor's this morning. Well, I was really nervous that time, and I think I spoke too fast. Creep! Luckily the panel was kind of friendly, and hopefully she has a good impression of me. PRAY HARD FOR THAT! No matter what is the results in the future, I have no regrets! =]

By the way, I received tonnes of wishes from my friends regarding my scholarship interview, especially my friends from Bloggers' world! Truly appreciate it, to have this bunch of friends for being so supportive all these while. A big love for you guys! Mwah! =]

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Give me some luck, pretty please?

I am pretty nervous right now, so I decided to blog to ease my 'nervous-ness'. LOL! =P 

Recently, I applied for Sin Chew Daily Education Fund 2012 which is organised by Sin Chew Daily, obviously. I just want to try out my luck by submitting the application form to Sin Chew office. It was a LONG process where I need to prepare all sorts of documents like academic results, photos, copies of my certificates and other stuffs related to academic, co-curricular activities and financial status of my family.

And guess what? I NEVER THOUGHT OF GETTING A REPLY FROM THEM until I received a text message and an email from Sin Chew Daily and Taylor's University a few days ago! I am invited to go for an interview on 18 April, which is tomorrow, at Taylor's Student Central. I was freaking excited when I was notified with such a great news! Although I may not getting the scholarship, but I am so glad to have this opportunity to go for the interview! Its a 50-50 chances now of getting the scholarship, so I SHALL TRY MY VERY BEST to do well in the interview. Just be myself, that's the only thing I want to do during the interview tomorrow.

Pray hard, for not being too nervous during the interview.
Pray hard, for not embarrassing myself in front of the panels.
Pray hard, for giving me confidence to answer all the questions well.
Pray hard, for giving me faith that I am able to do it. 
Pray hard, for no jam tomorrow so I won't be late for my interview!

I will be the first few to be interviewed tomorrow because I have lectures to attend at 10am. Shall prepare for my formal outfit later, and PRAY!

Wish me luck?  =]

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Marvel's The Avengers

If I'm given a chance to create a new member for The Avenger's team, I would definitely put my favourite IDOL - Mr Spongebob in the team! And by that time, The Avenger's team would 'transform' into The Yellow Avenger!

The Yellow Avenger! =D

P.S  Please don't look down on Mr Spongebob, although he is made of yellow sponge with big/small holes eh! HE IS MORE THAN ORDINARY, that he has the ability to save the world! Continue reading if you are curious about Mr Spongebob's special abilities! =P

First and foremost, Mr Spongebob has the ability to 'seduce' or to allure the enemies! 

He can dance with dazzling eyes to 'seduce' the enemies so all the enemies will fall in love with him!

Oops! He can also did this in purpose - TO SEDUCE THE ENEMIES + TO ACT AS A DISTRACTION + SECRET WEAPON! =P
The enemies will be SHOCKED + AMAZED when they see Mr Spongebob's yellow and shinny butt! And at the same time, here's come the SECRET WEAPON, where he will release a POISONOUS GAS by farting to poison the enemies!

Secondly, Mr Spongebob has the ability to create whirlwinds!

The strong whirlwind will create a strong attraction just like how a huge magnet functions as, and SPIN all the enemies into the state of dizziness! 
The strongest whirlwind will be able to THROW the enemies to the other side of the world! Powerful, isn't it?

Thirdly, Mr Spongebob knows Kung Fu too!

P.S  Its not a NORMAL Kung Fu! 
The Kung Fu that Mr Spongebob has is the one that taught by the ancestor of Mr Spongebob which is known as Mr SpongeSponge. Mr SpongeSponge had millennium practice of  YELLOW KUNG FU SKILLS! And this YELLOW KUNG FU SKILLS can smash the enemies into pieces even the enemies have metal amour to protect them. 

Lastly, Mr Spongebob has the ability to avoid attacks from the enemies when he wears the outfit below!

This is the special outfit created by Mr SpongeSponge, where the outfit is made of UNKNOWN materials which can acts as a strong protection.

How unique is this outfit eh?
1. It is acid-proof, bullet-proof and bomb-proof.
2. It acts as an invisible cloak to stay invisible when he/she run out of energy to attack enemies.
3. It has the ability to dig the ground so he/she can hide underground when enemies attack, and at the same time, he/she can attack the enemies secretly without the enemies knowing! 

So, can Mr Spongebob save the world? 
Definitely is a YES! 

A million thanks to NuffNang and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Malaysia for organizing this contest! :)


Well well, if you guys followed my posts way back previously, I guess you all should know my house is currently undergoing some renovation process. This renovation process started 2 weeks ago, and it still going on right now.

I wondered what took them so long to finish up the whole renovation process. Those workers are typical Malays. *I'm not racists yeah!* =P They do everything slowly, but their handwork are pretty good, especially the way they put the cement and tiles. So detail. *They used 5 days, just to put tiles.* And after so many days the workers work at my house, I found out that, THEY SMOKE MORE THAN THEY WORK! LOL! =P

Owh yeah, my lovely house gate is back! Of so many days, living without a house gate, is so INSECURE! But now, we feel so relieved! PHEW! :)  Autogate is back in action after my dad called some workers to fix the motor and stuffs which I don't know. But it costs around 1.2k, just for that installation of autogate motor! :O

So the renovation process is quite on track now. Roof repaired, cements and tiles applied, bathrooms repaired, but no doors. LOL! Mummy still looking for suitable bathroom doors because some of them charged really high for it. Around RM500 for one freaking bathroom door! Why so expensive eh? :O  Right now, we had already bought the paint, which is grey in colour, and we plan to re-paint the walls at the car porch into grey colour, since the floor tiles are in dark colour this time. Hopefully the house will look a lil bit more modern! Heee! =D

It was a minor renovation at first, but now it turns out become a major one instead. Now my parents want do do plaster ceiling in the living hall pulak. So I guess the whole renovation process will take around, one month time? Sigh, have to tolerate with the smoke and dust for another month. =X

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mood swing?

I'm just feeling a lil moody right now, so I decided to blog something to 'wash away' my moodiness. I don't know how I get moody all at a sudden, why I get moody bla bla bla. It just, moody in such a way that I don't really like. Have anyone of you experienced this? Any suggestions to get rid of my moodiness eh? 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Missing you like crazy.

Class ended 2 hours earlier today. Ms Evon cancelled her class last minute, so I can go home earlier. Woo hoo! Oops! It was my first time driving Vios to Taylor's. LOL! Was kinda worried that I couldn't 'handle' the car. Anyway, managed to reach uni safely. Eee hee! =D

Surprisingly, I decided to visit KDU on the way when I went home from uni. Had a great time bonding with my former lecturers and friends there too! I miss Miss Shirley and Mr Jefri!! =D  

Meet my sister, LingSze who is currently studying A levels in KDU!
Do we look alike? Not at all right? =P
Such an EPIC expressions we had! Weeee! 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

K-Life, anyone?

Whoops! I've no idea why I am so into KOREAN recently, especially their music, variety shows and dramas! Its like, almost every single day, I am listening to K-Pop songs! Crazy isn't it? =P  I tried my very best to 'stop' myself from 'indulging' in K-LIFE, but it seems like I can't help myself. LOL!

Well, my K-Life officially started with Korean dramas. My first Korean drama was Winter Sonata! And, I guess everyone know this drama pretty well eh? Then, I started to watch other Korean dramas like Autumn in My Heart - 蓝色生死恋, Stairway to Heaven - 天国的阶梯, Princess Hours - 宫, The Last Dance - 最后支舞, Iris, Full House - 浪漫满屋 and lots more which I can't remember the title anymore. Recently, I am watching another few Korean dramas like My Girlfriend is a Gumiho - 我女友是九尾狐, The Secret Garden - 秘密花园, Love Rain - 爱情雨 and King 2 Hearts. All these Korean dramas are seriously, *thumbs up up up!*  =]

King 2 Hearts!

Love Rain!

Then, I started to listen to K-Pop songs too! My favourite Korean idols are Super Junior, Big Bang and Girls Generation! These three groups are REAL FEH-MES in the whole world now! Super Junior with their hot songs like Sorry Sorry Sorry and Mr Simple, Big Bang with Fantastic Babe, Blue, Lies and Haru Haru, while Girls Generation with Gee, Genie, Mr Taxi and The Boys! All these songs are like super glue, 'glued' to my mind. LOL! =P  I also listened to other songs by T-ara, Ft Island, Beast, 2AM, 2PM and Huh-Gak. Darn awesome! =D

And finally, I watch Korean variety shows - Running Man! My favourite variety shows so far! =D  This is my first variety show that I watch from the very first episode to NOW! My parents always wondered, why I was laughing alone in the room while my eyes 'glued' to the lappie screen. They thought that I've gone crazy laughing alone there! =P

Huge fan of Running Man! 
How I wish I can join the race too! DREAM ON! =D

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Degree life #2

Back in action with an update about my uni life.

Lectures officially started this week. I have 4 MODULES to take in my first semester. So far, I had attended lectures for Introduction to Intercultural Communication and Introduction to Mass Communication. At first, I was like blurr blurr to all these stuffs. Still very new to all these because I don't have any foundation for it. But slowly, I jot down all the important notes and tried to understand it. Its not that hard, compared to Science definitely. Hmm, mass communication is more to skills, I shall said. So hopefully I can cope with it. FIGHTING! =)

Lecture for Critical and Creative Thinking yesterday had been postponed because the 'ang mo' lecturer cannot make it on that day. So sad! That class was in the morning, from 8am to 10am, and I went there for nothing. Somemore I have to wait from morning till 3pm for my next lecture! OH MAII FREAKING SAD WEY! Luckily, I applied for membership in UNI GYM. ONE MONTH FOR JUST RM 15! Since the lecture was cancelled, I decided to go for gym session to do some work out. I NEED TO SWEAT! =P

Well, the gym is quite big and spacious, with sport equipments, swimming pool, boxing ring and gym classes provided. It is almost similar to Celebrity Fitness *except for the swimming pool and boxing ring*. What I like the most about UNI GYM is the view. They have different views like pool view, lake view, buildings view etc.


Students doing exercise.

The swimming pool is just right outside of the gym.

The buildings where divisional offices are located there, and the place where we have our lectures and tutorials too.

Lake view + parking lot? LOL!

My 'beautiful' legs! Muahaha! =P

Since I had already join gym, I promised myself to do more workouts to make myself more healthier! No more excuses for not doing exercise now. Will go to gym if I had any free periods in between my lessons. First semester should be quite relaxing eh, I guess huh? Some of the days, i'll just have 2 hours class ONLY. Really, quite different now when it comes to degree life, especially in terms of TIME. Guess that I need more time to suit myself as a Taylorian. Fingers-crossed! :)

Strawberry Cheese ice cream, from The Last Polka *the name of ice-cream section*.
Love the name of the ice cream section in the Restaurant V located in the lakeside campus.
Had this with my new friend, Olivia there. Managed to meet a few new friends there, and I have Jo Ee as my course mate too! We both are taking the same major. But I not sure whether we will be in the same tutorial group. =X  Was shocked to see her there and happy as well. At least I have someone I know there. =)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Decision made.

Back to my confusions for my degree course at Taylor's. I spent lots of time, thinking which major I should go for. Previously, I registered for a single major, which is Public Relation. Because I wasn't sure what's double major up for. After a long talk with my parents and Mr Winston who is my Programme Director at Taylor's, I decided to switch my single major to double major, which is Public Relation & Marketing.

Before that, I really made a decision to take Public Relation & Event Management, because I really like to plan, organize and handle events. But again, my parents are worried for my health condition. They wouldn't want me to stress myself out with health and study problems at the same time, which in turn might worsen my health condition. Event management, needs lot of sacrifices, in terms of time especially. I might have to work till midnight, I might not have enough of sleep, I might have a lot of stress from my boss when I starts to handle huge events, I might not have time for my family in future. All these stuffs need to be considerate. And this is why, I decided to give up my love, event management and picked up marketing, something totally new to me. They told me marketing is something similar to advertising, and I think I might love it. So hopefully, I made a right decision! =)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hello April!

First of all, Happy April Fool world! Although I didn't celebrate this occasion by 'pranking' my friends or families. Obedient girl right? *perasan-nya* =P

Had Ching Ming this morning. The cemetery was so crowded with people. Luckily we didn't go through any traffic jam and managed to reach there on time. The weather was so HOTTT, unexpectedly! A few days ago, the weather was so nice, so cooling. I WANT THOSE WEATHER AGAIN!! =(

Owh yeah, talking about my house. My house is currently undergoing renovation process. Gonna demolish the garden into tiles floor. My maid from Cambodia will be going back soon, so my parents afraid that there would be no one that can handle the garden well. So this is it, bye bye my lovely garden. =(

Now my house got no more gate. Gonna modify the gate to become wider.
Feeling a little bit of 'insecure' because of the 'NO GATE'! Kinda scared actually. =X
A few days ago, it was a mess outside my house, dust everywhere. But these two days, the workers started to apply cement on the ground, and everything looks better. But, still NO GATE! Urgh! 
Hopefully the renovation process goes on smoothly! Pray hard! =)
Can't wait to see the outcome, the final product!