Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hello April!

First of all, Happy April Fool world! Although I didn't celebrate this occasion by 'pranking' my friends or families. Obedient girl right? *perasan-nya* =P

Had Ching Ming this morning. The cemetery was so crowded with people. Luckily we didn't go through any traffic jam and managed to reach there on time. The weather was so HOTTT, unexpectedly! A few days ago, the weather was so nice, so cooling. I WANT THOSE WEATHER AGAIN!! =(

Owh yeah, talking about my house. My house is currently undergoing renovation process. Gonna demolish the garden into tiles floor. My maid from Cambodia will be going back soon, so my parents afraid that there would be no one that can handle the garden well. So this is it, bye bye my lovely garden. =(

Now my house got no more gate. Gonna modify the gate to become wider.
Feeling a little bit of 'insecure' because of the 'NO GATE'! Kinda scared actually. =X
A few days ago, it was a mess outside my house, dust everywhere. But these two days, the workers started to apply cement on the ground, and everything looks better. But, still NO GATE! Urgh! 
Hopefully the renovation process goes on smoothly! Pray hard! =)
Can't wait to see the outcome, the final product!


  1. OMG NO GATE!! better becareful leh nowadays a lot of crime lor

  2. yah! becareful! rmb to blog about the aftermath ! xD

  3. I do find the garden still much easier and nicer than tiles flooring. Less dusty:P

  4. I saw lots of complaints about the traffic in Twitter on Ching Ming. Thank God my family doesn't follow traditions, my parents are very modernized.

    So u're gonna have a nicely-renovated home huh? How cool! But no gate? Even in Spore, we don't encourage that.

  5. @charmaine yeah, feel so scared even when i'm at home with my family. :(

    @eunice yeah, definitely will blog about that. =D

    @missyblurkit i agreed, but someone have to clear the garden 'mess'. I guess everyone in my family is busy + lazy, thats why we all agreed to demolish the garden. LOL! =P

    @blackswan yeah! a nice renovated home, but of course with a gate! just that right now my gate is undergoing 'modifying' process. thats why my house got no gate. LOL! :O