Saturday, April 14, 2012


Well well, if you guys followed my posts way back previously, I guess you all should know my house is currently undergoing some renovation process. This renovation process started 2 weeks ago, and it still going on right now.

I wondered what took them so long to finish up the whole renovation process. Those workers are typical Malays. *I'm not racists yeah!* =P They do everything slowly, but their handwork are pretty good, especially the way they put the cement and tiles. So detail. *They used 5 days, just to put tiles.* And after so many days the workers work at my house, I found out that, THEY SMOKE MORE THAN THEY WORK! LOL! =P

Owh yeah, my lovely house gate is back! Of so many days, living without a house gate, is so INSECURE! But now, we feel so relieved! PHEW! :)  Autogate is back in action after my dad called some workers to fix the motor and stuffs which I don't know. But it costs around 1.2k, just for that installation of autogate motor! :O

So the renovation process is quite on track now. Roof repaired, cements and tiles applied, bathrooms repaired, but no doors. LOL! Mummy still looking for suitable bathroom doors because some of them charged really high for it. Around RM500 for one freaking bathroom door! Why so expensive eh? :O  Right now, we had already bought the paint, which is grey in colour, and we plan to re-paint the walls at the car porch into grey colour, since the floor tiles are in dark colour this time. Hopefully the house will look a lil bit more modern! Heee! =D

It was a minor renovation at first, but now it turns out become a major one instead. Now my parents want do do plaster ceiling in the living hall pulak. So I guess the whole renovation process will take around, one month time? Sigh, have to tolerate with the smoke and dust for another month. =X


  1. Racist! Haha. Taking 5 days just to lay tiles is a very long time. You must have a very BIG house.

    1. nahh! not racists la =P not big, but their working speed is real slow! :(