Sunday, April 8, 2012

K-Life, anyone?

Whoops! I've no idea why I am so into KOREAN recently, especially their music, variety shows and dramas! Its like, almost every single day, I am listening to K-Pop songs! Crazy isn't it? =P  I tried my very best to 'stop' myself from 'indulging' in K-LIFE, but it seems like I can't help myself. LOL!

Well, my K-Life officially started with Korean dramas. My first Korean drama was Winter Sonata! And, I guess everyone know this drama pretty well eh? Then, I started to watch other Korean dramas like Autumn in My Heart - 蓝色生死恋, Stairway to Heaven - 天国的阶梯, Princess Hours - 宫, The Last Dance - 最后支舞, Iris, Full House - 浪漫满屋 and lots more which I can't remember the title anymore. Recently, I am watching another few Korean dramas like My Girlfriend is a Gumiho - 我女友是九尾狐, The Secret Garden - 秘密花园, Love Rain - 爱情雨 and King 2 Hearts. All these Korean dramas are seriously, *thumbs up up up!*  =]

King 2 Hearts!

Love Rain!

Then, I started to listen to K-Pop songs too! My favourite Korean idols are Super Junior, Big Bang and Girls Generation! These three groups are REAL FEH-MES in the whole world now! Super Junior with their hot songs like Sorry Sorry Sorry and Mr Simple, Big Bang with Fantastic Babe, Blue, Lies and Haru Haru, while Girls Generation with Gee, Genie, Mr Taxi and The Boys! All these songs are like super glue, 'glued' to my mind. LOL! =P  I also listened to other songs by T-ara, Ft Island, Beast, 2AM, 2PM and Huh-Gak. Darn awesome! =D

And finally, I watch Korean variety shows - Running Man! My favourite variety shows so far! =D  This is my first variety show that I watch from the very first episode to NOW! My parents always wondered, why I was laughing alone in the room while my eyes 'glued' to the lappie screen. They thought that I've gone crazy laughing alone there! =P

Huge fan of Running Man! 
How I wish I can join the race too! DREAM ON! =D


  1. hahas im a K fans, but only on korean food :P

    Latest: How Hot can You Take?

    1. haha! korean food like bimbimbap or kimchi? =P

  2. Yes, yes, yes! I'm a K-life person too. My family's into K-pop. Dramas just occasionally :) Glad our generation gap isn't that big after all. Hahaha!