Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hectic life!

Hello wello! Finally time for an update after a long hiatus! So sorry for neglecting my blog these days. Really wanted to blog from time to time, but I can't. This is so depressing rite? Uni life have been cruel to me so far, with quizzes and assignments pilling up like nobody business. Somehow, throughout all the stress and hard work that I went through so far, I gained more knowledge and skills to be a better one in future. It would be a long, tough, stressful process, but I will just have to keep my hopes on, have faith that I can do it, that I can complete my degree program and become a successful 'mass-commer'! Dream on! :)

Lately, I have interesting stuffs going on in my uni life. Performing Arts is kinda challenging for me, because I'm a shy shy girl that do not know how to express myself, especially through emotion. My sadness, anger and frustrations = one sad blank face expression. LOL! So through this Performing Arts subject, I have to really open up myself, forgetting who I am and go for it. At first, I did have a hard time adapting to this situation, because almost everything I'm not doing it willingly. Until now, I'm slowly enjoying the process of performing in front of crowd.

Here are some of the performances that I went through so far :

1. Individual performance - Singing 'Mean' by Taylor Swift 
A big failure for me, as I forgot the lyrics due to my extreme nervousness!

2. Group performance - Contemporary Dance using the song 'Ave Maria'
Enjoyed the dance because the dance moves were not complicated yet filled with emotions. 

3. Group performance - Narration / Short sketch using the song 'The Story of Us' by Taylor Swift
Best performance so far, not because of our results, but the whole process of practicing! We have less than 24 hours time to plan and practice our performance, but we managed to complete it with minor mistakes.

Hola to my group mates for the performance 'The Story of Us'!

Next performance on upcoming Thursday - Narration + Contemporary Dance using Lakini's Juice Live with theme : Anger and Frustrations. Sounds challenging isn't it?

Owh, I just received my Running Man tee two days ago! 
Am so so so happy to receive it and I can't wait to wear it with my friends! =P

P.S  Don't tear my tag when you see me wearing this tee around! 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Her voice is amazing!

Like seriously, this particularly girl/teenager/woman really caught my attention after I watched her singing live in Asian Wave 2012 via youtube! She is truly a talented idol, with such a powerful + intense voice! Was really amazed by her singing skills, and I salute her to the max!

Who is she? She is the one and only one - Shila Amzah! Although she is a Muslim, but she could sing songs in 3 languages - English, Malay and Chinese! Previously, she was a runner-up in One in A Million Season 2 competition and today, she represented our country to take part in Asian Wave 2012, competing with other contestants from all over the world like China, Thailand, Korea etc. And she managed to beat the others and emerged as the champion in Asian Wave 2012! She was featured on Star Online as well. Click here for more details.

Check out her amazing performances here!

Set Fire to The Rain 
*first song during semi-finals*

Forever Love 
*second song during semi-finals*
Couldn't believe that she could sing this song so well! 

*1st song during finals*

*2nd song during finals*

 *3rd song during finals*

What do you guys think about her singing eh? Isn't she amazing?
So proud of her, and she makes our country so proud! 
Malaysia Boleh! :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

My 888th post!

Went to my dad's hometown - Sungai Besar @ Kuala Selangor few days ago.
Had a chance to eat the awesomely-delicious seafood originally from SEA! Bukan imported from Thailand punya! =P

Snap some random photos there! Have a look! :)

Spot a sea creature there?
Its actually a WALKING FISH! It uses its fins to walk + swim! :)

King crab!

First time seeing a stingray in my life!

Outfit of that day!

Shoes in PINK! :)

I'm 'transforming'! LOL!

Love this shot! :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Memorable moments with them.

From left : My sis, My cousin bro Yee Kiat, My cousin sis Sweet Yee and yours truly

With my baby cousin Yu En!

Arh, this handsome naughty little boy!
He loves food, any food! :)
If you want him to talk to you or come to you rite, all you need is just to give him food! Superb easy isn't it?
Well, I guess food is kind of 'powerful' eh? =P

Monday, September 17, 2012

They caught me off guard...

Yesterday, I went to Publika with my daddy and sis to shop shop for a while. Bonding time together eh? :)  And something/s catch our attention randomly!

The decorations below are using models actually.
But the models are so creative designed until I couldn't take my eyes off them!
Have a look! :)

Spot the guns?




When you look closer,
they are actually DOLLS!



Made from garbage bags.


When you look closer,
they are actually SWEETS!

With my beloved daddy! Mwah mwah! =]

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Food of the day!

Its Saturday people, but I had freaking THREE classes from 8am to 1pm! Darn lifeless right? Now my weekends are ruined because of Saturday classes, early in the morning somemore. Dear Taylor's, please be more efficient in setting up our timetable please! :(

Alright, enough of my non-stop mumbling and today, I'm gonna introduce some really delicious food here! Decided to have our shopping session at Sunway Pyramid after I finished my classes today and I brought my sister and cousin to this restaurant located in Asian Avenue @ Sunway Pyramid which is called Pommes Frites Bistro - famous with their Belgian fries + pastas! :)

A MUST TRY when you visit this place!
Belgian fries regular with seasonal toppings - RM 5.30
Available toppings : Creamy mushroom, Cheddar cheese, Remoulade, BBQ Chicken, Chicken Bolognaise, Homemade Mayo etc.
Recommended toppings : Creamy mushroom and Cheddar cheese! :)

Spaghetti Chicken Bolognaise - RM 12.90

Spaghetti Carbonara with Chicken - RM 13.90

Baked cheese + tomato penne with chicken - RM 13.90

Spot the CHEESY-NESS! 
Definitely a thumbs up for any cheese lovers out there! :)

Location :
Pommes Frites Bristo,
F1, AV196, Asian Avenue,
Sunway Pyramid,
46156, Petaling Jaya,

Contact number :

Owh yeah, we also ordered milk tea from George Peck as well! Hmm, the milk tea tastes a lil different compared to Chatime, but not that bad though. Worth a try! :)

George Peck

Drinks of the day :
Three brothers milk tea (large) - RM 7.00
Three brothers - Pearls, Grass jelly and Pudding. Funny name right?
I wondered why they didn't come out with three sisters eh? hahaha! =]

Friday, September 14, 2012

Busy semester ahead!

Just one quick update for the week! :)

1. Had my first ever contemporary dance performance with my group mates on Thursday, and we managed to complete the performance successfully! A big big love to my group members and of course my group leader, Chien Min for being such an awesome choreographer for the whole thing! :)

2. My first assignment in my new semester is BLOGGING! Not using Blogger, but using Weebly this time. Not a 'too bad' platform to blog though. 

3. Assignments are piling up like a boss now. Blogging assignments, video assignments, marketing plan assignments and tonnes of performances to deal with.

4. In a process of applying a part-time job in Taylors to gain working experiences + extra money! :)

5. Joined leadership program under Taylor's with Jessie, and we are both in the same group! Woots! More events and activities coming up soon! Looking forward to it! :)

6. Latest time table is up! And I have classes from Monday to Saturday! Lifeless betul!!! Now my weekends are ruined! :(

Wanted to update my blog as frequent as possible, but I have no time to do so. Sigh. Will try to keep my blog alive! :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dance preparation in progress!

Part of our dance group members!
From left *standing ones* : Grace, Phoebe and Felicia
From left *squatting ones* : Yours truly, Chien Min-leader and Yun Sin
Photo credit to Chien Min! :)
*Chien Min is such an awesome leader, who is so patient in teaching us the dance moves. Salute her like 99!! Glad to have her as my leader! Mwah! :)

Will be having our dance performance at lecture hall on Thursday, which is 2 days later! And seriously, I'm kind of nervous though. First time dancing contemporary dance, which is very emotional and flexible. And I know I'm not a flexible type of person *my waist can't bend like a snake, LOL!*
Hopefully our dance performance will be as smooth as ABC ice kacang on Thursday!

PRAY HARD and WISH ME LUCK readers!! :)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Unleash your unique talent on Malaysia - audition online at today!

mFace is scouring the country in search of the next BIG THING!

Tens of thousands of Malaysian hopefuls from across the nation are dreaming of stardom. 
You can sing, dance, juggle, or joke, it doesn't matter! All it takes is #2mins2fame, thanks to mFace.

The mFace #2mins2fame talent show is giving you the opportunity to aspiring superstars an easy way to audition online. Just get on to and record the best 2 minutes of your life and take a shot at fame.

Check out these champions and their moment in the sun:

2nd Runner Up : Jack-T

1st Runner Up : Blazin Squad

And finally, the winner is...


*drum rolls*

Winner : Jamilah!

Ah-ha! Don’t you just ache to be there? =]

mFace is also looking for talent who may not think of auditioning. 
Recommend the mFace #2mins2fame Talent Show to family and friends or anyone who thinks they could be the next BIG THING.
While the mFace #2mins2fame talent show is opening up an avenue of possibility for Malaysian talent, it would be the Malaysian public that eventually determines who will advance to the next round of competition and who will go home.

mface 2minutes 2fame @ Viva Mall ~ 28 Jul 2012

mface 2minutes 2fame @ Penang Time Square~ 16 Jun 2012

Getting excited eh? 
You guys must be wondering what are the prizes huh? =P

Prizes :

The auditioners would be narrowed down to a select group of 18 most talented finalists which will be chosen by votes cast through smses, newspaper entries and online submissions.

In addition to being the next BIG THING in show business, the 18 finalists will compete for major prizes:

  • 1st Prize –  Luxury Car + RM30,000 cash + Aver products worth RM1500
  • 2nd Prize –  4D3N Australia Gold Coast holiday + RM15,000 cash  + Aver products worth RM1500
  • 3rd Prize –  3D2N Lang Tengah island holiday + RM5000 cash + Aver products worth RM1500

  • BEST SMS –  RM2000 cash + MBI Water Purifier + Pappa Rich RM100 voucher + Aver products worth RM500
  • BEST STAGE PERFORMANCE –  RM2000 cash + MBI Air Purifier + Pappa Rich RM100 voucher + Aver products worth RM500

Method :

Online auditions will be open from May 5th to December 28th, 2012. Hopefuls will have the opportunity to audition by demonstrating their unique ability by performing it on camera. Videos are up to SIX (6) submissions per person or group.

Newspaper, text message and online voting begins selected Saturdays immediately after each talent submission is made online, and 5 top-voted contestants would be picked each week. The TOP 20 contestants will appear on a live stage Final Round performance each month.

Send 10 votes by smsing " mface << video code >> " to 36188 for RM0.50 only.
To vote in bulk, sms "mface10 << video code >> " to 36188 for 100 votes at RM5.00.
Sms voting is unlimited!
Online :
To vote online go to and follow the instructions for how to vote online. 
Online voting is limited to one vote per day (1Click = 1Vote)

Newspaper :
Buy Pancaindera (of Utusan Malaysia) and follow the instructions for how to vote via post. 
Newspaper voting is unlimited and 1 post = 20 points

So, what are you guys waiting for?

Make your mark in the industry and become a household name. 
Video auditions for mFace #2mins2fame talent show are now open! 
If you have talent, it's time to show it. Log on to to record your audition.

Auditions are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Please check for dates, rules, terms and conditions. Contest ends on December 28th, 2012.

You can follow the action on and today.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Challenge accepted?

My semester 2 officially started last week, and this semester is definitely gonna be the challenging ones compared to my first sem, which is almost ALL in theory-based. Kinda looking forward for it, but at the same time, hopefully I can cope with all the stress and happenings around me! Hwaiting! :)

I registered for 6 subjects this semester, which is gonna be very tough to cope with because assignments will be piling up like a boss, and at the same time, I have to keep it up and maintain my progress of study. Those 6 subjects are Media Writing, Innovative Media, Principles of Marketing, Performing Arts, Personal Development and Basic of Japanese Language. I'm so excited to learn Japanese, hehee! Wondered how's my slang or accent while I speak Japanese to my friends or families. =P

Owh well, Performing Arts (PA) is my last minute decision because previously I registered for Intro to Management instead of PA due to my major concern. However, due to some personal reasons, I switched from management to PA, which is really a huge challenge for me.

My first thought equation: 


But mass communication students cannot have all these problems, so I decided to accept the challenge and push myself to strive better. Currently preparing for my 1 minute individual performance - Singing MEAN by Taylor Swift. And hopefully I won't get real bad comments from my lecturer later at tutorial class. Pray hard :)

Next group performance in preparation : Slow/emotional contemporary dance.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Feel the love?

Lucky Guy by David Choi

Heart melted when I watch this video, and this song is just, lovely.
David Choi's voice is really warm. I guess I'll get addicted to it eh? =P
Go watch, if you haven't! :)

You make me feel, something I wish wasn't real at all.

You were never mine to begin with...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Say HELLO to my 3rd NuffNang cheque! =]
Finally get to cash out after so long! *although its not a huge amount of money*

Some random thoughts just came across my mind while I was drafting this post.

"When I'll stop blogging eh?"

I don't know when I will stop blogging, to be honest.
Maybe I don't even know how to stop blogging, since blogging is my all time love since I started blogging around Form 4. To blog, and to share, is my priority since then.

I never know I will so attached to blogging until I know the existence of NuffNang. It feels like NuffNang is fulfilling my passion, my dream, my desire; with blogging contests, movie premier screenings, food/product reviews, attending events and stuffs. Whenever I get any congratulations emails from NuffNang, the feeling of happiness that I experienced is so overwhelming! And through NuffNang, I have widen my social networking circle, by knowing bloggers around the world. I truly appreciated it.

Thank you NuffNang! I love you!  =]
Will keep my blogging passion burning

Saturday, September 1, 2012


My besties and I created our own version of 港女十式 !

Inspired by a Hong Kong drama entitled 回到三国, starring by Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung & Raymond Lam.

Let's see Kenneth Ma's 港女十式 !

1, 2, 3 ..... 9 & 10!

Carmen, one of my besties, decided to copy his 港女十式 ! 
Of course, Eelyn and I would love to copy it, since we always camwhore during our hang-outs.  =P

So, this is our version of 港女十式 !

Pose #1

Pose #2

Pose #3

Pose #4

Pose #5

Pose #6

Pose #7

Pose #8

Pose #9

Pose #10

And so, this is our version of 港女十式 !
What about yours? Feel free to share it with me! =P

Besties, are the ones who share happiness and sadness with you. They are the one who you can rely on when you need them. Hang out? Find them. Sing K? Find them. Bored? Find them. No place to sleep? Find them. Camwhore? Find them. They are always your loyal listeners and counsellors, your all time favourite people. So, treasure them while you can. It's hard to get a friend, and even harder to get a bestie, right?