Friday, September 14, 2012

Busy semester ahead!

Just one quick update for the week! :)

1. Had my first ever contemporary dance performance with my group mates on Thursday, and we managed to complete the performance successfully! A big big love to my group members and of course my group leader, Chien Min for being such an awesome choreographer for the whole thing! :)

2. My first assignment in my new semester is BLOGGING! Not using Blogger, but using Weebly this time. Not a 'too bad' platform to blog though. 

3. Assignments are piling up like a boss now. Blogging assignments, video assignments, marketing plan assignments and tonnes of performances to deal with.

4. In a process of applying a part-time job in Taylors to gain working experiences + extra money! :)

5. Joined leadership program under Taylor's with Jessie, and we are both in the same group! Woots! More events and activities coming up soon! Looking forward to it! :)

6. Latest time table is up! And I have classes from Monday to Saturday! Lifeless betul!!! Now my weekends are ruined! :(

Wanted to update my blog as frequent as possible, but I have no time to do so. Sigh. Will try to keep my blog alive! :)


  1. Blogging assignment shouldn't be a problem for you right? XD and I didn't know Taylor have part time job for student LOL

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    1. haha, yeah yeah! always love blogging! :D i didn't know about it as well until the ppl in charge asked me about it. LOL! =D

  2. Weebly? what the hell is that? LOL :X

    1. haha! its a platform for blogging as well! go check it out! :D