Saturday, September 15, 2012

Food of the day!

Its Saturday people, but I had freaking THREE classes from 8am to 1pm! Darn lifeless right? Now my weekends are ruined because of Saturday classes, early in the morning somemore. Dear Taylor's, please be more efficient in setting up our timetable please! :(

Alright, enough of my non-stop mumbling and today, I'm gonna introduce some really delicious food here! Decided to have our shopping session at Sunway Pyramid after I finished my classes today and I brought my sister and cousin to this restaurant located in Asian Avenue @ Sunway Pyramid which is called Pommes Frites Bistro - famous with their Belgian fries + pastas! :)

A MUST TRY when you visit this place!
Belgian fries regular with seasonal toppings - RM 5.30
Available toppings : Creamy mushroom, Cheddar cheese, Remoulade, BBQ Chicken, Chicken Bolognaise, Homemade Mayo etc.
Recommended toppings : Creamy mushroom and Cheddar cheese! :)

Spaghetti Chicken Bolognaise - RM 12.90

Spaghetti Carbonara with Chicken - RM 13.90

Baked cheese + tomato penne with chicken - RM 13.90

Spot the CHEESY-NESS! 
Definitely a thumbs up for any cheese lovers out there! :)

Location :
Pommes Frites Bristo,
F1, AV196, Asian Avenue,
Sunway Pyramid,
46156, Petaling Jaya,

Contact number :

Owh yeah, we also ordered milk tea from George Peck as well! Hmm, the milk tea tastes a lil different compared to Chatime, but not that bad though. Worth a try! :)

George Peck

Drinks of the day :
Three brothers milk tea (large) - RM 7.00
Three brothers - Pearls, Grass jelly and Pudding. Funny name right?
I wondered why they didn't come out with three sisters eh? hahaha! =]


  1. Is it a new makan place in Asian Avenue, never see before ehh! Definitely will give it a try when I'm at Sunway, pasta lover here :D HAHAHA three brothers, really funny name xD

    1. hmm, not really new, but its located inside Asian Avenue, kind of hideous. LOL! =P you will love the pasta!! :D

  2. nice pictures... love the addictive fries... not a fan of pasta thou . George peck! u should try their tomato blend!!!!

    1. thanks eunice! :) arhh! they told me tomato blend is their top seller, but i ain't a fan of tomato though! =X

  3. Looks so nice, I'm always at Sunway Pyramid also don know about this place ><

    xox, c

    1. haha, maybe Asian Avenue is too hideous eh? most of them don't know this place actually :)

  4. Cheesy friessssssssssssss. My love nia <3

    1. its my love too! *high 5 to cheesie lovers* :D

  5. Hey, I've never tried fries with this sort of topping! How cool!

  6. Replies
    1. haha, u working alrdy leh, of course u cheng me la =P