Monday, January 31, 2011

Purple is loveee!

Hello world!
I got my nail polish colour finally!  =D

Its actually, my first time to get my nails polished with colours! 
I am excited when I actually bought the nail polish colour.
Was wondering how my nails will be after i polished it. Hmmmmm...

So, this is it.

A lil 'cacat'  xD
First time get my nails done!

Purple is loveeeee!
Promised to get it done better next time! =)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Boom boom boom!

Hey guys! I'm back! =)  I miss my bloggieee and tumblieee! Heee! =) 

CNY is coming people! Seriously can't wait for it! ANGPOW mari mari mari! xD  All my baking stories were done by today. Can't wait to eat them all next week! =)

Part of it.  =P

Btw, I got my Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid SimCard from Stephanie yesterday! =)  Thanks to Jayren who helped me to collect the simcard from NuffNang office and Stephanie who helped me to collect it from Jayren in Innit gathering. Too bad I couldn't join the 'lou sang' dinner with bloggers on Friday. Wanted to accept the invitation in fb but due to some personal reasons, I couldn't attend. So sad. =(  Will definitely go next time! 

Well, I took part in this WTF about Tune Talk contest. *Not What the F*** k?* =P  And I was one of the winner in this contest with the other bloggers such as Hilda, Jayren, QiWen, Tikky and Cmen

Here's my winning comment. =D

WTF about tune talk? Of course its my BIG BIG LOVEEE! So, why do I want to experience Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid?
First, I can stay up all night and talk non-stop to my family and friends. I love gossiping since I was addicted to Gossip Girl last time. =P
Second, I can get FREE RM100,000 Personal Accidental Insurance Coverage underwritten by Etiqa if one day, I talk too much or too long on phone and the phone explode and BOOOOM, i still have insurance to cover! xD
Third, I can get a free Air Asia ticket to travel! Aren’t this AWESOME? I can get free trip! Plus, I get to spend time together with my family. Time to treasure the time with family! Feel the LOVEEE! =)
Four, I can get super duper low flat rate nationwide, anytime and anytime where! Even its in overseas or ‘innerseas’, we still can get low flat rate! I don’t have to worry spending too much on phone calls too! =)
Lastly, I can change my number anytime! What if people stalk me? What if people hack my line? I sure have to change your number right? And this is what Tune Talk can provide me! =D
What about Digi? What about Maxis? What about Celcom? What about U Mobile? *FORGET IT!* xD

I was very happy when I received email from Teoh Xinxian. =D   I was rewarded with a Tune Talk SimCard, with RM 100 preloaded! =)  Most probably gonna chg my number soon, because Tune Talk is really really really rewarding! Its really much more cheaper than Maxis, Digi and U Mobile! Try it out! 

Aren't all of these rewarding?
5 cents per sms to all network!

Will blog a review on it soon!
*part of my job as one of the winner*

Wanna know more about Tune Talk?
STAY TUNED people!

No title.

Had badminton session with my gang this morning.
As usual, had lunch together after that.

Btw, my CNY is packed with tones of assignments and course work.
I done one of my journal today. Still got one more to go.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another day, again.


Well, I was being 'ATTACKED' by GASTRIC, again, these few days. Sigh. The pain, was really PAIN! =(  I woke up 2am in the morning, I was suffering in SERIOUS PAIN! =(

I woke up 2 am in the morning, and I couldn't sleep because of the pain; I woke up and got one box of medicine from my cousin. Maybe I was blurrr that time, and I actually ate my cousin's medicine instead of the gastric pills! OMG! I ate the medicine which is actually meant for her heart problem. No wonder I still getting more pain when I woke up for college that day. Bad day. =(

Right now, my pain is like ON and OFF! =(  This is so horrible! I can't sleep well, and eat well. I just want to live a healthier life, and a happier life. But, I just don't get it. Why I got so many sickness in my life? I really getting fed up of my life. Everyday medicine, medicine and medicine huh? Sigh.

Appointment with doctor tmr/saturday. Seriously, need to cure this. Finger-crossed.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

'Run-Away' ?

I have started my college life last week. So, its time for a 'run away'! Practically, I moved from my house, to another house. Its actually my uncle's house. Since my uncle's house is just walking distance from KDU, so I decided to stay there with my cousin, so that I can get MORE sleep! =)

Actually, I do like my uncle's house. His house is big and comfortable. I love the garden there. Got a big pond there. =)  And not to forget he got cute doggieee! He got 3 actually. One is in white colour, named Snowy, another one in black colour, named Pebbles and the last one is in brown colour, named Fudgy. Three of them are so adorable. They like to 'lick' my leg! xD  Especially Fudgy.

Here are some of the pics of Fudgy and Pebbles.

Fudgy  &  Pebbles.

Fudgy, loveee.

Owh yea, talking about the outing with Stephanie Choo, a best friend of mine, blogger and inniter. We had fun together that day. We went Mid Valley and had our 'shopaholic' journey with her. After that, we had lunch together before heading back to her home. We had "LOL" there! What's "LOL" eh? =)

With Stephanie Love. =)

Heart this shot!



Shop of the day! =)

"LOL" !!!

Btw, how's my new bloggie header? =)

Monday, January 24, 2011


Random title today!

Front  &  Back.

I got my KDU T-Shirt the other day.
Gonna wear this on every Friday,  maybe?
Its KDU T-Shirt Day!

And not to forget,
I got my P License!
I can drive now!  =D

I drove around Maluri the other day.
And it was very scary! 
A lot of cars, and I not really used to auto cars yet.
Really, need more practice now.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


My so-called 'MODELLING' eh?

Dress from M & G


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Update of the day.

Went KDU this morning, tried to push my luck.
Screw my day weyy!

After lunch, my family and I went to my hometown, which is in SUNGAI BESAR.
Had a long journey there.
Visited my relatives there. Bought a lot of seafood from there.
Seafood from there, is REALLY FRESH!
Had delicious dinner there.
Had sotong, without cholesterol xD, catfish, crabs and so on.

Lots more pictures to post.
But not in this post. 
Still in bad mood these days.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Not my day huh?

Its just NOT my day today. I was so frustrated right now! I lost my Senior Math textbook! I can't believe it! I remember I took the book, and the book was with me all the time. But now, the book was gone! OMG! =(  I borrowed the book from library, but now I lost it! I am really, really very sad right now. I don't know what to do. =(

Plus, I tried to cash out my Nuff Nang account. I reached RM 50 in last December. And now I received an email from them that my account got problem. I might received it next time when I cash out for my second time. Better check my details in my account again. Issh! =(

Then Tumblr was not 'functioning'. I seriously need to express my feelings out! But at this time, it out of function! SO freaking ANNOYING! =(

Today, is just not my day huh? Sigh.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You know what?

I PASSED my FREAKING driving test!  =D


I am so happy, when I first get to know that I am actually PASS my driving test! Seriously, I still can't believe it, although yesterday WAS my driving test. And till now, I am still so excited about it. =)

Well, talking about my driving test. I went there with Ling Sze and reached there at about 10am. We had two sessions overall, the first one was 'go up hill', parking and 3-point turn; while the other one is on the road. Me and Ling Sze were called to do the first session first, which is 'go up hill', parking and 3-point turn. We had to wait like 40 people?!!! This is crazy! We waited like, for 2 hours for our turn, just to do the first session! This is so silly right? 

I was, really really nervous actually. I tried to pray inside my heart, hoping everything will be fine, especially on the hill. *Please don't ever slide down!*  I was praying that like 'forever'! Ling Sze went first and the next one is me. I was trembling in the car. I kept on praying and hoped that my car won't slide down. Luckily, I went up the hill smoothly. I was happy, right after I done my 'hill' part. Phew! The other parts like parking and 3-point turn was easy actually. LOL! =P  I felt good after that. 

The second session was on the road. This one was actually a BIG MESS for me. My car 'mati engine' like 4 times?! The tester was quite good to me. She actually helped me to control my handbrek and brek since i got no energy to grab it. LOL. Its very heavy for me! =(  Fortunately, I pass the session with 17/20 marks! Thank God! =)



Monday, January 17, 2011

Another Baking Story!

Yesterday, I had another BAKING SESSION with my family! =)  We decided to bake Pineapple Tarts and Chocolate Chips Butter Cookies.

Pineapple Tarts shall go first. =)

We got all the ingredients first, such as pineapple mix, pineapple pastry, margarine, egg white, egg yolk. We even had a special thing to do the shape of pineapple tarts.

Pineapple pastry.

The special thing. =)

It was really hard to bake pinapple tarts. We had to roll the pineapple pastry nicely, so that it can fits in the cookies. It was a long process and it took a lot of energy and time.

Sister rolling the pineapple pastry.

Ready to heat it up.

Heating in the oven.

My dad's hand became blue-black after using the special thing to pump the pastry out. =(

Freshly-baked!  =)

Next, Chocolate Chips Butter Cookies.

This one was a lil easy actually, since I always baked this type of cookies. =)  As usual, we got all the ingredients and started our baking session. 

Baking in process.

The dough.

First pattern we did.

Second pattern.

We were very happy with our baking sessions actually. At least we can bake nice, delicious cookies! =D  We planned to do more 'popiahs' and some keropok too! =)  

Somehow, I just, love cooking, baking. 

Owh yea, talking about my 'move out'. I will be staying in my uncle's house temporarily, for months i guess because my uncle's house is just walking distance to KDU. It is more convenient and most important, I don't have to wake up early and CAN GET MORE SLEEP! =)  Will try to online as often as i can. 


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gahhh! Nervous!

OMG !!!
* I am so dead right now! *

I got my DRIVING TEST tomorrow! Owh gosssh! I am so nervous right now! I keep on thinking a lot of WHAT IF..... 

What if the car slide down on the hill?

What if the car 'mati engine'?

What if I forget how to control the clutch when I get panic?

What if I can't remember all the steps to parking, go up hill and 3 point turn?

What if the tester yelled at me? Will I get panic?

What if I failed tomorrow?

* Thinking of all these, I really, really don't know what to do! Sigh! *

Will blog about my another BAKING STORY tomorrow.
Owh, I will be 'leaving home' tomorrow, for months? maybe?
Will blog about it tomorrow too!

* Driving test MOOD now! *

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hand-made Popiah!

Well, promised to blog about my 'popiahs' today. So yesterday, I woke up very early to prepare myself. I got a helper, who is actually my maid, to help me with the popiahs. xD

So, here's the ingredients. =)

Popiah's skin!  =)

Chicken floss.

Egg yolk.

I had to cut each popiah's skins to 4 small squares. A lil troublesome actually. Then I had to peel off the popiah's skins one by one.

Next, I had to roll the popiah's skin with chicken floss. I spent hours to do it, although my maid did help me with it. 

Popiah's with chicken floss. =)

After that, we were all done and what job was left is, to fry all of the popiahs. 

All done! =)
Popiahssssss !!!

Owh yea, I just helped my sister to edit her bloggieee template just now. So again, credit to Yummy Lolly for producing nice blogger templates! =)

Her header.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Hello! Time to update! =)

Well, this morning I wake up very early. I got no college today. So I decided to make 'popiahs' since CNY is around the corner. Will blog about it and post some of my 'popiahs' tmr. =)

So, after I did my 'popiahs', I watched Korean drama, entitled Stairway to Heaven. That drama was a BIG LOVE to me! Although I watched it for 3 times, but I don't get bored of it. I don't mind watching it again and again. LOL! =D

After that, I had my LAST driving lesson! =)  I hope its a LAST for me. So, I pray really, really hard that I won't failed my driving test on Monday. My driving test is on next Monday, 10am. I might be skipping some of my lessons in college.

My driving lesson was fine today. At first my instructor scolded a little, but after that no more. And we started to chit-chat. LOL! I still remembered how he scolded me last time. SO SCARY! =(  Now, I can really drive now, I GUESS? He even showed me a THUMBS UP today! =D  Hope I can drive well on Monday. Please? No PANIC! 

Got badminton session with my gang tomorrow! Hopefully my tummy will get better tmr! =)  Finger-crossed.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

College life is love!

I am officially, a college student now! =)  

So, two days ago, which was on Monday, I went to my college, KDU for orientation.  I am gonna said that first day orientation was tiring and boring *all because of the long winding speeches*, but games were fun and interesting. In the games on the first day, I got to wear a black, stylish, ‘rubbish plastic bag’  LOL! It looks like a sleeping gown for me. That game was so exciting, that my body ache that night. Too ganas eh? xD

The second day, which was on Tuesday, was an orientation day for me too. But yesterday, was a lil relaxing. Got no more long winding speeches, but introduction to Student Union and clubs and societies. There are so many clubs and societies in it, such as Badminton Club, Taekwondo, UNICOM, TECH, PAC, MCS, Mooting, Law Society, Debate Club and so on. I have no idea to join which club now. After that, we had campus tour too. I like the library and computer labs there. Looks so elegant! =P Had games after that. Overall, the second day was FUN!

Well today, we were separated to our own courses and gathered in specific places. I registered in UNSW Foundation Studies. And my course has 11 students ONLY! 4 of them are taking Commerce, while the other 7 of us are taking Science. While, Science is divided into 2, which is Life Sciences and Physical Sciences. Among the 7 of us, 5 of them taking Physical and me and another friend of mine, Aaron are taking Life Sciences. Which means, there will be 3 of us ONLY in the lecturer room during Biology lessons! =(  I will get panic easily when it comes to face to face to lecturer. Owh gosh! =(  Luckily the other subjects will be combining with physical sciences students. Phew!

I really like my class. Although its just a small group of us, but it is better for me because the lecturers tend to pay more attention on us. =)  Owh, btw, got lotsa Pre-U events soon! The recent ones is OMG Charity Play, which is on 26th January 2011. The aim is to raise funds for Cancer patients. I might be going too. To show my support to them.  =)  Can’t wait for my first event in college!!



My notebook
which has my name on it. =)

Every single page got my name too! 

My hectic timetable. 

IMY. Get it?

Monday, January 10, 2011

If I Were The Green Hornet?

The Green Hornet.
Actor / Actress : Seth Rogen, Jay Chou, Christoph Waltz, Cameron Diaz

The movie is about the story of a regular person who decides to do something about the bad, bad world out there and protect us from all the burglars, murderers and other baddies lurking out there! So, I gonna said that this movie, The Green Hornet will be the spotlight of the world! 

Well, if I were the Green Hornet, what would I do to stop the crime? 

First and foremost, I will attend the Magic School in the Wizard World

I will learn magic, to stop the crime without hurting anyone. I bet no one in this world like WAR right? So, as an ANTI-WAR 'warrior', I will choose a 'softer' way, which is by learning magic. I will have my very own magic wand to catch all the bad guys who commit any crimes. 

I am the 'future-teller'
Can predict when will have crime! xD

Besides that, I will learn all sorts of different 'kung fu' or 'tai chi' to protect myself from being attacked by the dark ones and of course, protect the others from harm. Its my duty, as the Green Hornet, to protect the society from being harmed by the dark ones. I will toned up my musles, just like Miss Armstrong, so that I am fit and strong enough to stop the crimes.

Just like her will do .  =)

Lastly, I will invent some unique outfit for the people in the society. The outfit is bulletproof, waterproof, anti-acidic, anti everything! xD  Of course, the outfit must be modern and stylish! =)  And IT IS A MUST to have a secret 'button' in the oufit, so that if anyone is in trouble, all they have to do is PRESS the button, and I will come over and rescue them! 

Each and every 'button' have its own superpowers!
Beware of it! xD

I, the Green Hornet.

Am the one who protect the world!

To stop the crimes!  =)