Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dance preparation in progress!

Part of our dance group members!
From left *standing ones* : Grace, Phoebe and Felicia
From left *squatting ones* : Yours truly, Chien Min-leader and Yun Sin
Photo credit to Chien Min! :)
*Chien Min is such an awesome leader, who is so patient in teaching us the dance moves. Salute her like 99!! Glad to have her as my leader! Mwah! :)

Will be having our dance performance at lecture hall on Thursday, which is 2 days later! And seriously, I'm kind of nervous though. First time dancing contemporary dance, which is very emotional and flexible. And I know I'm not a flexible type of person *my waist can't bend like a snake, LOL!*
Hopefully our dance performance will be as smooth as ABC ice kacang on Thursday!

PRAY HARD and WISH ME LUCK readers!! :)


  1. Replies
    1. ada, but won't post it up here, coz too ugly! =(

  2. this coming Thursday? good luck then lol

  3. Wow!! I was expecting hip hop dance ahahaha XD

    1. Hip-hop? alarh, me sure cnt one! my hip hop is like robot la =P

  4. Contemporary dance? Wohoo! Remember to post up your dance video kay :P All the best ya ! :D

    1. aiyor! no video laa. won't post up even if i have the video. real bad in dancing la =(