Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hectic life!

Hello wello! Finally time for an update after a long hiatus! So sorry for neglecting my blog these days. Really wanted to blog from time to time, but I can't. This is so depressing rite? Uni life have been cruel to me so far, with quizzes and assignments pilling up like nobody business. Somehow, throughout all the stress and hard work that I went through so far, I gained more knowledge and skills to be a better one in future. It would be a long, tough, stressful process, but I will just have to keep my hopes on, have faith that I can do it, that I can complete my degree program and become a successful 'mass-commer'! Dream on! :)

Lately, I have interesting stuffs going on in my uni life. Performing Arts is kinda challenging for me, because I'm a shy shy girl that do not know how to express myself, especially through emotion. My sadness, anger and frustrations = one sad blank face expression. LOL! So through this Performing Arts subject, I have to really open up myself, forgetting who I am and go for it. At first, I did have a hard time adapting to this situation, because almost everything I'm not doing it willingly. Until now, I'm slowly enjoying the process of performing in front of crowd.

Here are some of the performances that I went through so far :

1. Individual performance - Singing 'Mean' by Taylor Swift 
A big failure for me, as I forgot the lyrics due to my extreme nervousness!

2. Group performance - Contemporary Dance using the song 'Ave Maria'
Enjoyed the dance because the dance moves were not complicated yet filled with emotions. 

3. Group performance - Narration / Short sketch using the song 'The Story of Us' by Taylor Swift
Best performance so far, not because of our results, but the whole process of practicing! We have less than 24 hours time to plan and practice our performance, but we managed to complete it with minor mistakes.

Hola to my group mates for the performance 'The Story of Us'!

Next performance on upcoming Thursday - Narration + Contemporary Dance using Lakini's Juice Live with theme : Anger and Frustrations. Sounds challenging isn't it?

Owh, I just received my Running Man tee two days ago! 
Am so so so happy to receive it and I can't wait to wear it with my friends! =P

P.S  Don't tear my tag when you see me wearing this tee around! 


  1. Wow, that's already quite an achievement considering you've done quite a few! Here's wishing u the best in your next!

    1. haha, I never thought of doing so many performances in one month time. thanks for ur wish shirley! :)

  2. Enjoy your uni life, you will be missing them after graduating. haha :D

    1. haha, i guess working life is much more tougher than uni life eh? well, i can't wait to venture into working life though =P

  3. Performing Arts is such an interesting subject!
    Too bad I don't have that subject =(

    LOL Kim Jong Kook? You need to be more muscular XD

    1. Sing K is also considered as performing arts =P hehe! haha, kim jong kook muscle is way too GELI! too muscular until very scary weyy =X


    KJK is me to become :P