Sunday, July 31, 2011

A string of memories.

Lovin' Starbucks T-shirt!  =)

Its Monday tomorrow! Weekend pass so fast eh? =(  I wish I could get more rest at home. I need more sleep, more shopping, more facebooking, more tweeting, and MORE FOOD! *have no idea why I'm getting hungrier faster these days!* Its a good thing though. =)

Went to Jusco with family in the evening. Bonding session again. =)  Mummy bought a new pair of shoes from New Balance. My sis and I, bought shoes too. *50% discount eh!* AWESOME! =D  Bought a grey cardigan and one whole stack of A4 papers for my college. Went to night market after that. So crowded! 

Gonna wear this to college! *shall keep my wedges/sandals at home* =P

I love the PINK base! so striking! =P

Classes start at 12pm tomorrow. Eng and Comp class cancelled. =)  Anyway, I'm going to college earlier to do my stuffs tomorrow. =X  *presentations coming soon!* *scream out loud!*

So sudden, and I don't know what to do.
A question to my heart : " Should I, or not? "

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Love you like a love song.

Time to update my bloggie! =)

Had classes as usual. Ling Sze was the driver of the day. She fetched me and Pearly to college. After classes, the three of us went to Red Box @ The Curve to DE-STRESS! =)  I miss Karaoke! We had our lunch there too. We sang a lot of hitz songs like On The Floor, Higher, Dynamite, Party Rock Anthem, Jar of hearts, What The Hell and lots lots more English, Chinese and even Malay popular and old songs! =P  We sang out loud and had fun that day too. Went to gym with Steph at night. Had our last work out session there! Will miss there very much. >.<

Me & Ling Sze. *ignore my tired looking face!* =P

Double LIKE this photo! =DD

Its Hari Koko in my ex-school today. Decided to go back with Lyn and Carmen since Miss Chai asked us to go back to have some bonding session with her. Carmen was the driver of the day. 
Met a few teachers who taught me before : Pn Haris, Ms Tang, En Shangkar, Pn Rossidah, En Tan, En Tham and Mr Yap too. Had a long chat with Ms Chai at counselling room. Talked about stuffs happening recently. =)  
Talking about the food selling in Hari Koko today. The food was much much better than last year. They even sold Asam Laksa *my fav!* =P Watched their kawad berirama too. I like Pandu's and Pengakap's one. Very neat! =)
Had bonding session with family in the afternoon. We went to 1 Utama, Curve and IPC. MEGA SALES ehh! Tried out a few clothes and took some pictures. Will put it in, Tumblr maybe? Hmm. =) Bought something for everyone. Daddy got a new pair of shoes from Brookes and new clothes from Brands Outlet, Mommy and sis got new clothes from Brands Outlets too, brother got new clothes from Padini and Brands Outlet again and I got a new denim jeans from Padini too! *50% off storewide!* Grey colour ones this time! =)  Bought NZL ice cream before heading home. 30% discount on 30th of every month eh? =P

Lots of homework waiting for me! Gahhh! *kinda worried that I couldn't finish it in time* Was tired today so I shall do my work tmr. =)

Missing you, I guess?


Friday, July 29, 2011


Woots! Back from my last work out with Steph @ Celeb Fitness!
Finally can concentrate in my studies now. =)
Will be very busy in another few weeks time. Presentation month I shall call this. =X
*my worst part!* I scared I'll get nervous when I stand in front of crowd. Eeeek! Wish me luck please! =)

Tomorrow will be going back to ex-school with Lyn and Carmen.
Miss them so muchieee! =)
Actually Miss Chai asked me to go back tomorrow. *chit-chat session with her* =P
Owh yeah, tmr is Hari Koko too! Hopefully got more nice food selling tmr! Hee! *I LOVE FOOD!* =)

Gahh! Tonnes of homework + presentation in progress! 
Gambateh! =)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Am I?

Had another work out session with Steph today! Woah, the ritmo zum is so darn AWESOME! =)  All at a sudden, we just love dancing. Ritmo zum is some dance style with hip hop + free style. We managed to keep up with the pace, but both of us were sweating like mad. =X So far, this is the best dance class that we ever attended there! =)

Camwhore session after I took my shower there. Both of us felt so hyper once we started camwhoring. LOL! Typical camwhorers eh? =P 

Tired-looking me after the work out session @ Celeb Fitness. =)

Yours truly & Steph deary. =)

Had another new time table for my new semester. Gahh! So hectic! =(  30 hours in one week?! *I'ma getting crazy soon!* Got a new lecturer for my Comp Studies class. My previous lecturer was pregnant, and she needs holiday now. He is Mr Ngan. *weird name!* Quite young and good looking too. =)  Hopefully the class will be more fun with new lecturer. *can't wait for Photoshop learning!* =P

Class starts late tomorrow. But have to go college early to do revision. I need to do start preparing for my presentations. Presentation week coming soon. I AM SO NERVOUS! 

Btw, I won two movie tickets from Churp Churp! *for Churp Churp Night Race thingy* Wasn't expect to be in the top 100 in the race. LOL! Was really happy when I received the email from them. Thanks Churp2! =D

Should I take IELTS eh? Hmm...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

College starts tomorrow! Which means another semester starts again! =X
It makes me more tensed up now. More assignments and presentations coming up, especially for English. =(
I need more time to cope with it, since something happened to me recently. 
Will the time freeze for me?

Steph and I were really into gym these few days. 
Whenever we had free time, we just went there and did some work out  +  attending classes! =P
Luckily the trials end this week, if not I guess both of us don't have time to go gym anymore since Steph has her Black Swan + assignments going on and me have to prepare for my upcoming presentation + tonnes of homework. Best of luck for both of us, and hopefully we can do this right. Sisters are meant to be! Heeee! =)

Alright, time to sleep! Have to wake up early tomorrow! Pearly will be the driver of the day tmr. =P Hopefully no jam. 

All at a sudden, I miss my high school. All the memories flooded in my mind. I miss all my friends, Lyn, LingSze, Steph, Carmen, Emily, Shah, Xin Yan, ChungMae and lots more actually. High school life is awesome, isn't it? =)

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Just a quick update for today.
Spent half of my day @ Celebrity Fitness with Steph.
We even did some grocery shopping! LOL! *officially house wives eh?*
We always look for cheap stuffs, comparing the prices all the time...*this is what house wife do eh?* =P

We went for BELLY DANCE class today!
Wow! Belly dance is awesome! It was our first time trying out that.
We were kinda shy at first, to shake our belly and butt in front of strangers.
But soon, we kinda into it actually. Its so special, so new to us. =)
Love it!

Had late lunch at Mdm Lim Restaurant.
Our lunch : Nachos + Horlicks + Ice kacang. LOL!

Ice kacang!

Cheesy Nachos!

Edited using Photoscape this time. =)
Weird effect eh? =P

Gold fish sista! =D

Didnt manage to go D'Fortune for Teik Man's birthday celebration.
Parents don't let. Sorry Teik Man! =(

Alright alright, shall start my script typing.
If not I can't finish it eh. =X

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Awesome Friday!

Whoops! Xue Ren is back in action again! =P
*You will always stay in my heart, granny. I know you would not want to see me sad here. I will stay strong, I promise. Love you, always.*

I'm having my so-called holidays now, since I finished my externals alrdy.
Will start my classes on upcoming Wednesday. Last semester eh? =X
Btw, going back to college on Monday.
UNSW people is coming to brief us. Can't wait to meet them. =)

So yesterday morning, I went to temple at Sentul with my mom, bro and cousin, Sweet Yee.
*to do some praying (dana) for my granny*
Had our lunch there with the monks there. *vegetarian food*  Tastes good actually. =)
We went home after lunch. Helped my mom with her script typing. Quite tiring actually because I have to spent most of the time in front of the computer, somemore have to design the pictures for the script.

In the afternoon, after Steph finished her class, I fetched her to Celebrity Fitness @ Kepong Village Mall.
We have 7 days trial! Heee! =D  Hopefully my parents will sign up very soon. =P
It was Steph first time sitting my car. LOL! Actually i'm more nervous than her. The parking space in Tesco is kinda small for me. Narrow! =X  Luckily managed to find a parking space and park.
We met Miss Tang and Puan Tan there. At first we thought we met Puan Goh, and we even waved at her, mana tahu when she came forward, she wasn't the Puan Goh that we knew previously. LOL! We laughed like freak there. So embarrassing! =P

We spent a few hours there doing exercise. The facilities there were really good.
Equipment and trainers are awesome. It was really tiring at first, doing all those heavy stuffs. *for toning muscles* I need to gain weight. So first step, get my muscles! =P

My trainer, Hatta and I. =)
A very friendly trainer. 
He teached me & Steph to use the equipment and the procedures of using the equipment correctly.

At night, my family and I + cousins went to e-Curve for a movie.
I have been CRAVING to watch Harry Potter.
And finally, I got to watch it! So happy! =)

Harry Potter 7 : Part II

I love the story very much! So excited!
Snape died. =(  Voldemort died. =)
I like Harry's and Ginny's son, Albus Severus Potter. So cool! =D

Btw, bought a ring and a pair of ear-ring from Diva!
*Diva sales!* =D 

Key in ring! *double like!* =)

Ear-ring. * I like the bird!* =)


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A post, just for you.

This is my very 1st update, after my granny passed away, on last Thursday. I was really sad these days, that I don't even have mood to blog. And the worse come to worse, I'm having my External exam this time! Its External, if i didn't do well in this exam, it would seriously affect my studies after that. And I'm quite sure that I didn't do well in this exam. I can't even concentrate in my studies that time. My mind was total blank while I was doing my papers! Sigh. Hopefully can still get a 'not too bad' results.

My granny was admitted to hospital the day before she passed away. She wasn't that well that day itself. I still remembered, I saw her body trembling, lying down on her bed. She was sleeping that time, but she was talking to herself, and her hand was moving all the time, its like, she was trying to get something. I woke her up, and asked her whether is she okay a not, but she said nothing. She couldn't remember what's going on. Practically she was sleeping the whole day. At night, we were worried for her condition, so we decided to send her to hospital.

She couldn't even walked properly that time. I grabbed her body so she can walked slowly, but after a few steps, she fell unconscious. I was so shocked to see that. It was the first time, looking at her, so helpless. My dad quickly carried the oxygen tank for her. After some time, she was conscious again. My mom and bro fetched her to hospital then. I was told to stay at home to study due to my externals.

I slept at two in the morning, because I couldn't fell asleep. Around 2.40am, I received my brother sms that my granny passed away! By that time, I was asleep. My dad woke me up around 3am and told me the shocking news. I was like, whattt! My heart stop beating at once. I can feel like, I'm tearing apart. Its hurt. Its like, my heart is bleeding, non-stop.

I couldn't accept the fact, until I finally saw her, lying down on her bed. She was wrapped up with a cloth. I cried. I couldn't believe this. And this is it, I won't see her anymore. She won't come back to me again.

I couldn't continue the post anymore.

I guess what I can do now is to pray for her. R.I.P granny. I love you, from deepest of my heart. I will miss you forever. You are my beloved granny, and I wish, you will still be my granny when I 're-born' next time.

Anyway, to my one and only best friend in my life, Eelyn.
Thanks for being there for me once I need support at that time. You called me and consoled me even you had class in the morning. And thanks for coming to the funeral too. Thank you deary!

To my cousin, Sweet Yee.
Thanks for coming to the funeral and consoled me too. You did cheer me up. 

To my lovelies, Stephanie, Ling Sze, Carmen, Emily, Wen Ting and not to forget Pearly.
You guys came to the funeral too. My granny would be happy to see you guys there, especially Ling Sze. My granny treated her like her grandchildren. I am happy that you guys came to pay respect for my granny. And to Steph, although you didn't come to the funeral, but the way you consoled me, really make me feel better. I appreciate it.

Sometimes, I just don't get it.
Why are you so cold-blooded eh?
You got no feelings eh?
You did nothing, even you knew that she passed away huh?
I am, really disappointed with your attitude.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The feeling of heart broken.

Having a bad health condition, so what?
Having problem with recent studies, so what?
Broke up with bf, so what?
Now, I truly know, what's the feeling of heart broken.

I received a shocking news from my bro this early morning, around 2.40am.
My granny passed away.
My heart, stop beating at once. 
I don't know how to describe my feelings now.
I don't know what to blog at this moment.
I had less than 2 hrs of sleep today.
I don't know how many times i cry today.
The tears, seems like, non-stop flowing.
I'm suffering.

I'm having my external exam at this time.
And, I don't know i can do tmr.
My mind, just blank off.
I can't think of anything.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Take over.

I love you.

It seems that I am blogging everyday eh? even I'm actually having my external exam going on this two weeks. LOL! *i have no idea why I will have a feeling of 'hand-itchy' if I don't update my blog* Its a good, or bad sign eh? =)

Received a call from Miss Chai last night. And I got a 'shocking' news from her. At first I don't know how to react, but somehow, i managed to handle it, i guess. I had done my part, like what I said previously. I can't do much to help, but i need to try whatever i can. Hopefully everything will end asap. =)

Wasn't in a good mood since last night. I don't know why. Sigh. Decided to watch Monte Carlo with my college mates today, and this outing, indeed cheered me up. *i guess its time to get some relaxation moment eh?* =)  I was the driver of the day, while the girls, of course were my passengers. Hee! They dare to sit on my car eh? =P  Hopefully they were not 'frightened' with my driving skills. =)

Trishna & Joyce prefer to watch Monte Carlo compared to Mr Popper's Penguin. Me, of course want to watch Harry Potter, but its show time is late at night. Iish! >.<  Most prob will watch it after my externals. Hee! =)  The movie was okay, laughed from the beginning to the end of the movie. LOL! Tai Yun even split her popcorn on the floor. All of us were like, what?! LOL!

Have to start collect information for my english essays. Don't know what will come out for the externals eh? Hmm. Hopefully is not a hard topic. =X

To-do list :
Gain more weight. *51 kg is so hard to gain eh?* >.<
No coffee.
No tea.
No CHEESE!!!!! =X *gahhh! my fav!* =(
Drink more more more water.
Drink vege juice.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I wish I know nothing.

My maid & I   =)

A apple picture a day, keeps the doctor away!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hullo! Its time to blog now eh?
*well actually, i need to blog. LOL!* =P

Was really busy these few days. External exam is coming! Effing scared! =(
The war is coming!
First subject, on this coming Tuesday - Computer Practical.
Hopefully I will have enough time to complete the test. Pray hard.

To be honest, this UNSW exam, I really don't have enough time to complete their papers.
FOR ALL SUBJECTS! *no joke!*
Sigh. I really pray hard that I will have some magic powers to freeze the time, so I can have time to complete it. 

Well yesterday, I had my another appointment with my doc @ Solaris Mont Kiara.
Had a long chat with doctor. Its good to have some improvements. This is what she said. =)
But she had to work on my terrible migraine. She said its kinda unusual.
So she told me to drink lots of water and drink VEGE JUICE! OMG! =(
Japanese cucumber, Japanese tomatoes, carrot, spinach and celery! 
and i can tell you, it tastes really BAD! Gosh!
I can't believe I have to drink it everyday, somemore TWICE a day!

She did a microscope test with me. To see my red blood cells.
And the results. Ermmmmm. Not going to tell though. Sigh. =(
Appointment with be one month after this.
She said she wants to see improvements after one month. She will do another microscope test in the next appointment too. 
If no improvement, here comes the 'cruel' thing!
Therapy! =(

This is part of my daily medicine.
Sometimes, I'm really tired, to eat all these medicines. Sick of it. 
I wondered when I will get rid of these huh?


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A wish.


I will be having my study leave starting today,
till I finished my EXTERNAL exam, around end of July i guess. Gahh! *I AM SCARED, no joke!*
I wondered how will be the Aussie papers look like eh?

Had 2 hours break before my Math class today.
So my college mates 'dragged' me to Snooker Centre near my college to de-stress.
I know nothing about pool, and they kinda 'teach' me how to play.
BUT, it 'burst out' as laughters instead. 
I tried to balance the stick with my fingers, but the stupid stick too long and heavy.
Iish. I aim left side, the ball go right side, i aim right side, the ball go left side pulak
I even 'bounced' the white ball out from the pool table. OMG!
They were like, 'shocked' and 'amazed', wondered how I can bounced the white ball out from the table.
Guess that I'm too pro eh? =P

Anyway, I managed to get 1 ball in, in the end. LOL! =)
*huge achievement for me, happy happy me!* =P
And I'm kinda in love with pool now. Maybe will go there again next time. Hee!

Btw, I'm back to my own sweet home! *no more staying in my uncle house* 
I miss my house so muchhhhh, especially my bed! =)
Gonna drive to college tmr. Extra revision for math and bio. 
Gambateh! =)


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Food Post : P.H.O.P

Had an AWESOME dinner with relatives at PHOP @ The Curve on Sunday!
*Paddington House of Pancakes*

We ordered a lot of food that day.
*konon-nya want to try all the pancakes in one day!* LOL!
But their main course was too filling. 
So we just try out the famous ones there. =)

Food photos here!


Ice Mocha! *the cream is so delicious!* =)

Passion fruit + Mango crush something. LOL!

Some Kiwi something.

Seafood marina + apple cinnamon pancakes. 

Chicken + mixed mushroom spaghetti.

Salmon + pancakes.

Beef i guess.

Rib-eye i guess.

Chicken slices + something spaghetti.

Forgot the name. LOL!

Banana pancakes! *Yums yums yums!*
Rate : 10/10!!

Fruits + mini pancakes + marshmallows!

Chocolate! =D

My fav : Chocolate fondue! =DD

Definitely will visit there again next time! =)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Feel Good Run!

Woots! It had been months, that I didn't really touch any sports.
Yet, I registered to take part in the Ntv7 Feel Good Run. LOL!
*my first run of the year* 

The day was really AWESOME! *although is tiring*
My bro fetched me, my sister and Steph to Sri Pentas there, somewhere near 1 Utama around 6.30 in the morning.
Thanks for sacrificing your sleep bro. =)
We reached there, and we were like kinda HYPER!
So many people there, like more than thousands of them.
We deposited our bags there and jalan jalan take photos there.
We even met Jayren, Eli and Qi Tyng too! =)

Outfit of the day!

I'm hyper-energetic!!! *slogan of the day* =P

Feel Good Run! =)

We took picture with this HANDSOME Superman! Gosh! His eyes were so electrifying! =P

Look at the crowd!

I finished the race! Yay!
*Got a momento and cert!*

Me and Steph deary!
*Sista rocks!* =P

Took photos with celebs too!
*this is Baki!* =)

Me and Baki!

Me and Mei Sin! another celeb too!

Me and Nick! Another handsome celeb! =D

The others celebs were on tv recording! =D


Was raining that time, so our head were covered by towel. lol!
Look at Steph and my sis! Epic! =P

Modelling in front of Sri Pentas. =P


I like the clown with red polka dots one! =P

We can eat UNLIMITED Nelson's ice-cream too! =P


With the other celebs too. *forgot their names* LOL!

Went to 1 Utama to shop after that.
Steph was so hyper to see the words SALE! =P

Loving this ring, from Bonita. *rainbow butterfly eh?* =)

Had lunch at Fish & Co.

What The Fish! =P

Tired looking me! =(

Me and Steph, with Steph's slogan!
*Asomely fabulous, with an 'w' alphabet hanging there!* =P

our T-shirt! like the back part!

My fish & chips from Italy.

Steph's fish & chips from NY.

My sis's classic fish & chips from Fish & Co itself.

Smile! =)

Another productive day!
Shop till we broke eh? =P

Steph's necklace from Kitschen.

My hairband from Kitschen too.

Rings and ear rings from Forever 21 & Voir.

Had lots of fun that day!
But its really tiring,
and my legs are killing me! >.<
So painnnnnn! Can't even walk nicely. =(
Seriously,  need massage!!! =P

My day was NOT GOOD today. =X
*console me, someone?*