Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A post, just for you.

This is my very 1st update, after my granny passed away, on last Thursday. I was really sad these days, that I don't even have mood to blog. And the worse come to worse, I'm having my External exam this time! Its External, if i didn't do well in this exam, it would seriously affect my studies after that. And I'm quite sure that I didn't do well in this exam. I can't even concentrate in my studies that time. My mind was total blank while I was doing my papers! Sigh. Hopefully can still get a 'not too bad' results.

My granny was admitted to hospital the day before she passed away. She wasn't that well that day itself. I still remembered, I saw her body trembling, lying down on her bed. She was sleeping that time, but she was talking to herself, and her hand was moving all the time, its like, she was trying to get something. I woke her up, and asked her whether is she okay a not, but she said nothing. She couldn't remember what's going on. Practically she was sleeping the whole day. At night, we were worried for her condition, so we decided to send her to hospital.

She couldn't even walked properly that time. I grabbed her body so she can walked slowly, but after a few steps, she fell unconscious. I was so shocked to see that. It was the first time, looking at her, so helpless. My dad quickly carried the oxygen tank for her. After some time, she was conscious again. My mom and bro fetched her to hospital then. I was told to stay at home to study due to my externals.

I slept at two in the morning, because I couldn't fell asleep. Around 2.40am, I received my brother sms that my granny passed away! By that time, I was asleep. My dad woke me up around 3am and told me the shocking news. I was like, whattt! My heart stop beating at once. I can feel like, I'm tearing apart. Its hurt. Its like, my heart is bleeding, non-stop.

I couldn't accept the fact, until I finally saw her, lying down on her bed. She was wrapped up with a cloth. I cried. I couldn't believe this. And this is it, I won't see her anymore. She won't come back to me again.

I couldn't continue the post anymore.

I guess what I can do now is to pray for her. R.I.P granny. I love you, from deepest of my heart. I will miss you forever. You are my beloved granny, and I wish, you will still be my granny when I 're-born' next time.

Anyway, to my one and only best friend in my life, Eelyn.
Thanks for being there for me once I need support at that time. You called me and consoled me even you had class in the morning. And thanks for coming to the funeral too. Thank you deary!

To my cousin, Sweet Yee.
Thanks for coming to the funeral and consoled me too. You did cheer me up. 

To my lovelies, Stephanie, Ling Sze, Carmen, Emily, Wen Ting and not to forget Pearly.
You guys came to the funeral too. My granny would be happy to see you guys there, especially Ling Sze. My granny treated her like her grandchildren. I am happy that you guys came to pay respect for my granny. And to Steph, although you didn't come to the funeral, but the way you consoled me, really make me feel better. I appreciate it.

Sometimes, I just don't get it.
Why are you so cold-blooded eh?
You got no feelings eh?
You did nothing, even you knew that she passed away huh?
I am, really disappointed with your attitude.