Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hullo! Its time to blog now eh?
*well actually, i need to blog. LOL!* =P

Was really busy these few days. External exam is coming! Effing scared! =(
The war is coming!
First subject, on this coming Tuesday - Computer Practical.
Hopefully I will have enough time to complete the test. Pray hard.

To be honest, this UNSW exam, I really don't have enough time to complete their papers.
FOR ALL SUBJECTS! *no joke!*
Sigh. I really pray hard that I will have some magic powers to freeze the time, so I can have time to complete it. 

Well yesterday, I had my another appointment with my doc @ Solaris Mont Kiara.
Had a long chat with doctor. Its good to have some improvements. This is what she said. =)
But she had to work on my terrible migraine. She said its kinda unusual.
So she told me to drink lots of water and drink VEGE JUICE! OMG! =(
Japanese cucumber, Japanese tomatoes, carrot, spinach and celery! 
and i can tell you, it tastes really BAD! Gosh!
I can't believe I have to drink it everyday, somemore TWICE a day!

She did a microscope test with me. To see my red blood cells.
And the results. Ermmmmm. Not going to tell though. Sigh. =(
Appointment with be one month after this.
She said she wants to see improvements after one month. She will do another microscope test in the next appointment too. 
If no improvement, here comes the 'cruel' thing!
Therapy! =(

This is part of my daily medicine.
Sometimes, I'm really tired, to eat all these medicines. Sick of it. 
I wondered when I will get rid of these huh?


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  1. I think you have too much of stress although you didn't realise it. I had ergonomic problem due to stress previously. I learn to let go, do less and enjoy more. Health is more important than anything. Having 4 flat isn't mean anything, as long I adi have my 1st class CGPA, I can achieve what I want ^ ^