Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sports Day @ SMKTBM

Woots! Back to my ex-school yesterday!
*so hyperrrrr!* =P
Met lots of former classmates there and also my teachers too! =)
*Emily, Min Hua, Zi Ying, Pearly, Michelle, Sweet Yee, Xin Yan, Zi Han, Shan Hoe, Fabian, Song Yuan, Jing Ming, Way Shen, Au Yong, Joel, Chris and lots more i guess*

The winner of the day was :
Marching Competition (House) : Red House (Rajawali)
Marching Competition (Body Uniform) : Scouts
Marching Competition (Non Uniform) : PRS! *&PPS* =)
Overall : Jentayu again! =D

I was so happy that day,
PRS finally won the marching competition! yay for them!
PRS win = PPS win! Felt happy for them. =)

Photos of the day :

PPS marching.

PRS marching.

Epic Joel! *with Steph's sunglasses!* =P

Meeeee! =)

Steph's ring! 

Me, Wi Hong and Hon Lam! =)

Haha! Emily's face expression! =D

Me & Steph deary. =)

Steph's outfit of the day.

My outfit of the day.

Loving my hair! *with grey ribbon-support PRS!*

After Hari Sukan, me, Steph and my sister had a so-called AWESOME "KL Trip!"
We bumped into lots of strangers. *included police!*
We went through a lot of OBSTACLES! =(

We walked for more than 1 hour, to find that Wisma OCM.
Even the taxi driver don't know where is that place.
Strangers giving us wrong direction, and make us walked more than 3km i think. *Food tour!*
Well actually the route was simple, but we used the other long road. OMG! Pity our legs. =(
And, we hopped in the wrong train and travelled all the way to Sentul!! Gosh!
Changed train and went back Kepong again.
Such an awesome, unforgettable trip with Steph and my sis! LOL! =P

Exhausted looking us! =(

Finally reached the Wisma OCM to collect our stuffs.

This feel good run bag,
make us went through so many unforgettable stuffs eh!

Steph's, Me, and My sis shoes. *from left*

Me and Steph wore the same colour! =P

Group photo! =)

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