Saturday, July 30, 2011

Love you like a love song.

Time to update my bloggie! =)

Had classes as usual. Ling Sze was the driver of the day. She fetched me and Pearly to college. After classes, the three of us went to Red Box @ The Curve to DE-STRESS! =)  I miss Karaoke! We had our lunch there too. We sang a lot of hitz songs like On The Floor, Higher, Dynamite, Party Rock Anthem, Jar of hearts, What The Hell and lots lots more English, Chinese and even Malay popular and old songs! =P  We sang out loud and had fun that day too. Went to gym with Steph at night. Had our last work out session there! Will miss there very much. >.<

Me & Ling Sze. *ignore my tired looking face!* =P

Double LIKE this photo! =DD

Its Hari Koko in my ex-school today. Decided to go back with Lyn and Carmen since Miss Chai asked us to go back to have some bonding session with her. Carmen was the driver of the day. 
Met a few teachers who taught me before : Pn Haris, Ms Tang, En Shangkar, Pn Rossidah, En Tan, En Tham and Mr Yap too. Had a long chat with Ms Chai at counselling room. Talked about stuffs happening recently. =)  
Talking about the food selling in Hari Koko today. The food was much much better than last year. They even sold Asam Laksa *my fav!* =P Watched their kawad berirama too. I like Pandu's and Pengakap's one. Very neat! =)
Had bonding session with family in the afternoon. We went to 1 Utama, Curve and IPC. MEGA SALES ehh! Tried out a few clothes and took some pictures. Will put it in, Tumblr maybe? Hmm. =) Bought something for everyone. Daddy got a new pair of shoes from Brookes and new clothes from Brands Outlet, Mommy and sis got new clothes from Brands Outlets too, brother got new clothes from Padini and Brands Outlet again and I got a new denim jeans from Padini too! *50% off storewide!* Grey colour ones this time! =)  Bought NZL ice cream before heading home. 30% discount on 30th of every month eh? =P

Lots of homework waiting for me! Gahhh! *kinda worried that I couldn't finish it in time* Was tired today so I shall do my work tmr. =)

Missing you, I guess?


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