Friday, July 29, 2011


Woots! Back from my last work out with Steph @ Celeb Fitness!
Finally can concentrate in my studies now. =)
Will be very busy in another few weeks time. Presentation month I shall call this. =X
*my worst part!* I scared I'll get nervous when I stand in front of crowd. Eeeek! Wish me luck please! =)

Tomorrow will be going back to ex-school with Lyn and Carmen.
Miss them so muchieee! =)
Actually Miss Chai asked me to go back tomorrow. *chit-chat session with her* =P
Owh yeah, tmr is Hari Koko too! Hopefully got more nice food selling tmr! Hee! *I LOVE FOOD!* =)

Gahh! Tonnes of homework + presentation in progress! 
Gambateh! =)

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