Friday, July 1, 2011

Sweet Escape II - Singapore!

I don't think I'll post the details of my part II sweet escape to Singapore anymore.
Had been really busy these days.
Iish! I can't wait for all my exams to finish in one day! >.<

Well, this part II is mainly about my trip to Marina Bay.
To watch Musical show : Lion King! =)
Before that, my aunt brought me and my sister to Changi Airport.
Planned to do some shopping there, but renovations pulak.
Went to Batam instead.
There was such a nice place to shop. The stuffs are cheaper than in Orchard Rd.
My sister and I bought 2 pairs of shoes each! =D
Am loving the shoes now! 

The Lion King Musical show was really AWESOME!
Their acting, songs and dancing are way too good! =)
The ticket price was kinda expensive,
but I'm gonna said its worth it!
Can't take photos from the musical show.
*not allowed to take* =(

Back to M'sia the next day after the show.
The journey was really long.
Was stucked in the custom there for like 2 hrs! >.<
Reached home around dinner time. 

Anyway, my sweet escape was really fun.
I love the place there.
I love their Universal Studio.
I love their shopping complex.
Will definitely go there again in future!

Here's come the photos!

Colourful trees!


Japanese food.

This food is nice.
I forgot whats the name of the food.
but the outlook was so attractive! =) 

Look at the pattern! =)

@ Changi Airport.

With sister.

With my aunt.

Outside Marina Bay Hotel.

Guess what's up there?
There's a HUGE ship on the hotel! =D

Superb long bench.

Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall!

High class!

*can't enter. LOL!*

Lion King banner!

Outside the shopping mall.

huge lotus weii! =D

The tickets.

The stage.

Camwhore while waiting. =P

with sis again. =)

*curi curi take one of the scene* =P
Pretty right? all 'real human' acting in it!

Camwhore while having movie break!



Closer look at the snack. =)

Shoes I bought from S'pore.

stuffs from Universal Studio.

In the bus. =)

Wow! such a quick post.
*less than half an hour to finish this post*
Sorry for not updating properly. *no choice*  =X

More pics to go.
But this time will be in FB.
*not going to upload first, because Internet was really down.* =X
Stay tuned! =)

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