Monday, July 4, 2011

Feel Good Run!

Woots! It had been months, that I didn't really touch any sports.
Yet, I registered to take part in the Ntv7 Feel Good Run. LOL!
*my first run of the year* 

The day was really AWESOME! *although is tiring*
My bro fetched me, my sister and Steph to Sri Pentas there, somewhere near 1 Utama around 6.30 in the morning.
Thanks for sacrificing your sleep bro. =)
We reached there, and we were like kinda HYPER!
So many people there, like more than thousands of them.
We deposited our bags there and jalan jalan take photos there.
We even met Jayren, Eli and Qi Tyng too! =)

Outfit of the day!

I'm hyper-energetic!!! *slogan of the day* =P

Feel Good Run! =)

We took picture with this HANDSOME Superman! Gosh! His eyes were so electrifying! =P

Look at the crowd!

I finished the race! Yay!
*Got a momento and cert!*

Me and Steph deary!
*Sista rocks!* =P

Took photos with celebs too!
*this is Baki!* =)

Me and Baki!

Me and Mei Sin! another celeb too!

Me and Nick! Another handsome celeb! =D

The others celebs were on tv recording! =D


Was raining that time, so our head were covered by towel. lol!
Look at Steph and my sis! Epic! =P

Modelling in front of Sri Pentas. =P


I like the clown with red polka dots one! =P

We can eat UNLIMITED Nelson's ice-cream too! =P


With the other celebs too. *forgot their names* LOL!

Went to 1 Utama to shop after that.
Steph was so hyper to see the words SALE! =P

Loving this ring, from Bonita. *rainbow butterfly eh?* =)

Had lunch at Fish & Co.

What The Fish! =P

Tired looking me! =(

Me and Steph, with Steph's slogan!
*Asomely fabulous, with an 'w' alphabet hanging there!* =P

our T-shirt! like the back part!

My fish & chips from Italy.

Steph's fish & chips from NY.

My sis's classic fish & chips from Fish & Co itself.

Smile! =)

Another productive day!
Shop till we broke eh? =P

Steph's necklace from Kitschen.

My hairband from Kitschen too.

Rings and ear rings from Forever 21 & Voir.

Had lots of fun that day!
But its really tiring,
and my legs are killing me! >.<
So painnnnnn! Can't even walk nicely. =(
Seriously,  need massage!!! =P

My day was NOT GOOD today. =X
*console me, someone?*


  1. i was there too! but reached there like quite late. about 730. & u managed to bump into the other bloggers. how nice =)

  2. @mel haha! really? we should meet up! =D