Saturday, July 23, 2011

Awesome Friday!

Whoops! Xue Ren is back in action again! =P
*You will always stay in my heart, granny. I know you would not want to see me sad here. I will stay strong, I promise. Love you, always.*

I'm having my so-called holidays now, since I finished my externals alrdy.
Will start my classes on upcoming Wednesday. Last semester eh? =X
Btw, going back to college on Monday.
UNSW people is coming to brief us. Can't wait to meet them. =)

So yesterday morning, I went to temple at Sentul with my mom, bro and cousin, Sweet Yee.
*to do some praying (dana) for my granny*
Had our lunch there with the monks there. *vegetarian food*  Tastes good actually. =)
We went home after lunch. Helped my mom with her script typing. Quite tiring actually because I have to spent most of the time in front of the computer, somemore have to design the pictures for the script.

In the afternoon, after Steph finished her class, I fetched her to Celebrity Fitness @ Kepong Village Mall.
We have 7 days trial! Heee! =D  Hopefully my parents will sign up very soon. =P
It was Steph first time sitting my car. LOL! Actually i'm more nervous than her. The parking space in Tesco is kinda small for me. Narrow! =X  Luckily managed to find a parking space and park.
We met Miss Tang and Puan Tan there. At first we thought we met Puan Goh, and we even waved at her, mana tahu when she came forward, she wasn't the Puan Goh that we knew previously. LOL! We laughed like freak there. So embarrassing! =P

We spent a few hours there doing exercise. The facilities there were really good.
Equipment and trainers are awesome. It was really tiring at first, doing all those heavy stuffs. *for toning muscles* I need to gain weight. So first step, get my muscles! =P

My trainer, Hatta and I. =)
A very friendly trainer. 
He teached me & Steph to use the equipment and the procedures of using the equipment correctly.

At night, my family and I + cousins went to e-Curve for a movie.
I have been CRAVING to watch Harry Potter.
And finally, I got to watch it! So happy! =)

Harry Potter 7 : Part II

I love the story very much! So excited!
Snape died. =(  Voldemort died. =)
I like Harry's and Ginny's son, Albus Severus Potter. So cool! =D

Btw, bought a ring and a pair of ear-ring from Diva!
*Diva sales!* =D 

Key in ring! *double like!* =)

Ear-ring. * I like the bird!* =)


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